Meet YOULEAD Investigators

Gary DonohoeProf. Gary Donohoe (Program Director). Gary is professor and chair of psychology at NUI Galway. Gary’s background is in clinical psychology and his research interests are in psychosis, genetics, and cognitive therapies. Email:


Olive O'GradyOlive O’Grady is the program manager based at the School of Psychology NUI Galway for the YOULEAD Doctoral Program in Youth Mental Health Leadership.   Olive’s background is from IT/Business Administrative with a strong interest in youth mental health. She has a Masters in Integrative Psychotherapy from UL.  Email:

Phone 091-492801 (Mornings only).


Caroline HearyDr. Caroline Heary is a lecturer in Psychology at NUI Galway. Caroline’s background is in developmental psychology and her research interests are in child and youth mental health, and the social context for help-seeking behaviour. Email:


Padraig MacNeelaDr. Padraig MacNeela is a senior lecturer in Psychology at NUI Galway. Padraig’s background is in qualitative and participatory research methods and his research interests are in youth culture, alcohol use, sexual health and sexual identity. Email



Mary CannonProf. Mary Cannon is a professor of psychiatric epidemiology and youth mental health at RCSI. Her longstanding research interest is in the area of childhood and adolescent risk and protective factors for adult mental illness. She has a particular research interest in early psychosis. Email:



David CotterProf. David Cotter is a consultant Psychiatrist and professor of psychiatry at RCSI. David’s work has focused on the biological aspects of risk for mental health, and more recently on the interaction between biological and early environmental factors in the emergence of major mental health difficulties. Email:


Barbara DooleyProf. Barbara Dooley is a professor of psychology and Dean of postgraduate studies at UCD. Barbara’s recent work has focused on collecting and analysing epidemiological data on youth health and mental health (e.g. the ‘myworld survey’). She has a longstanding collaboration with Jigsaw – the national center for youth mental health. Email:



Eilis HenessyProf. Eilis Henessy is a professor of psychology at UCD. Eilis is a developmental psychologist by background, and her research interests include establishing and understanding the prevalence of mental health bias and discrimination in children and young people. Email:



Aileen O'ReillyDr Aileen O’Reilly is a research psychologist based at Jigsaw – The National Centre for Youth Mental Health, where she has responsibility for implementing and managing Jigsaw’s research function. Her research interests are in the feasibility, acceptability and effectiveness of    psychosocial mental health intervention for young people. Email: