Angela Gallagher

Senior Technician B.A.

Contact Details

Senior Technician
Dept. of Archaeology
Room 207
Arts/Science Building
NUI Galway

T: Ext. 2407


Angela Gallagher is a graduate of Archaeology with a Higher Diploma in Education (NUI, Galway). She joined the staff as Artist-Draftsperson in 1987. She has contributed numerous illustrations to the Departmental publications.  Prior to her appointment she worked on the Archaeological Survey of Counties Donegal and Galway (1980-’82 and 1982-’85 respectively).  She also worked as surveyor on the Woodquay excavations Dublin (1980) and on excavations at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Tuam, Co. Galway (1986).  She also worked as artefact illustrator for Dr. Jean L’Helgouach, Directeur de Recherche at the Laboratoire de Prehistoire Armoricaine Universite, Nantes, France (May/June 1992). 

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