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Business and every day web users look for a multilingual semantic web

Multilingual Semantic Web


The requirements driving a multilingual semantic web extend from large organizations to every day users of publicly accessible information services. The Web still struggles to provide access to information services that are available only in English (or German, Polish, etc.) to people who do not speak this language, or not well enough to understand everything they need to know. A recently started research project that is coordinated by Paul Buitelaar and Sean O'Riain of the Digital Enterprise Research Institute at NUIG will be researching solutions for this, using a novel combination of automatic machine translation and Semantic Web technology.

The Monnet (Multilingual Ontologies for Networked Knowledge) project, a
€2.4 M Euro European Union funded project is a joint effort between four European research institutes, German software giant SAP, BeInformed a Dutch knowledge-based solution provider for public sector information services and financial and business reporting standards organisation XBRL-Europe. "The infrastructure is already there, we are now seeing that the emergence of semantic search and semantic web technologies are being combined with text mining. If this continues apace it makes sense that the multilingual semantic web will rapidly develop. As text mining will be an important part of semantic web development overall, then multilingual text mining will be an important part too" comments Buitelaar, the project coordinator.

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