MA in Landscape Archaeology dissertations

Margaux Chevalley A journey to the top: a survey of the slopes of Turlough Hill, Co. Clare
Kylie Crowder A collaborative landscape: the siting of the lesser 13th century Anglo-Norman castles in Co. Galway
Diana Lynette Morrison Galway city streetscapes: context and agency in historic architecture
Matthew P. Peace "Hold the ground and stock the farm": a study of landscape and memory of the Land War evictions and plan of campaign in Woodford, Co. Galway
Chelsea Ryan (USA) Time & Space in Rathcroghan
Deanna Marie Bailey (USA) The Chalcolithic-Early Bronze Age farming community of Termon: a landscape survey
Hugh Gallagher A lost landscape: Anglo-Norman settlement West of Lough Corrib
Erin J. Hastings (USA) Placing the dead: a landscape approach to memory and emotion
Frank J. Hall V (USA) Castle siting and riverine engagement in the landscape of Lough Derg
Kiaran Moylan Rising tides, a threat to Galway's coastal archaeologial landscape
Richard Long Liminality, boundaries and the historical landscape of Oilean Garmna, Southwest Connemara.
Robert L. Reis (USA) Burren holy wells: a landscape study of holy wells near Ballyvaughan, County Clare.

Mary Harte

Footprints across a landscape: a landscape study of the Beltany stone circle Donegal.



Marcus Byrne

Locating the Western Stone Rows of Connacht in an Atlantic Landscape and ritual setting.

Dylan Stewart

Attaching mythology to natural landscapes: a case study of Mt. Lykainon.

Grace Cullotty

Place making in Prehistoric Ireland.

Hanno Conring (Germany)

A landscacpe study in the Prehistory of the Sliabh Aughty Mountains. There and back - a journey on roads less travelled.

Claire Mrzlak (USA)

A study of Vikikng longports and Viking towns in the Irish Landscape.

Gretta Taylor (USA)

Devotional Landscapes: religious practice and place in post-medieval Ireland.



Mary Wolf (USA)

The transitioning elite landscape of Rathcline castle during the Plantation period.

Eileen Cameron

What's so funny about a ha-ha? - A landscape study of an Irish demesne.

Katherine Sexton

The origin and setting of an Anglo-Norman elite landscape in Ardrahan, Co. Galway.

Anita Pinagli (Italy)

The valley known as Val Canale: A landscape of convergence of ethnic groups and the perception of their archaeological heritage.

Oleg Kelly

Place and placement in the landscape of medieval Galway: heritage applications for augmented reality

Tom O'Grady

The archaeology of improvement: A landscape analysis of the townland of Drumbrickaun.



Donna Brady

An investigation of the lifestyles and beliefs of Anchorites through an exploration of the landscape settings of their retreats in Medieval Ireland. Case study: Fore landscape Co. Westmeath.

Jia Guo (China)

Heritage landscape conservation and development in China.

Lindsay Hollingsworth (USA)

The life biographies of prehistoric stone axes.

Anna Jackson

An investigation of the urban landscape portrayed in the maps of Galway of the 16th and 17th centuries.

Declan Kelly

Landscapes of regeneration and remembrance: a study of the children's burial grounds in two south-east Galway parishes.

Darach Lee

Monaghan Town: from prehistory to c. 1600.

Ruairi Manktelow

A GIS-based landscape study of the Irish tower house.

Robyn Mason (GB)

Encountering multiple perceptions of landscape: an investigation of the impact of landscape archaeology on visitor perceptions of archaeological sites and monuments in the west of Ireland.

William McEvilly

The Prehistoric Landscaep of Connemara - a landscape study of the Neolithic and Bronze Age cultural landscape of Sheeauns, north-west Connemara, Co. Galway.

Seamus McGinley

The landscape settings of stone circles in Ulster

Elizabeth Stark (USA)

A landscape and architectural survey of Cloondadauv, Co. Galway.

 Derry Townsend

Sword-marked ogham stones on the Irish landscape.



Margaret Swanton (USA)

The Effects of GIS on the Field of Landscape Archaeology.

Marie Sullivan

Changing Places Disappearing faces, Processes of change through time in a Connemara landscape.

Lisa O'Rourke

A study of the Medieval and Post-Medieval Landscape of Lough Scur, Co.Leitrim.

Emmet Connolly

Going with the flow; a landscape study of prehistoric activity along the Finn river, its tributaries and environs in the north-central Irish drumlin belt.

Treasa Nic Dhonncha

A study of the landscape setting of Cashels in the Burren and the Aran Islands.

Elaine McElroy

A study of the siting of seigneurial motte-and bailey castles in the western half of the lordship of Meath.



Kathryn DeTore (USA)

Abandoned But Not Forgotten: A Landscape Study of a Nineteenth - Century Deserted Village.

Kristina Garenani

Preservation and Presentation: A study of the management of archaeological landscapes in the Republic of Ireland.

Aileen Harte

The monastery and monastic estate of Kilmacduagh, Co Galway.

Sarah Kelly

A landscape study of the archaeology of Lough Hackett and environs.

Lynda McCormack

A comparative and multi-period analysis of Loughcrew, Co. Meath: A landscape of the living.

Darach Milner

A study of the landscape of medieval Ballymore, Co. Westmeath.

Jane O'Dwyer

An intra-site and wider landscape study of selected tholos tombs in Mesara, Crete.

 Cian Scollard

A landscape study of hillforts in Co. Galway.



