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Welcome to the Undergraduate Research Conference: The Brain Café!

Event: Tuesday 4th April 2017

Apply to present by the deadline: 29th March 

Contact us at undergradconference@nuigalway.ie

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Brain Café: NUI Galway Second Annual Undergrad Research Conference

About the Brain Café

Conference Objectives

The NUI Galway undergraduate research conference seeks to:

  1. Engage students and staff in a collaborative multidisciplinary research environment nurturing vital research skills in presentation, communication and dissemination
  2. Strengthen student research in a safe, supportive environment that will provide avenues for feedback to students on their research as well as boost confidence in ability to carry out rigorous research
  3. Enable student research voice 

Conference Target Audience

This conference will appeal to a number of audiences including but not limited to:

All undergraduates will be invited to volunteer to support the conference, register to attend the conference, and/or present at the conference:

  1. Class reps and convenors
  2. Final year projects
  3. Multi-disciplinary Staff interested in supporting a shared academic community
  4. Local secondary school students
  5. The general public and surrounding communities

Rationale: Why an undergraduate research conference?

At NUI Galway we want:

  1. the best research
  2. to retain our undergraduates as postgraduates
  3. to celebrate student and staff collaboration 
  4. an environment that builds students skills and experiences 
  5. something new and novel on the Irish higher education landscape 
  6. to embrace engagement and democracy
  7. to model a rigorous, shared academic environment and community

2016 Conference Video

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