NUI Galway Alumni Group Presents Olympian Olive Loughnane

NUI Galway Alumni Group Presents Olympian Olive Loughnane -image

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The NUI Galway Alumni Group will present Olympian, World Silver Medallist and NUI Galway graduate Olive Loughnane, in conversation with RTÉ Sports Journalist and NUI Galway graduate Evanne Ní Chuilinn. The event will take place at 6.30pm on Thursday, 12 November, in the Staff Club, Quadrangle Building, NUI Galway. This summer, Olive took the silver medal position in the 20K walk at the World Athletics Championships in Berlin – only the fifth ever medal Ireland has won at these championships. Olive finished 49 seconds behind defending champion and Olympic gold medallist Olga Kaniskina of Russia in a season s best of 1hr 28mins 58secs, just over a minute outside her personal best at last year s Olympic Games in Beijing. This interview will give intimate access to Olive's Olympic experience in Beijing in 2008, more recently her success in Berlin this summer, and her plans for the future. The event begins with a reception 6.30pm and all graduates and friends of NUI Galway are welcome. Register online at by Friday, 7 November. For further information please contact Colm O'Dwyer at or 091 493750. -ends-

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NUI Galway Calls for Business to Participate in New City Project

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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

NUI Galway's School of Geography, in partnership with Galway City Council, is looking to gather information on green businesses and eco-buildings around Galway City for a new project, Galway Green Map. The Green Map is a locally produced chart which identifies, promotes and links environmental, social, and cultural amenities within a specific area. Dr Frances Fahy, School of Geography, NUI Galway, explains the Green Map concept: "In 2007, Galway became a member of the Green Map System, a non-profit organisation which provides a locally flexible, but globally shared framework for environmental mapmaking. These maps typically show green areas, cycle paths, green businesses, organic markets, quiet spots in the city, interesting walking routes and the cultural sites that make an area unique. Creating a Green Map for Galway is an opportunity to identify and celebrate the City's green credentials". A Youth Green Map and a wider Community Green Map have already been produced for the Galway City and are currently available at These maps represent a holistic representation of the places and things that people value in their communities. The Galway Green Map project was initially funded by the Environmental Protection Agency and partly organised by researchers in the School of Geography, NUI Galway, members of the City Council and the citizens of Galway City. Those interested in putting their business on the map, should contact Dr Frances Fahy, NUI Galway at 091 492315,, or Sharon Carroll at 091 536564, Please include the name, location and a brief note describing the business and why it should be on the Green Map of Galway. -ends-

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NUI Galway Leads UNESCO Study to learn from Youth in Zambia

NUI Galway Leads UNESCO Study to learn from Youth in Zambia-image

Friday, 23 October 2009

The UNESCO Child, Youth and Civic Engagement team, based at the Child and Family Research Centre, NUI Galway, is to partake in an international collaborative research project regarding civic engagement, youth and gender in Zambia. The research project will see NUI Galway partner with the University of Zambia, the Alan Kerins African Projects and the Lifestart Project Mazabuka, Zambia. The aim is to progress a participatory research project to form a holistic picture of civic engagement opportunities provided by communities in rural and urban settings in Zambia. NUI Galway's Sheila McArdle, a Research Fellow, will travel to Zambia at the end of October to undertake fieldwork. Over a seven month period, she will gather the perspectives of young people aged 12-14 years of age, parents and guardians, and representatives of statutory and non-statutory organisations. Professor Pat Dolan, UNESCO Chair in Children, Youth and Civic Engagement, NUI Galway, said: "Just as we seek ways to support vulnerable children and youth in Irish society, similarly, we have much to learn from youth and girls in particular in urban and rural Zambia – all with a view to their civic engagement, safety and mental wellbeing". This project in Zambia will contribute to the fulfilment of the UNESCO Chair's overall strategy, fitting in under the research strand, but designed to compliment the work of the other three strands, advocacy, teaching and programme development. In addition, the research findings will also be linked into the International Resilience Project, a study that initially worked with 14 communities based in 11 different countries. The International Resilience Project seeks to understand how youth around the world effectively cope with the adversities that they face in life. This knowledge may inform the development of policy to design and create child and family services that are sensitive to cultural difference. -Ends-

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NUI Galway Researchers Secure €1.7m in New Starter Investigator Research Awards

NUI Galway Researchers Secure €1.7m in New Starter Investigator Research Awards-image

