Launch of Joe Heaney Website

Launch of Joe Heaney Website-image

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

On Saturday, 20 November, Liam Mac an Iomaire will launch a new website of Joe Heaney's songs at NUI Galway's centre, Áras Shorcha Ní Ghuairim in Carna at 8pm. Joe Heaney's sudden death in May 1984 came as a shock to his supporters and followers in Seattle and to his pupils at the University of Washington, Seattle where he had worked as resident artist-teacher of sean-nós singing. Although he had only lived there for two years, his impact had been tremendous. As a way of dealing with their loss and as a way of commemorating the great singer's achievement, a call was issued to those who had worked with Joe during his years in America to contribute copies of their recordings of him to archive in his memory. The material came pouring in and over the years was catalogued and organized by Laurel Sercombe, the ethnomusicology archivist at the University of Washington and Sean Williams, among others. Both of them had been students of Joe and remained staunch in their support after his death. A request from Micheál Ó Cuaig, who was organising the annual Joe Heaney Festival at Carna, that a copy of the archive be sent to the Carna community was granted in 1992 and Micheál received a complete copy of it through the assistance of Údarás na Gaeltachta. In 2003 the Joe Heaney Festival Organising Committee, headed by Mícheál Ó Cuaig, bestowed this copy of the archive on Áras Shorcha Ní Ghuairim, Carna so that the community would have access to it. In 2009, an application by Dr Lillis Ó Laoire, of the Irish Department at NUI Galway, to the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences was successful. The research plan proposed to finish a book on Joe's life and work already partly written and the creation of a digital online archive that could be accessed free by anyone interested. Dr Virginia Stevens Blankenhorn, herself an authority on traditional singing and culture, was hired as a one year post-doctoral researcher to compile and edit an inventory of items to be uploaded to the digital online archive. Also on the research team were Séamas Ó Concheanainn, Director of Áras Shorcha Ní Ghuairim, Dr Seathrún Ó Tuairisg, Administrator of the Information Technology Unit, NUI Galway and Micheál Mac Lochlainn, metadata architect and designer, ably assisted by Marian Ní Chonghaile, all of whom cooperated to prepare and organise the online archive. Up to 400 items, some with visual content, may be accessed in the archive. The majority are from the archives of the University of Washington, Seattle. Due to the generosity of the Delargy Centre for Irish Folklore, and the National Folklore Collection, UCD, however, some of Heaney's earliest recordings, dating from the 1940s are also included. Additionally, a rare performance of Joe's interpretation of the caoineadh, recorded by the late Liam Clancy, and presented by Máire Nic Fhinn is also a part of the material. A search engine will enable any user to conduct detailed searches songs, story and other spoken word items. Full texts of all songs are provided, enhanced by spectacular photographs of the Carna area taken by Dr. Blankenhorn. 2009 was the 25th anniversary of Joe Heaney's untimely death and this website provides a fitting monument for his life's achievement. It will now be available world wide to anyone who wants to access it, whether simply from interest or for scholarly purposes. It will also serve as an important teaching resource for classes in Irish culture both in Ireland and the U.S. The website is available at -Ends-

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Former Intel Boss Speaks at NUI Galway

