Field School at Isert Kelly Castle, Co. Galway.

Galway Archaeological Field School , directed by Dr Rory Sherlock, was established to provide students with hands-on experience of the archaeology and architecture of medieval Ireland. We specialise in this field and seek to immerse our students in the wealth of medieval castles, churches and monasteries which lie scattered across the Irish landscape. We offer three courses:

  • a two-week non-excavation course focussed on the study of medieval architecture and
  • two four-week excavation courses: one serves as an introduction to archaeological excavation and the second offers experienced students further tuition in the various recording techniques used in archaeological excavation.

The field school is based in Co Galway, runs every summer and draws on a wealth of archaeological remains which are found across the landscape of this historic region.

The two-week architecture course involves regular travel to visit many of the famous castles, churches and monasteries of medieval Ireland, and field trips are also included in the excavation courses in order to broaden the students experience of Irish landscapes and monuments. The ethos of the field school is firmly founded on high quality, small-group tuition and we aim to give every student close attention so that they may fully understand the skills they learn and thereby enjoy their course to the fullest degree possible.

Galway Archaeological Field School

Our current excavation project is focussed on Isert Kelly Castle, a wonderful 15th-century tower house in south Galway and our students are each given their own room in a high-quality student apartment complex in Galway City, so that they may experience the beauty of the Irish countryside and the fun of Ireland's most vibrant city in one amazing trip.

Contact details:

Address: Galway Archaeological Field School, Oughterard, Co Galway.
Phone:    +353 (0)87 286 7061
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