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Three NUI Galway postgraduate researchers will benefit from the New Starter Investigator Research Awards announced yesterday by the Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation, Mr Conor Lenihan T.D.. "It is vital that we have in Ireland the mechanism to keep and attract to Ireland highly skilled, early-stage career researchers," Minister Lenihan said as he announced Government funding of €7.9million under a new Science Foundation Ireland initiative that will help 15 highly-talented researchers at an early stage in their profession to progress towards a fully independent academic research career. NUI Galway Awardees: Dr Kimon-Andreas Karatzas, Microbiology, College of Science Title: Elucidating the Role of g-Aminobutyric Acid Metabolism in Stress Resistance and Virulence of Listeria monocytogenes Synopsis: Listeria monocytogenes is the bacterial causative agent of Listeria, a serious disease associated with significant mortality in humans. The development of disease by L. monocytogenes, the causative agent of Listeria, is thought to involve the novel gene lmo0913, a component of the GABA metabolic pathway. Dr Karatzas proposes to establish the existence of this pathway in the listeria pathogen and elucidate its contribution to acid tolerance and invasion. Dr Hongyun Tai, Network of Excellence for Functional Materials (NFB) Title: Minimally Invasive Tissue Engineering Scaffolds for Repair of the Nucleus Pulposus of an Intervertebral Disc Synopsis: Degenerated intervertebral discs (DIVD), a cause of lower back pain, is associated with significant socioeconomic costs. Therapeutic restoration of degenerated intervertebral discs presents a tissue engineering challenge to develop materials with suitable properties. Dr Tai proposes to optimise and test a candidate material which she has developed as a novel injectable scaffold system to restore damaged discs. Eva Szegezdi, Biochemistry, College of Science Title: Novel ratiometric approach to identify decisive molecular interactions of the TRAIL apoptotic machinery Synopsis: Despite extensive research, the average five year survival rate for the 20 most common cancers is still below 50%. Survival rates of tumours typically detected late (e.g. lung cancer) or difficult to remove by surgery (e.g. brain tumours) are the lowest and have only marginally increased over the last 20 years. Targeting the abnormal molecular pathways with drugs can be the key to eradicate such tumours. Resistance to cancer chemotherapy is a major public health issue with both social and economical effects. Dr Szegezdi's research aims to generate a predictive formula to determine the likelihood of a tumour's ability to respond to particular anti-cancer therapies. Announcing the first SFI Starting Investigator Research Grant (SIRG) awards, Minister Lenihan said: "These 15 outstanding individuals are among the brightest working in Irish laboratories today, and SIRG provides them with the necessary support to enable the transition from team member to independent and accomplished innovator in their respective fields. It will also allow them to recruit 15 postgraduate students". The Minister added: "SIRG is the instrument to ensure that the best trained post doctoral scientists can be both attracted to and retained in Ireland which is central to our overall national aim of building a sustainable world-class research system. SIRG not only provides financial backing but crucially also provides structured support and expert advice to these highly capable early-career researchers as they navigate through this critical period in their careers. The research of these successful awardees will focus on strategic areas such as renewable energy, cancer research, genetics and telecommunications that will benefit both society and the economy," the Minister concluded. The 15 award recipients are based in the following seven Higher Education Institutions: Tyndall National Institute, Cork (4 awards); Trinity College Dublin (4 awards); NUI Galway (3 awards); Dublin Institute of Technology (1 award); University College Cork (1 award); University College Dublin (1 award); and Waterford Institute of Technology (1 award). -Ends-

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Intercultural Health Fair at NUI Galway