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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Former Intel Boss Tells NUI Galway Audience 3% Investment of Ireland's GDP into Research No Longer Reasonable Target The former chief executive of Intel has called for increased investment from the government into research and development projects. Speaking at the 'Education for Innovation' seminar in NUI Galway, Dr Craig Barrett said a sustained plan of funding needed to be implemented if Ireland wishes to keep up with the world's larger and more business savvy nations. "We cannot jerk around with the R&D policies of our Government and expect to get good results," said Dr Barrett. "It needs to be a sustained commitment. Why can't we have a Silicon Valley in our own country? What is it about society that makes that work? Universities are the key and they are wonderful spots to create wonderful ideas. Smart people and smart ideas combined in the right environment can create wealth. "There has got to be a synergy between the public and private sectors. We have got to see our private sectors involved with the universities. They have the great ideas. We need to see them acting as mentors and partners in research. It is vital," he said. The former Intel boss is in Ireland this week in his role as Chairman of the Irish Technology Leadership Group, and was keynote speaker at an event at NUI Galway. His address was followed by a discussion panel with John Ryan, Macrovision; Professor Patrick Cunningham, Ireland's Chief Scientific Advisor; Tom McDermott, Georgia Tech Research Institute; Dr Martina Newell-McGloughlin, ITLG and University of California; and Professor Terry Smith, Vice President of Research at NUI Galway. Prior to his keynote address, Dr Barrett met with representatives of NUI Galway's leading research institutes The Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) and the National Centre for Biomedical Engineering Science (NCBES) two major research groups: REMEDI and MDRG as well as University of Limerick's Research Centres, LERO and the Materials and Surface Science Institute (MSSI) plus Georgia Tech Ireland. The Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) is the world leader in Semantic Web (Web 3.0) research. At today's event DERI showcased a portfolio of over 25 of the latest cutting edge technologies emerging from the institute. REMEDI is a leading biomedical research centre focusing on gene therapy and stem cell research. REMEDI were joined by industry partner Ovagen who are working with the institute to develop technologies for the production of novel biotherapeutics. The Molecular Diagnostics Research Group (MDRG) at NUI Galway has 20 years experience and an international track record of achievement in the development and application of molecular diagnostics tests for microbial species identification. The MDRG were joined by research partners at Beckman Coulter Ireland with whom they are developing molecular diagnostics for clinically relevant bacterial and fungal pathogens. Each year the ITLG leads a delegation of Silicon Valley technologists and venture capitalists to Ireland to support high potential emerging technology companies from the island of Ireland. This year's events are held in partnership with NUI Galway, University of Limerick and Shannon Development. As part of his key note address, Dr Barrett also claimed that a three percent investment of Ireland's GDP into research and development "is no longer a reasonable target and that we "have now to compete with the rest of the world to get paid". "Look at Microsoft," he said. "They have a research budget of approximately $8 billion per year. That is huge, and is more than all of Ireland spends in R&D. Israel now invests five percent of its GDP into research and development. And Israel has 140 new companies listed on the NASDAQ. Europe only has between 30 and 40. That is the future for Ireland and if we fail to pursue it with vigour, passion and resources, there will be no future for us because our lunch will be eaten by somebody else. We must outsmart them and outthink them," said Dr Barrett. -Ends-

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NUI Galway Researchers take part in European Osteoarthritis Project

NUI Galway Researchers take part in European Osteoarthritis Project-image

Monday, 15 November 2010

Researchers at the Regenerative Medicine Institute (REMEDI) at NUI Galway are involved in a new multi million euro European Union funded project which aims to develop new methods for the treatment of osteoarthritis. The project entitled: 'Gene Activated Matrices for Bone and Cartilage Regeneration in Arthritis' (GAMBA) is coordinated by the University Hospital rechts der Isar, Munich Technical University, Germany with a total budget of €3.2 million. REMEDI with 12 per cent of the funding, joins a team of international specialists from nine research groups from Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland to investigate new methods for inducing regenerative processes within the body. The project aims to develop novel methods for the treatment of osteoarthritis by stimulating the self healing capacity of damaged cartilage and bone. Stem cells with the capacity to make bone or cartilage will be placed on different materials within the knee. Whether the cells become bone or cartilage can be controlled externally with drugs or heat application for example. This will be achieved through the use of gene therapy and will provide control both in space and time of what happens in the damaged knee joint offering improved treatment options for the future. Another aspect of this research will focus on developing strategies to engineer cells found in the joint to produce an anti-inflammatory agent in direct response to any inflammation that might occur as osteoarthritis develops or progresses. An essential part of the project will be to initiate a public debate on ethical, legal and societal issues connected to the research. Novel ways of outreach methods called patient and citizen panels will be used. Galway will host one of these efforts to enhance awareness of nanomedicine in the general public and appreciation of public expectations and reservations in the research community. Arthritis is a serious national health problem in Ireland affecting nearly three quarters of a million men and women with more than one in six people affected. A significant majority of people suffering from arthritis have osteoarthritis. This is the 'wear and tear' form of arthritis and results in joint and cartilage damage and increased risk of orthopaedic dependencies. The majority of Irish people over 55 years of age have x-ray evidence of osteoarthritis at some joint in their body. The cause of osteoarthritis is still unknown and current treatments mainly address the symptoms by reduction of pain and inflammation. These therapies are not restorative and often end in total joint replacement. "GAMBA brings nanomedicine to Osteoarthritis research and, uniquely, will involve both patients and the general public in an effort to promote understanding and acceptance of its potential. We are delighted at REMEDI to be part of such an innovative and important project," says Dr Mary Murphy, the GAMBA leader at REMEDI. -Ends-

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NUI Galway Academic Receives National Excellence in Teaching Award

