NUI Galway Psych Soc Promotes Smiling on Campus

Sep 30 2016 Posted: 23:59 IST


Building upon the success of last year’s Mental Health Week, NUI Galway’s Psych Society has been working with a large number of societies, local businesses and NUI Galway’s Societies Office to create an even more eventful and inclusive Mental Health week running from 3-7 October on campus.

According to Soraya Matthews the Auditor of Psych Soc: “We were overwhelmed with the response to last year’s events and are looking forward to an even more positive, inclusive and eventful Mental Health Week, making the campus a friendly place to be.”

This year Psych Soc are incorporating the initiative ‘What are the #LittleThings that we can each do for each other on a personal level as well as what societies can do to increase happiness’. The hashtag and campaign that will support initiative will be #ShareASmile

According to the Psych Soc, "It is simple, but effective. Smiling at someone can boost their confidence, change their outlook of their day and encourage a conversation.”

The message will be brought to students by placing #ShareASmile stickers on tea/coffee cups. Customers who receive these cups will be given their beverage for free from participating campus restaurants, giving them a boost for their day ahead and hopefully making it a happier one.

The Psychological Society will also be distributing goodie bags containing treats and information about support services, which will include #ShareASmile & #SmileYouGotAGoodieBag stickers and creating a #LittleThings video to find out from students what the their #LittleThings are and what helps them to #ShareASmile.

For further details on NUI Galway’s Mental Health Week see the website, check out NUI Galway Psychological Society Facebook or call the Socs Box on 091 492852.


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