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Thursday, 22 October 2009

NUI Galway together with the Galway Refugee Support Group (GRSG) are organising a 2nd Intercultural Health Fair to promote healthy living and equal access to health services among staff, students and all cultural communities living in Galway. The Fair will be held in Áras na Mac Léinn (Bailey Allen Hall), NUI Galway from 12 noon to 3pm on Wednesday, 4 November. Some 50 different health-related organisations will attend to provide information on services available to people living in Galway City and county. Groups in attendance will include the Rape Crisis Network, COPE, Mental Health Ireland, Cancer Care West, Bodywhys and Peer Health Workers for Asylum Seekers. Information on a range of topics will be available including mental health, sexual health and complementary health, as well as fitness, health checks and health screening. Cindy Dring, Health Promotion Officer with Student Services at NUI Galway, explained: "Our goal is to promote healthy living among the Galway community by raising awareness, providing multilingual and intercultural health information to new residents and networking to increase inter-agency referrals and resource and expertise sharing". She also expressed hope "that this event will meet the needs of students, locals and people who have just moved to the area. Personal health is very much about being informed and making the right choices. This is a great opportunity to visit a 'one-stop shop' for health information and to find out about the kinds of services and supports available on your doorstep". For a number of years GRSG has been involved in building the capacity of the refugee and asylum seeker populations to identify and advocate their health needs and concerns as part of a long-term integration strategy. Helen Bartlett, Community Development Worker with GRSG, said: "The Intercultural Health Fair is significant as it will bring together education providers, health service providers, health advocacy organisations and health service users. Many people living locally, especially those new to the area, may be unfamiliar with all the health services and health advocacy organisations available in Galway". This is a free event open to students, staff and the general public. People new to Galway are particularly welcome. There will be language assistants speaking 30 languages present to assist non-English speakers. This event is supported by the University's Community Knowledge Initiative. For further information contact or Helen Bartlett at -ends-

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Education is Theme of the 2009 Monsignor Pádraig de Brún Memorial Lecture