NUI Galway Academic Receives National Excellence in Teaching Award-image

Monday, 15 November 2010

NUI Galway Academic Dr Dagmar Stengel recently received a 2010 National Academy for Integration of Research Teaching and Learning (NAIRTL) Annual Award for Excellence in Teaching. This is the third year in a row that an NUI Galway academic took an award, something that no other Higher Education institution has achieved. Five awards were presented nationally this year by Hon. Mrs Justice Catherine McGuinness who noted the outstanding contribution of the award recipients to both teaching and research in Higher Education. Dr Dagmar Stengel, Lecturer in Botany and Plant Science in the School of Natural Sciences NUI Galway and a researcher in the Ryan Institute for Environment, Marine and Energy at the University received specific praise for her approachable and empathetic manner with students, which encourages them to strive for her high standards of excellence. Her inclusion of new research in lectures and her ability to relate marine botany and plant science to the local area was also noted particularly as this enables the students to investigate the topics for themselves and greatly enhances their own learning and their interest in the subject. Dr Stengel says "I am absolutely delighted to receive the award and am overwhelmed by the support from staff and students at NUI Galway that I have received. It is great that teaching is recognised within Higher Education besides research. It is essential to integrate research into undergraduate teaching at an early stage. It takes personal and institutional investment, but is essential if a research community is to be built up, i.e. to train future researchers but also develop students' problem solving skills." The winners of the Awards were nominated by their institutions and selected by a committee which included international representatives as well as representatives of the Irish University Association, the Institutes of Technology Ireland and the Union of Students in Ireland. The award winners come from diverse disciplinary backgrounds but display a shared commitment to and passion for teaching while also being innovative researchers. These Awards testify to the fact that excellence in teaching and in creative and scholarly work go hand in hand. Dr Gerry Morgan, former Dean of Science and former Acting Head of Botany at NUI Galway says: "Dr Dagmar Stengel represents all that is best in a student-centred, research-intensive University. She has a natural ability to integrate her excellence in research with her teaching. She enthuses students to achieve while interacting empathetically with them. It is always a pleasure to discuss science and science teaching with Dagmar." In the three years since the introduction of the National Academy Annual Awards for Excellence in Teaching, awarded to staff from any of Ireland's 37 recognised institutions of Higher Education, NUI Galway has won a disproportionate number of honours. Previous winners of the award are Dr Aisling McCluskey (Mathematics), Dr Ray Murphy (Human Rights) and Dr Peter Cantillon (General Practice). -Ends-

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Maths Week- A Great Success at NUI Galway

Maths Week- A Great Success at NUI Galway-image

Monday, 15 November 2010

The School of Mathematics, Statistics and Applied Mathematics at NUI Galway hosted a number of very successful events as part of the 5th Maths Week Ireland. Several workshops were held during Maths Week with the key aim of promoting awareness, appreciation and understanding of maths amongst the general public as well as school audiences. During Maths Week, Dr Fernando Blasco, author of several books, television personality and one of Spain s best known mathematicians gave a workshop on Maths and Magic . This workshop entertained, explored and explained the mathematics behind many well known and not so well known magic tricks. Blasco again performed his "magic" to a primary and a secondary school audience on the following day. It was a huge success with well over 400 students attending from several primary and secondary schools. Dr David O Keeffe, chief organiser of Maths Week in Galway says: "The key idea of maths week is to promote awareness and to illustrate the usefulness of maths. It is especially important to highlight the crucial role maths plays within society at large." Workshops that explored how blind people read and do maths took place. The primary schools that took part in Maths week were Bushy Park National School, Scoil an Croi Ro Naofa, Belclare National School, Tuam, and Scoil Íde, Salthill while the secondary schools were represented by Colaiste Mhuire Tourmakeady, Co Mayo, Oranmore Secondary school, St Joseph s College (The Bish), Colaiste Iognaid (The Jes), and the Mercy Convent Tuam, and Dominican College Taylor's Hill. Dr O Keeffe continues: "Maths week could not have reached the audiences it did reach if it was not for the support, interest and endeavour shown by the participating schools. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and praise each of them for their invaluable support and interest. I would also like to thank the public and students for generating such a fun and memorable atmosphere during the week." ENDS

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NUI Galway Graduate Wins RTÉ's Reality Volunteering Show

