NUI Galway Appoints Director of Marketing and Communications

NUI Galway Appoints Director of Marketing and Communications-image

Monday, 14 July 2008

NUI Galway is pleased to announce that Caroline Loughnane has joined the University as Director of Marketing and Communications. She has worked in education marketing for the last ten years, and as Head of Marketing at the University of Birmingham for the last five years. Ms Loughnane is a graduate of NUI Galway, having completed her BA in English and History in 1993, and an MA in English Literature (1996). She also holds a Higher Diploma in Education from Galway (1998) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Caroline, originally from Gort, Co. Galway, brings with her over ten years experience in marketing and communications in the education sector. During her time at Birmingham, she was responsible for an extensive rebranding of the University, the development of a postgraduate recruitment strategy, internal communications to support a University-wide restructure, integrated marketing and communications campaigns, and developing innovative approaches to student recruitment in a highly competitive undergraduate market. Speaking about her appointment, Ms Loughnane said: "I am delighted to be joining NUI Galway at such an exciting time for the University. NUI Galway is one of Ireland's top universities and has ambitious plans for the future. I am looking forward to the opportunity of taking the University into the next phase of its development, and to building on the excellent work that has already taken place in raising the University's profile, nationally and internationally." Ms Loughnane added: "The Higher Education sector has transformed itself over the last ten years and universities are now competing in a global arena. Marketing and Communications have a key role to play in enabling Irish Universities to compete on an international stage." -ends-

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Dark Ages were Golden Age of Irish Scholarship

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Monday, 14 July 2008

History expert hopeful of a resurgence of interest in science and maths An International Conference on the significant role played by Ireland in the field of mathematics in the Early Middle Ages takes place at NUI Galway from 18-20 July 2008. The 2nd International Conference on the Science of Computus will bring together leading scholars of Early Medieval scientific knowledge during the period of the so-called 'Dark Ages'. The Science of Computus is the mathematics required to calculate the date of Easter and related topics. Computus straddles the fields of: mathematics and astronomy; biblical interpretation and cosmology; empirical astronomical observation; and the perennial quest to understand the concepts of Time and Time-Reckoning. The conference is organised by the HEA funded Foundations of Irish Culture Project, based in the Moore Institute for Research in the Humanities and Social Studies at NUI Galway. According to the Director of the Foundations of Irish Culture Project and conference convener, NUI Galway's Professor Dáibhí Ó Cróinín: "There is much talk these days about the decline of mathematics and the sciences in Irish schools, and the effect that will have on the future prospects for Ireland's economy and society. What many Irish people don't realise is that Ireland was once at the forefront of mathematics and science. In fact, the 'Dark Ages' were anything but dark in the fields of mathematics and astronomy, rather it was the 'Golden Age' of Irish medieval scholarship." Professor Ó Cróinín is hopeful of a resurgence of interest in science and maths: "We only need to look at events like the Young Scientist Competition, and our own University outreach programmes, to see that there is interest in the sciences among young people which can be cultivated and nurtured. There is also a vast amount of state-of-the-art work being carried out by Irish scholars and researchers, at home and abroad. The conference aims to highlight the very similar cooperative-type work that was being carried out, between Ireland and Europe, during the Golden Age of Irish medieval scholarship." The conference has attracted speakers and experts from Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Scotland, Spain, and the USA. Professor Ó Cróinín added, "From the time of Columbanus, around 615 AD, Irish scholars led Europe in the field of computistical studies. The contribution of our 'Wandering Scholars' is still highly regarded in other countries today, and evidenced by the wide range of international experts participating in our conference." A focus of the conference will be the scientific knowledge that Irish scholars nurtured and developed during the years circa AD 500 to AD 1100. Time-reckoning, calendars, and the minute reckonings required to compute the date of Easter all involved the minutiae of mathematics, including the original concept of 'digital calculation', and astronomical observation in a truly scientific fashion. The event will appeal to those interested in the history of science in Ireland and Europe, or in the origins of present-day mathematical and astronomical ideas. For a full listing of the speakers and topics, and further information, see the conference website: -ends-

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Mary Robinson Addresses Primary Care Conference at NUI Galway

Mary Robinson Addresses Primary Care Conference at NUI Galway-image

Friday, 11 July 2008

Speaking at NUI Galway last night, former President of Ireland, Mary Robinson, called for a human rights approach to healthcare and greater accountability, nationally and internationally. She said that such a principled approach to healthcare was needed, especially in the face of a possible global recession as in "hard times it is more difficult to make the right decisions". Mary Robinson was addressing the 2008 Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society for Academic Primary Care (SAPC), a major international healthcare conference hosted by the University's Department of General Practice. According to Mary Robinson, who is now President of Realizing Rights, the Ethical Globalization Initiative: "Policy interventions that are grounded in human rights with a strong gender dimension can help inform and support efforts to strengthen health systems and improve their performance. Human rights require not only that quality health systems are available and accessible to all, but that positive action is taken to address the economic, social and political inequalities behind mortality and ill-health. A human rights approach helps to ensure a holistic and integrated approach to health delivery, with a focus on prevention." Among the audience were leading healthcare academics and researchers from Ireland, UK, Australia and the US. The audience heard from other speakers during the three-day conference on topics such as: Gaining insight into the awareness, understanding and attitudes of patients towards MRSA; Predictors of outcome for mild to moderate depression in primary care; and Patient's experience when visiting their GP. Professor Andrew Murphy, Department of General Practice and conference chair, NUI Galway, said, "The issue of health as a human right has been reflected in many of the conference papers at this event. On a macro level, healthcare is a human right and on an individual level it is a very unique interaction between caregiver and patient. One of the emerging themes in this field is the vital role that patients can play in the management of their own care and the importance of data management and privacy." At the event Anne Rogers, Professor of the Sociology of Health Care, University of Manchester spoke about the 'expert patient' and enhancing the self management capabilities of people living with long-term conditions. Professor Tom Fahey, from the RCSI Medical School, spoke about the how Information and Communication Technology (ICT) will help facilitate high quality evidence-based practice (incorporating diagnosis, prognosis and therapy) in primary care. For more information about the conference visit -ends-