Education is Theme of the 2009 Monsignor Pádraig de Brún Memorial Lecture-image

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

(Leagan Gaeilge) The 2009 Monsignor Pádraig de Brún Memorial Lecture, entitled Education for the Modern World: Science and Culture, will be delivered by Professor (Emeritus) Eugene Galanter, at 8pm on Thursday, 29 October, in the Cairnes Theatre, NUI Galway. Formerly director of the Psychophysics Laboratory at Columbia University, New York, Professor Galanter is founder of Children's Progress Inc., one of the fastest growing* companies in the US. The technology company specialises in developing computer programmes for young children that help educators pinpoint how to best challenge and support each child. Considered a pioneer educator and scientist in the field of technology in education, Professor Galanter's influence on the wider discipline of psychology has been profound. His book, co-authored and published in 1960, Plans and the Structure of Behavior, is generally held to have sparked the cognitive revolution in the psychological sciences with very significant influence upon the development of modern computerised technology. The book has been cited on over 2,500 occasions. Speaking in advance of his lecture, Professor Galanter said: "Building a new, modern architecture for contemporary education requires that we revamp the psychological foundations and much of the philosophy of education. During my lecture, I will introduce the audience to a novel description of mental growth, and a new theory of mental development known as Children's Progress". Professor Galanter has authored more than 150 books and articles on psychophysics, perception, motivation, memory, early learning, and computer-related pedagogy. His publications on education include The Ideal Teacher, The Mechanization of Teaching, and Two Models of a Student. According to NUI Galway President, Dr James J. Browne: "The Monsignor Pádraig De Brún lecture honours a former University president who was a renowned polymath with keen interest in the arts, the sciences and the culture of his day. Eminent psychologist, Professor Galanter will address the topic of Education for a Modern World, focusing on an area of interest shared by Monsignor De Brún. Professor Galanter's lecture is one which will interest many in Ireland today, looking at ways in which new techniques in education can address important societal issues". Professor Galanter is not only a distinguished scientist, but he served in the US Army Infantry during World War II from 1943 to 1946 for which, amongst many decorations he was awarded the Croix de Guerre with Palm. He has been a licensed pilot since 1959 and won a trans-continental single engine airplane speed record in 1968 flying his Beechcraft Bonanza. The Monsignor Pádraig de Brún Memorial Lecture commemorates the former University President Monsignor Pádraig de Brún who was President of UCG in 1945 - 1959. Upon retirement from UCG, he became Chairman of the Arts Council, a position he held until his death in June 1960. The public lecture is organised by the President's Office, NUI Galway. Admission is free, for further information contact 091 493431. Professor Galanter is also participating in the Silver Anniversary meeting of the International Society for Psychophysics (ISP) which will be held from today until Saturday in the Glenlo Abbey Hotel. The meeting brings together scientists from around the world and commemorates the founding of psychophysics in 1850 by physicist and philosopher Gustav-Theodor Fechner. Psychophysics is the foundational discipline in the psychological sciences. Oideachas an Téama a bheas ag Léacht Chuimhneacháin an Mhoinsíneora Pádraig de Brún 2009 (View in English) Tabharfaidh an tOllamh (Emeritus) Eugene Galanter, Léacht Chuimhneacháin an Mhoinsíneora Pádraig de Brún, dar teideal Education for the Modern World: Science and Culture ag 8pm Déardaoin, an 29 Deireadh Fómhair, san Cairnes Theatre, OÉ Gaillimh. Bhí an tOllamh Galanter ina stiúrthóir ar an tSaotharlann Sícifisice in Ollscoil Columbia, Nua-Eabhrac, agus is é a bhunaigh Children's Progress Inc., ceann de na cuideachtaí is sciobtha fáis* sna Stáit Aontaithe. Déanann an chuideachta seo ríomhchláir do ghasúir óga a chuidíonn le hoideachasóirí a fháil amach cad a thugann dúshlán gach linbh agus cad a thacaíonn le gach leanbh. Feictear an tOllamh Galanter mar cheannródaí i réimse an oideachais agus mar eolaí i réimse na teicneolaíochta san oideachas, agus is mór an tionchar atá aige ar réimse na síceolaíochta. Meastar gurbh é an leabhar a raibh sé ina chomhúdar air agus a foilsíodh i 1960, Plans and the Structure of Behavior, an chúis a bhí leis an réabhlóid chognaíoch sna síceolaíochtaí agus go raibh an-tionchar aige ar fhorbairt na nuatheicneolaíochta i ríomhairí. Tá tagairtí as an leabhar úsáidte breis agus 2,500 babhta. Mhínigh an tOllamh Galanter an méid a bheadh á rá aige sa léacht. Dúirt sé go dteastaíonn athrú ó bhun ar an tsíceolaíocht agus ar fhormhór d'fhealsúnacht an oideachais chun struchtúr nua-aimseartha a fhorbairt don oideachas comhaimseartha. Dúirt sé go ndéanfadh sé cur síos sa léacht ar fhás intinne, agus ar theoiric nua na forbartha intinne ar a dtugtar Dul Chun Cinn na Leanaí (Children's Progress). Tá breis agus 150 leabhar agus alt scríofa ag an Ollamh Galanter ar shícifisic, mothúchán, inspreagadh, cuimhne, luathfhoghlaim, agus oideolaíocht ríomhaireachta. I measc a chuid foilseachán ar an oideachas tá The Ideal Teacher, The Mechanization of Teaching, agus Two Models of a Student. Bhí an méid seo a leanas le rá ag Uachtarán OÉ Gaillimh, An Dr James J. Browne: "Déanann Léacht an Mhoinsíneora Pádraig de Brún comóradh ar iar-Uachtarán na hOllscoile a raibh cáil air mar ileolaí agus a raibh an-suim aige sna healaíona, sna heolaíochtaí agus sa chultúr comhaimseartha. Labhróidh an síceolaí mór le rá, an tOllamh Galanter, faoin Oideachas sa Saol Nua-Aimseartha, agus beidh an-bhéim aige ar réimse a raibh an-suim ag an Moinsíneoir de Brún ann. Beidh suim ag go leor de mhuintir na tíre seo sa mhéid a bheas le rá ag an Ollamh Galanter, ag breathnú ar an gcaoi a bhféadfadh teicnící nua san oideachas aghaidh a thabhairt ar cheisteanna móra sa tsochaí". Ní hamháin gur eolaí cáiliúil an tOllamh Galanter, ach bhí sé in Arm Mheiriceá i rith an Dara Cogadh Domhanda idir 1943 agus 1946. Bronnadh oirnéalta go leor air as a sheirbhís san arm, ceann díobh sin an Croix de Guerre. Tá ceadúnas píolóta aige ó 1959 agus bhuaigh sé curiarracht luais tras-ilchríochach in eitleán inneall aonair i 1968 agus é ag eitilt in Beechcraft Bonanza. Déanann Léacht Chuimhneacháin an Mhoinsíneora Pádraig de Brún comóradh ar iar-Uachtarán na hOllscoile an Moinsíneoir Pádraig de Brún a bhí ina Uachtarán idir 1945 agus 1959. Nuair a chuaigh sé ar scor ón Ollscoil ceapadh ina Chathaoirleach ar an gComhairle Ealaíon é, agus bhí an post sin aige gur bhásaigh sé i mí an Mheithimh 1960. Eagraíonn Oifig an Uachtaráin, OÉ Gaillimh an léacht phoiblí seo. Níl aon táille le híoc. Tá eolas breise le fáil ach glaoch ar 091 493431. -Críoch-