NUI Galway Graduate Wins RTÉ's Reality Volunteering Show-image

Friday, 12 November 2010

NUI Galway graduate, Carol Leonard from Cloghan, Co. Offaly, was announced the co-winner of RTÉ's reality show Do the Right Thing. Carol, who graduated from NUI Galway with a Bachelor of Arts in 2006, was awarded a unique fully paid one-year package volunteering in Ghana, India and Thailand. From over a thousand applicants, fifty were shortlisted for an assessment weekend in Barretstown Camp in County Kildare, where, following a series of tests and monitoring, sixteen (eight men, eight women) were chosen as the final contestants. The finalists had to prove they have what it takes to make the grade in the tough, challenging world of international volunteering. Over the course of the show the contestants were trained and tested in all areas of volunteering including: initiative, leadership, emotional strength and supportiveness. Following each episode the contestants had the opportunity to choose a man and woman to leave the group until Carol, along with fellow contestant, Johnny Finegan Jr., were left as 'Ireland's Ultimate Volunteers'. Last year over 3,000 Irish people went overseas as short-term volunteers where they built houses and schools, taught children, planted rain forests and administered healthcare. It can be quite difficult to be selected as a volunteer. Large aid organisations like Goal, Concern and VSO seek highly skilled graduates, the building charities like Haven, Niall Mellon and Habitat for Humanity requires you to raise money to pay your way, and even the independent volunteering agencies like USIT have a very tough application procedure to prevent the wrong people being sent into difficult and delicate environments. As a student at NUI Galway, Carol volunteered through the university's volunteer programme, ALIVE, with Youth Work Ireland's Le Chéile and Rahoon Youth Project. NUI Galway's strategic plan through ALIVE seeks to engender students with a sense of active citizenship. Congratulating Carol on her success, Lorraine Tansey, Student Volunteer Coordinator at NUI Galway, said "Carol is an inspiration to current student volunteers to strive for the opportunities volunteering has to offer. We are so proud of Carol and her achievement as she demonstrates a true civic graduate who is engaged with their community creating positive social change." -Ends-

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NUI Galway Undergraduate Receives Hamilton Award

NUI Galway Undergraduate Receives Hamilton Award -image

Thursday, 11 November 2010

NUI Galway undergraduate student in Financial Mathematics and Economics, Gerard Moran was recently awarded a 2010 Hamilton Award in Mathematics by the Royal Irish Academy (RIA). Awards were presented to students of Mathematics in nine of the Higher Education Institutions in Ireland. This year the focus of the awards was on financial mathematics. Gerard Moran from Castlebar in Co Mayo is currently in his final year of study for the BSc in Financial Mathematics and Economics. This is a four-year programme that covers a broad selection of courses in mathematics, economics, statistics, finance and computer science. Graduates go on to a wide range of careers including banking and finance, mathematical research, and professional careers as actuaries, economists, statisticians, accountants and management consultants. Financial mathematics is quite a specialised area, but the Financial Mathematics and Economics degree programme is quite multidisciplinary as it has contributions from four separate disciplines at NUI Galway. Gerard was assessed along with all students in their penultimate year of study in all the mathematical degrees taught in NUI Galway. He was judged to be the most outstanding candidate, based on his examination results in his mathematics courses. The recipients of the Hamilton Award in Mathematics receive a scroll and €1000 cheque, generously sponsored by Invest Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland's regional economic development agency. The announcement of the awards formed part of Hamilton Day activities at the RIA which celebrate Hamilton's life and contribution to mathematics. Cian Twomey, Lecturer in Financial Economics and Programme Director, BSc Financial Mathematics and Economics at NUI Galway says: "On behalf of everyone involved in the BSc. in Financial Mathematics and Economics, we would like to congratulate Gerard Moran on his outstanding achievement. This degree programme has now been running for over a decade and continues to attract students of the highest calibre. In awarding the Hamilton Prize to Gerard, the RIA has recognised the commitment to academic excellence fostered on the Financial Mathematics and Economics programme. "Despite the economic downturn in Ireland, the demand for well-qualified students such as Gerard who know how to use quantitative techniques to make informed financial and investment decisions is substantial. We wish Gerard the best of luck in his future endeavours," Mr Twomey added. -Ends-

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NUI Galway Postgraduate Student Awarded Irish Times Internship