Francis Callan

 The siting of motte castles in Anglo-Norman Oriel

Summer Chaffman (USA)

The siting of tower houses in Inchiquin Barony (Co. Clare).

Ciara Long

The rock-art landscape of the Dingle peninsula

Amy McDonnell-Dowling

The landscape setting of portal tombs in south Galway and north Clare

Yolande O'Brien

Paths in the landscape: A study of movement and communication

Niall Quinn

An early medieval maritime landscape.

Andrew Whitefield

Up there but not out there: Neolithic life on the Ben Bulben Tablelands.

Brendan McGlinchey

The Iron Age landscape of Turoe



Walsh, P.

The archaeological landscape of Nephin Mountain.

Dowd, A.

Sentinels in a sacred landscape: the standing stones of southwest County.

McKermott, C.

The ritual landscape of Moytura Cunga from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age.

Harrington, K.

A landscape of power and politics in South Roscommon 1590-1700 – a construction of place.

Kelly, K.

The Mass Rocks of west and south Mayo.

Magaharan, J.

The archaeological landscape of Loughcrew, Co. Meath: a critical examination of past research.

McDermott, J.

Late Medieval Castles in north-west Breifne

O'Gorman, D.

The landscape of Lisnatreanduff, Co. Mayo.

Spollen, J.

A landscape study of Athlone: its origins and development.

Tuohy, J.

Monumental Suburbia: The incorporation of archaeological monuments into the suburban landscape of South County Dublin.



Naughton, N.

The cult of St Senan in the landscape of Scattery Island.

Barry, C.

Classroom Archaeology

Gorman, C.

The evolving landscape of the Collooney Gap – Neolithic to Late Medieval.

Gilligan, D.

The use and understanding of an archaeological landscape through time.

Holmes, D.

Aileach and its communities – past, present and imagined.

O'Brien, E.

Aerial photography and the evolution of the cultural landscape.

Gill, E.

Cairns of the north eastern Burren uplands, Co. Clare.

Clarke, F.A.

Landscapes, domination and control on Inishbofin Island, Co. Galway.

Reagan, J.

The island monastery of Illauntannig or Oiléan tSeanaigh, County Kerry.

Griffin, L.

Medieval Dysert O’Dea: a landscape study.

Ferguson, N. (Scotland) 

The conservation and management of the Battle of Aughrim as an archaeological landscape.



Finneran, K. 

The siting and morphology of bastioned artillery forts in Sligo and Roscommon

Gillen, L.

The landscape of Lough Lene, Co. Westmeath. The role of the past in the affirmation of identity.

Greene, E. 

Embanked enclosures of East Clare.

Howley, O. 

The medieval settlement at Ardnaglass and its landscape context.

McNamara, M.

The cultural landscape of Formoyle hilltop enclosure, Co. Clare.

Melia, G. 

The maritime historic settlement and landscape in Kinvara Bay.

Mulligan, G.

Knockadoobrosna – an archaeological locale and landscape.

Needham, P. 

Landscape signatures of the past

Rohan, N.

A landscape study of Croghan Hill, Co. Offaly

Young, J.

The archaeological landscape of Menlo Castle, Co. Galway.



Barrett, E.

The archaeology of Inishtirra Island, County Roscommon.

Breen, S. 

A ritual complex at Slieve Breagh, Co. Meath.

Burke, A.

The archaeological landscape of Derryhiveny Castle, Co. Galway.

Carty, M.

An archaeological survey of the house sites on Knocknashee, Co. Sligo.

Fenn, J. (USA)

Reconstructing the morphology of the Caput of the Manor of Callan during the Anglo-Norman Period c. 1190- c. 1350

Keary, N.

The Medieval Borough and Manor of Claregalway: a study of an archaeological landscape.

Linihan, E.

The landscape speaks: a study of ringfort settlement and dwelling in the Inchiquin area, Co. Clare.

Murphy, P.

The Anglo-Norman Borough of Clonmines, Co. Wexford.

Prendiville, M.

Landscapes in movement.  A phenomenological approach to the prehistoric remains in the Feale Valley, north Co. Cork.

O'Donnell, L.

Representations of landscape in the Heritage Sector.

O hUiginn, T.

A study of Cashelmanannan, Rathcroghan. 

Riordan, C. 

A prehistoric ritual landscape and its Medieval appropriation, Co. Clare.



Augustin, M.

Barrows in the landscape of Cuil Irra, Co. Sligo.

Dowling, E.

Celtic Mists: the construction and representation of Galway’s archaeological heritage landscape in the context of State tourism.

Howley, O.

The prehistoric ritual landscape of the Beara Peninsula, Co. Cork.

Joyce, T.

A topographical survey of the cairns at Carns Hill in the Cuil Irra landscape.

Magshamhrain, R. 

Report on a field survey of ringforts and enclosures in the Cuil Irra peninsula of County Sligo.

Murphy, J. 

A geophysical survey of a series of Neolithic hut sites on the southern slopes of Knocknarea, Co. Sligo.

Ó hOgáin, N. 

Mapping an archaeological landscape in the Beara Peninsula, Co. Cork.

O’Reilly, E. J. 

Investigation and presentation of a Neolithic landscape at Barna, Co. Galway.

O’Reilly, G. 

A topographical survey on the southern slopes of Knocknarea.

Reetz, E. C. (USA)

The elite landscape of Leamaneh Castle, Co. Clare.