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Research Project is Questioning Consumption

Research Project is Questioning Consumption-image

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Researchers from the disciplines of Geography and Sociology with NUI Galway's Environmental Change Institute, and Trinity College Dublin, have recently begun a four-year research project to examine household consumption. Funded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the project is the first of its kind to look at sustainable consumption in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The research is seeking to address the difficult questions that remain regarding how a shift towards more sustainable consumption might be encouraged, measured and governed. Sustainable consumption describes the use of goods and services that meet people's needs while also minimising the impact on the environment. The project, entitled ConsEnSus (Consumption, Environment and Sustainability), will examine behaviour around four key areas of household consumption - transport, energy, water and food. According to ConsEnSus project co-ordinator, NUI Galway's Dr Jessica Pape: "In these times of peak oil and potential water charges and carbon taxes, never before has the question of sustainability been so important for every individual. A key output of the ConsEnSus project will be to make recommendations for local and national programmes concerning sustainable consumption policies. This will provide a platform which supports the consumer to make choices which support the environment". Dr Martina Prendergast, Development Manager of the Environmental Change Institute, said: "The Institute is delighted to support this novel project because research in the field of sustainable consumption is still in its infancy in Ireland, both North and South. While strides are being made in the area of calculating the cost to the environment of manufacturing and transporting products for consumer use, it's very early days". The research project will include face-to-face interviews with approximately 1,500 households across counties Galway, Dublin and Derry. The aim is to investigate public attitudes and awareness of the environmental impact of their consumer behaviour and the factors which influence household consumption. Dr Pape added: "In the coming months, in selected regions of both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, you may just find us knocking on your door. We are really hopeful about the public's co-operation as this project is about jointly supporting individuals and the environment. The aim is to enable individuals and policy makers to make sustainable choices and take sustainable actions. So, to make it work, we need people and their input". The ConsEnSus project is funded through the Science, Technology, Research and Innovation for the Environment (STRIVE) Programme. For more information visit -ends-

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Recruitment Fair at NUI Galway