NUI Galway Postgraduate Student Awarded Irish Times Internship-image

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Postgraduate student, Cian Nihill, who is due to graduate from the MA in Journalism at NUI Galway this month, was recently awarded a twelve-month inaugural editorial internship with The Irish Times. Two internships were awarded nationally and there were over 600 applications received by the daily newspaper. The editorial internship which Cian is undertaking is intended to give participants an opportunity to secure training and experience in journalism, and to allow the newspaper and the website to benefit from their ideas, energy and all-round contribution. The scheme is designed to introduce newcomers to journalism and is aimed primarily at recent third level graduates and postgraduates in any discipline. An individual programme will be developed for each intern throughout their year of invaluable experience, to take account of their particular skills and interests, whether these lie in news reporting, feature writing, sub-editing, digital media or some other aspect of journalism. Cian will have the opportunity to rotate around the different departments in the Irish Times throughout the year, allowing him to gain a broad range of skills and insights into the workings of the Newspaper. Cian from Moycullen Co Galway, applied for the internship after completing the MA Journalism Course at NUI Galway. He also completed his undergraduate BA in History and Sociology and Political Science and is a keen sportsman who is currently a member of the Irish Senior Men's Basketball Squad as well as playing for Moycullen in the Irish Superleague. The MA in Journalism at NUI Galway, is a twelve-month taught Masters programme, offering students a varied range of subjects in the realm of journalism including: Broadcasting, Feature Writing, News Writing and Reporting, Politics, Media Law, and Media Ethics. Students also undertake a work placement and are exposed to professionals within the media industry throughout the year through a series of guest lectures. Bernadette O Sullivan, Director of the MA Journalism says: "Many journalism graduates are still passionate about traditional print journalism, in spite of the difficulties the newspaper industry is facing due to competition with other media. It's encouraging to see newspapers like the Irish Times taking positive action to give opportunities to young people like Cian Nihill, who have a lot to offer, and on whom the future of the industry depends." -Ends-

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NUI Galway Based Company Wins at the Irish Web Awards

NUI Galway Based Company Wins at the Irish Web Awards-image

Thursday, 11 November 2010

An NUI Galway Business Innovation Centre client company which was developed in the Centre at the University, recently received a prestigious Irish Web Award for Best New Web Application or Service. The website won the award for their online sales/customer relationship management (CRM) application. has also been accepted into the Enterprise Ireland Internet Growth Acceleration Programme (iGAP), an intensive management development programme aimed exclusively at high potential internet companies. was developed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a company's sales process, helping businesses to significantly increase sales. Winning the award for Best New Web Application or Service means that is recognised as one of the best new applications in Ireland. The application was developed after NUI Galway graduate Michael FitzGerald, the CEO and founder of OnePageCRM, got frustrated with the products available on the customer relationship management market. The application drives sales by focusing the user on that 'Next Action' required to move a sale closer to success. A soon to-be-released new iPhone application will help businesses stay on top of their sales tasks wherever they are furthering the usability of Speaking on the recent successful developments for OnePageCRM, Michael FitzGerald says, "The vital difference between our award-winning application and other sales software is that it is action-based. While it has the ability to collect sales prospects information, it is more motivational, encouraging the user in achieving efficiency to increase sales." Fiona Neary of NUI Galway Technology Transfer Office says: "NUI Galway strongly supports the value a Business Innovation Centre on campus brings to the region and working with such a high calibre company like OnePageCRM.COM clearly illustrates this value. Michael's innovativeness and creativity is an inspiration to all entrepreneurs of exactly what can be achieved with dedication, vision and action. NUI Galway would like to congratulate Michael on winning this prestigious award." The Irish Web Awards is an annual event that acknowledges people who achieve great things through using the web. This year's nominations were judged by over 150 independent judges worldwide. -Ends-

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Former CEO and Chairman of Intel, Craig Barrett to Speak at NUI Galway

Former CEO and Chairman of Intel, Craig Barrett to Speak at NUI Galway-image

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Former CEO and Chairman of the Board of Intel Corporation Craig R. Barrett will give a keynote address on 'Education for Innovation' at NUI Galway on Tuesday, 16 November as part of the Irish Technology Leadership Group's (ITLG) third annual 'Silicon Valley Comes to Ireland Event'. The NUI Galway address will be held on Tuesday at 11am in Áras Moyola, North Campus. Following the address, a panel discussion will take place, moderated by Dr James Cunningham of NUI Galway s Centre for Innovation & Structural Change. Confirmed panellists include Irish American entrepreneur, John Ryan, co-founder of Macrovision; Tom McDermott, Director of Research, Georgia Tech Research Institute; and others. A showcase of projects highlighting 'Education for Innovation' is planned – with stands from NUI Galway s leading research institutes, REMEDI and DERI; key University of Limerick research centres LERO and MSSI; as well as Georgia Tech Ireland. Each year the ITLG leads a delegation of Silicon Valley technologists and venture capitalists to Ireland to support high potential emerging technology companies from the island of Ireland. This year's events from 15 to 17 November are held in partnership with University of Limerick, Shannon Development and NUI Galway. Full details at Craig R. Barrett was Chairman of the Board of Intel Corporation from May 2005 to May 2009. He became Intel's fourth President in May of 1997 and Chief Executive Officer in 1998. He was elected to Intel's Board of Directors in 1992 and served as Chief Operating Officer from 1993 to 1997. A limited number of places are available, email clare.walsh@nuigalway to reserve a place. -Ends-

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