Archaeological Research and Researchers

‌‌Research Ireland and Atlantic Europe‌‌

Research Project


Ancient DNA investigations in north Munster, western Ireland

Dr Carleton Jones, Dr Dan Bradley & Dr Ros Ó Maoldúin 


Professor Elizabeth FitzPatrick & Dr Paul Naessens

Archaeology and development: mutual accountability as an approach to public archaeology

Maggie Ronayne

The archaeology of Ireland's Great Famine as Community Archaeology

Maggie Ronayne

The archaeology of the Irish Sea region 1100-1500

Dr Kieran O'Conor

The Brugh na Bóinne Research Project           

Joe Fenwick

The Burren landscape through time

Dr S. Bergh, Dr M. Comber, Professor E. FitzPatrick & Dr C. Jones

The Caherconnell Archaeological Project

Dr Michelle Comber

The Connacht Project (Archaeology)

Professor J. Waddell (Emeritus), Professor M. Ní Dhonnchadha (Scoil na Gaeilge), Dr Kieran O'Conor & J. Fenwick

Finn mac Cumaill's Places: linking human settlement with landscapes of enriched human resources

Professor Elizabeth FitzPatrick, Dr Ronan Hennessy, Dr Paul Naessens & Professor Joseph F. Nagy (UCLA)

Gaelic Learned Kindreds of Ireland: landscapes and lifeways

Professor Elizabeth FitzPatrick, Dr Richard Clutterbuck & Dr Eve Campbell

Garranes Ringfort, Co. Cork and its contemporary ringfort landscape

Dr Michelle Comber

Horse Island promontory fort excavation

Dr Carleton Jones

Ireland and the Roman World

Conor Newman

Irish Art and Iconography c. AD 300-700

Conor Newman

Knocknarea – the archaeology of a mountain

Dr Stefan Bergh

The Mullaghfarna Enclosures – an upland 'settlement’ in a passage tomb context

Dr Stefan Bergh

Palaeoenvironmental Research Unit (PRU)

Dr Karen Molloy

Palaeoenvironmental Research  Professor Michael O'Connell (Emeritus: Botany) & Dr Karen Molloy

Parknabinnia court tomb excavation

Dr Carleton Jones

The Parknabinnia people project: strontium isotope evidence of mobility in the Burren region, western Ireland

Dr C. Jones, Dr R. Schulting & Dr C. Snoeck

Ringforts and the settlement landscape of the Burren in the first millennium AD

Dr Michelle Comber

Roughan Hill: Prehistoric social organisation

Dr Carleton Jones

Structured deposition of Neolithic hare bones in the Parknabinnia court tomb

Dr C. Jones & Dr F. Beglane

Surveying Turlough Hill

Dr Stefan Bergh