Recruitment Fair at NUI Galway-image

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

(Leagan Gaeilge) Major organisations from business, industry, the public and voluntary sectors will feature at the NUI Galway Graduate Recruitment Fair in Áras na Mac Léinn on Wednesday, 28 October, from 12.30-4.30pm. The popular annual event will showcase employment opportunities for graduates from all disciplines, with a diverse number of fields such as finance, law, retail, teaching, defence forces, consultancy and many other sectors represented. Graduates and students can attend employer presentations and gain advice and information from career and HR professionals. Seminars will run to help those attending to plan a more creative job search and a CV clinic will also be available. Major local employers such as Boston Scientific, Creganna, Medtronic and SAP will attend, in addition to international companies such as Accenture, Abbott, Intel, KPMG and Lidl. According to John Hannon, Head of NUI Galway's Career Development Centre: "Demand for NUI Galway graduates remains extremely high, reflecting on their excellent employability status. The current economic climate does of course present challenges; to be employed is to be at risk but to be employable is to be secure. Therefore this year we have also invited some organisations who provide volunteering opportunities which help develop key transferable skills and enhance employability. There will also be an opportunity to get information on postgraduate programmes available in NUI Galway". The event organiser, Louise McDermott, has some advice for those attending the Fair: "Make sure that you check out the list of attending companies and the opportunities on offer in advance so that you can plan your visit. It is a good idea to take an up-to-date CV with you so that you can have it reviewed at our CV clinic. Whatever degree you have, whether you have lots of relevant work experience or not, you need to sell yourself. First impressions are lasting ones, so come dressed for success and with a 'can do' attitude". Details on exhibitors is available from Aonach Earcaíochta Céimithe OÉ Gaillimh (View in English) Beidh eagraíochtaí móra gnó, tionscail, ón earnáil phoiblí agus ón earnáil dheonach i láthair ag Aonach Earcaíochta Céimithe OÉ Gaillimh in Áras na Mac Léinn Dé Céadaoin, an 28 Deireadh Fómhair idir 12.30pm agus 4.30pm. Tabharfar léiriú ar na deiseanna fostaíochta atá ar fáil do chéimithe i ngach disciplín ag an imeacht bliantúil seo a mbíonn an-tóir air, agus beidh ionadaithe i láthair ó réimsí éagsúla amhail lucht airgeadais, dlí, miondíola, teagaisc, na fórsaí cosanta, lucht comhairleoireachta agus go leor earnálacha eile. Is féidir le céimithe agus le mic léinn freastal ar an gcur i láthair a dhéanfaidh fostóirí agus comhairle agus eolas a fháil ó lucht gairmiúil gairmthreorach agus AD. Beidh seimineáir ann le cuidiú leo sin a bheidh ag freastal ar an ócáid post a chuardach ar bhealach níos cruthaithí agus beidh clinic CVanna ann chomh maith. Beidh fostóirí móra áitiúla amhail Boston Scientific, Creganna, Medtronic agus SAP ag freastal ar an ócáid, mar aon le comhlachtaí idirnáisiúnta amhail Accenture, Abbott, Intel, KPMG agus Lidl. Dúirt John Hannon, Ceann Ionad Forbartha Gairmeacha OÉ Gaillimh: "Tá an-éileamh ar chéimithe OÉ Gaillimh go fóill, rud a léiríonn go bhfuil siad breá ábalta dul i mbun fostaíochta. Tá dúshláin ag baint le cúrsaí an gheilleagair mar atá faoi láthair; tá baol ar an bhfostaíocht ach tá cinnteacht ag baint lena bheith infhostaithe. Dá bhrí sin, i mbliana, tá cuireadh tugtha againn d'eagraíochtaí a chuireann deiseanna ar fáil le hobair dheonach a dhéanamh, rud a chuidíonn le daoine scileanna tábhachtacha inaistrithe a fhoghlaim agus cur lena mealltacht ó thaobh fostaíochta de. Beidh deis ann chomh maith eolas a fháil faoi chláir iarchéime atá ar fáil in OÉ Gaillimh." Tá Louise McDermott, eagraí an imeachta, ag cur comhairle orthu siúd a bheidh ag freastal ar an Aonach: "Bígí cinnte go mbreathnóidh sibh ar liosta na gcomhlachtaí a bheidh ag freastal ar an ócáid agus na deiseanna atá ar fáil roimh ré sa chaoi go mbeidh tú ábalta an chuairt a phleanáil. Smaoineamh maith a bheadh ann CV atá cothrom le dáta a thabhairt libh sa chaoi gur féidir é a leasú sa chlinic CVanna. Cuma cén chéim atá agaibh, agus bíodh neart taithí ábhartha oibre agaibh nó ná bíodh, beidh oraibh dul i bhfeidhm ar dhaoine. Cuimhníonn daoine ar feadh i bhfad ar an gcaoi a dtéann sibh i bhfeidhm orthu nuair a bhuaileann sibh leo den chéad uair, mar sin bígí dea-ghléasta agus bíodh dearcadh dearfach agaibh." Tá sonraí an lucht taispeántais le fáil ó -Críoch-

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NUI Galway Recognises Leaving Certificate Excellence

NUI Galway Recognises Leaving Certificate Excellence-image

Monday, 19 October 2009

(Leagan Gaeilge) NUI Galway recently celebrated the success of a select group of first-year students who received a total €107,100 in recognition of the high points they achieved in the recent Leaving Certificate Examination. As part of the University's annual Entrance Scholarships, 63 students received €1,700 each, along with a NUI Galway scroll, at a special ceremony which included teachers and parents on Thursday, 15 October, 2009. Entrance Scholarships are given annually to new entrants at NUI Galway who reached a minimum of 560 points in their Leaving Certificate examination, except in Medicine. In Medicine 10 Scholarships were awarded, based on the combined results in the Leaving Certificate and the new Admissions Test (H-PAT Ireland). Designed to attract the best students to NUI Galway and reward their academic excellence, the awards may be held with any other scholarships or grants, including the University's extensive Sports Scholarship Scheme. NUI Galway also awards 25 Bursaries annually, each worth €1,600, to support students who take a significant proportion of their course through Irish. Speaking at the award ceremony, NUI Galway President Dr James J. Browne, who presented the cheques to each individual winner, said: "We are delighted to recognise the academic talent of these 63 outstanding individuals from all over Ireland. NUI Galway strives constantly to support and promote academic excellence across all disciplines. The Entrance Scholarships ceremony is an opportunity to give special recognition to our first year students who have already shown academic prowess through their Leaving Certificate results. It is also a chance to give due credit to their parents and teachers for their contribution to such success. We welcome them to NUI Galway and look forward to nurturing their academic talent and supporting them throughout their years of study". This year Entrance Scholarships were awarded to students from 47 individual schools throughout Ireland. The winners represented 13 counties including Carlow, Clare, Cork, Donegal, Galway, Laois, Limerick, Kerry, Kilkenny, Mayo, Monaghan, Sligo, and Westmeath. Tugann OÉ Gaillimh Aitheantas d'Éachtaí a cuid Mac Léinn (View in English) Rinne OÉ Gaillimh ceiliúradh le gairid ar a fheabhas a d'éirigh le grúpa ar leith de mhic léinn chéad bhliana ar bronnadh €107,100 san iomlán orthu mar aitheantas as na pointí arda a bhain siad amach i Scrúdú na hArdteistiméireachta le gairid. Mar chuid de Sparánachtaí Iontrála bliantúla na hOllscoile, fuair 63 mac léinn €1,700 an duine, mar aon le scrolla OÉ Gaillimh, ag searmanas speisialta ar fhreastail múinteoirí agus tuismitheoirí air Déardaoin, an 15 Deireadh Fómhair 2009. Bronntar Scoláireachtaí Iontrála gach bliain ar mhic léinn, seachas mic léinn Leighis, atá díreach tosaithe ag freastal ar OÉ Gaillimh agus a fuair 560 pointe, ar a laghad, i Scrúdú na hArdteistiméireachta. Sa Leigheas, bronnadh 10 Scoláireacht, bunaithe ar thorthaí na hArdteistiméireachta agus na Tástála Iontrála nua (H-PAT Ireland) araon. Is féidir na gradaim seo, a bhfuil sé de chuspóir leo na mic léinn is fearr a mhealladh chuig OÉ Gaillimh agus a bhfeabhas acadúil a chúiteamh leo, a choinneáil i gcuideachta aon scoláireachtaí nó aon deontas eile, Scéim leathan Scoláireachtaí Spóirt na hOllscoile san áireamh. Chomh maith leis sin, bronnann OÉ Gaillimh 25 Sparánacht gach bliain ar fiú €1,600 an ceann iad agus a bhfuil sé mar aidhm leo tacú le mic léinn a thugann faoi sciar suntasach dá gcúrsa staidéir trí mheán na Gaeilge. Ag labhairt dó ag an searmanas bronnta, bhí an méid seo a leanas le rá ag Uachtarán OÉ Gaillimh, an Dr James J. Browne, a bhronn na seiceanna ar na buaiteoirí ar fad: "Cúis áthais dúinn a bheith in ann aitheantas a thabhairt d'éachtaí acadúla an 63 mac léinn seo as gach cearn den tír. Déanann OÉ Gaillimh iarracht i gcónaí tacú le feabhas acadúil i ngach uile dhisciplín agus é a spreagadh. Deis é Searmanas Bronnta na Scoláireachtaí Iontrála le haitheantas a thabhairt dár mic léinn chéad bhliana a bhfuil a gcumas acadúil léirithe acu cheana féin bunaithe ar na torthaí a fuair siad i Scrúdú na hArdteistiméireachta. Deis atá ann freisin le haitheantas a thabhairt don obair atá déanta ag a dtuismitheoirí agus ag a múinteoirí. Cuirimid fáilte chroíúil rompu chuig OÉ Gaillimh agus táimid ag tnúth lena gcumas acadúil a fhorbairt agus le tacú leo sna blianta amach romhainn". Bronnadh Scoláireachtaí Iontrála na bliana seo ar dhaltaí as 47 scoil éagsúil ar fud na tíre. Ba as 13 chontae na mic léinn bhuacacha – Ceatharlach, An Clár, Corcaigh, Dún na nGall, Gaillimh, Laois, Luimneach, Ciarraí, Cill Chainnigh, Maigh Eo, Muineachán, Sligeach agus an Iarmhí. -Críoch-

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Week of Autumn Conferrings Begin at NUI Galway

Week of Autumn Conferrings Begin at NUI Galway-image

Friday, 16 October 2009

See report on RTÉ Six One News: (Leagan Gaeilge) Over 4,000 students will graduate from NUI Galway during the Autumn Conferring Ceremonies which take place from 16-23 October. NUI Galway will also confer five Honorary Masters Degrees during the ceremonies on: Galway-born and internationally acclaimed traditional musician, Frankie Gavin; RTÉ's Northern Editor, Tommie Gorman; local soccer legend, Eamonn 'Chick' Deacy; Fr Raymond Browne for his contribution to community life; and Christian Brother, voluntary worker and author, Br Seán MacConmara. Frankie Gavin will be recognised for his lifetime contribution to Irish traditional music at home and abroad. Tommie Gorman will be honoured for his continued excellence in journalism and broadcasting. Eamonn 'Chick' Deacy will be honoured for his achievements in soccer as a former player with Aston Villa and Galway United in the 1980s. Fr Raymond Browne will be honoured for his tireless contribution to community life since his ordination in 1954, in Roscommon and through his ministry in Nigeria. Br Seán Mac Conmara will be honoured for his dedication to teaching, for his many publications and for his active engagement in voluntary organisations. Commenting on the conferring of this year s graduands, Dr James J. Browne, President of NUI Galway, said, "NUI Galway is fortunate to be associated with many outstanding honorary graduates throughout its history. This group of graduands is a very diverse and particularly worthy group. Their contributions in many spheres –music, journalism, sport, public service and education – have been outstanding, and NUI Galway is very pleased to be in a position to recognise these exceptional individuals". The annual Autumn Conferring Ceremonies will begin with the Adult and Continuing Education ceremonies, where awards will be conferred on almost 750 students who completed their certificate, diploma and degree courses at many locations across the country. Seachtain Bhronnadh Céimeanna an Fhómhair in OÉ Gaillimh (View in English) Bainfidh os cionn 4,000 mac léinn céim amach in OÉ Gaillimh sna Searmanais Bronnta Céimeanna a bheidh ar bun idir 16-23 Deireadh Fómhair. Bronnfaidh OÉ Gaillimh Céim Mháistreachta Oinigh ar na daoine seo a leanas le linn na searmanas chomh maith: An ceoltóir Gaillimheach a bhfuil clú agus cáil go hidirnáisiúnta air, Frankie Gavin; Eagarthóir Thuaisceart Éireann RTÉ, Tommie Gorman; an laoch áitiúil sacair, Eamonn 'Chick' Deacy; An tAthair Raymond Browne as a bhfuil déanta aige ar son an phobail; agus an Bráthair Críostaí agus an t-údar, Seán MacConmara. Frankie Gavin – tabharfar aitheantas dó as a bhfuil déanta aige ar son an cheoil Ghaelaigh sa bhaile agus i gcéin. Tommie Gorman – tabharfar onóir dó as an ardchaighdeán a gcloíonn sé leis i gcónaí i gcúrsaí iriseoireachta agus craolacháin. Eamonn 'Chick' Deacy – tabharfar onóir dó as na héachtaí a rinne sé mar imreoir sacair le Aston Villa agus le Gaillimh Aontaithe sna hochtóidí. An tAthair Raymond Browne – tabharfar onóir dó as an obair gan staonadh atá déanta aige don phobal ó oirníodh é i 1954, i Ros Comáin agus ar na misin sa Nigéir. An Bráthair Seán Mac Conmara – tabharfar aitheantas dó chomh maith as a dhúthracht i leith an teagaisc, as an iliomad foilseachán atá curtha amach aige agus as a ghníomhaí a bhíonn sé in eagraíochtaí deonacha. Bhí an méid seo a leanas le rá ag Uachtarán OÉ Gaillimh, an Dr James J. Browne fúthu: "Tá an t-ádh ar OÉ Gaillimh ceangal a bheith aici leis an oiread sin céimithe oinigh den scoth ó bunaíodh í. Is grúpa an-éagsúil an grúpa céimithe seo agus is grúpa iad a bhfuil an t-aitheantas seo tuillte go maith acu. Tá an t-uafás oibre déanta acu san iliomad réimsí – ceol, iriseoireacht, seirbhís don phobal agus oideachas – agus is cúis áthais dúinn anseo in OÉ Gaillimh aitheantas a thabhairt don tsárobair atá déanta ag na daoine eisceachtúla seo". Cuirfear tús le Searmanais bhliantúla Bhronnadh Céimeanna an Fhómhair leis na searmanais Oideachais Aosaigh agus Leanúnaigh, áit a mbronnfar dámhachtainí ar bheagnach 750 mac léinn a chríochnaigh a gcúrsaí céime, dioplóma agus teastais in ionaid éagsúla ar fud na tíre. -Críoch-

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