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NUI Galway President Pays Tribute to the Late Séamus Brennan

NUI Galway President Pays Tribute to the Late Séamus Brennan-image

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

NUI Galway President, Dr. James Browne, has paid tribute to the late Séamus Brennan, former Minister and graduate of the University. A native of Galway, Séamus Brennan, graduated from the University with a Bachelor of Commerce in 1968, and a Bachelor of Arts (Economics) in 1969. In March of this year, Séamus Brennan attended NUI Galway's Gala Banquet where he received the 2008 Alumnus Award for Law, Public Service and Government, from the University. The annual Alumni Awards recognise and celebrate individual excellence and achievement. Dr. James Browne, NUI Galway President, said: "The University offers its sincere condolences to Séamus's family, many friends, and colleagues. We valued him as a graduate and also as a talented politician, who served his country with complete commitment. It was our pleasure to have him back on campus earlier this year to receive an Alumni Award and he will be remembered fondly." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Aitheantas Tugtha ag Uachtarán OÉ Gaillimh do Shéamus Brennan, nach maireann Thug Uachtarán OÉ Gaillimh, an Dr. James Browne, aitheantas don Iar-Aire agus céimí de chuid na hOllscoile Séamus Brennan, nach maireann. B'as Gaillimh ó dhúchas do Shéamus Brennan, a fuair Baitsiléar Tráchtála ón Ollscoil seo i 1968, agus Baitsiléir Dán (Eacnamaíocht) i 1969. I Márta na bliana seo, bhí Séamus Brennan i láthair ag Mórfhéasta na hOllscoile agus bronnadh Duais Alumni 2008 don Dlí, an tSeirbhís Phoiblí agus an Rialtas air. Tugann na Duaiseanna bliantúla Alumni aitheantas do dhaoine aonair ar ardchaighdeán. Dúirt an Dr. James Browne, Uachtarán, OÉ Gaillimh: "Ba mhaith leis an Ollscoil comhbhrón a chroí a dhéanamh le teaghlach Shéamuis, a chairde agus a chomhghleacaithe. B'iontach an céimí é agus polaiteoir den scoth a bhí ann, agus bhí sé tiomanta go huile agus go hiomlán dá thír. Ba mhór an onóir dúinne gur fhill sé ar an gcampas níos luaithe i mbliana chun Duais Alumni a ghlacadh – fear a chuaigh i bhfeidhm orainn ar fad." críoch

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NUI Galway Students Embrace 'Let's Do It Galway' Ethos

NUI Galway Students Embrace 'Let's Do It Galway' Ethos -image

Monday, 7 July 2008

Two NUI Galway students have played a key part in planning for the Volvo Ocean Race, which is expected to attract over 140,000 visitors to Galway next year. Research undertaken by Edel Gallager, from Caherlistrane, Co. Galway, and Daithi Evans, from Durrus, Co. Cork, as part of their Higher Diploma in Applied Science, is contributing to the design of a comprehensive safety management plan for the event. Both students have a primary degree from NUI Galway and are now studying a Higher Diploma in Applied Science focusing on in Occupational Health and Safety, and Hygiene. Subjects covered in the Higher Diploma include safety and risk management, which is integral to the planning of any major public event, such as the Volvo Race. Students are also encouraged to engage with the local community by applying their theoretical, research and practical skills to assist local non-profit organisations. Academic Supervisor, Mary Dempsey, of NUI Galway's College of Engineering and Informatics said, "The University ethos enables students to engage in community efforts. In this particular case, working on such a vast project of international significance will be of huge benefit to the students. This type of applied research activity equips students with a valuable skill set combining both intellect and citizenship". In preparation for the Volvo Race, Galway is developing a three-acre race village for the stopover. Public safety is paramount to the 'Let's Do It Galway' team who worked with the NUI Galway students to develop a plan covering a major port redevelopment to house the race village, open air concerts, hospitality and cultural events. Neil Carney of 'Let's Do It Galway' commented, "There is a real sense of excitement as we build towards the Galway Stopover in May/June 2009. It is a fantastic opportunity for Galway City and County, and for the West of Ireland in general to showcase itself to the wider world. The Volvo Ocean Race is one of the largest international sporting event in the world, and its' arrival in Galway in 2009 will be a fantastic occasion for the community." He added, "The entire ethos of 'Let's Do It Galway' is that we are all in this together, without community spirit and support this event would have, pardoning the pun, no wind in its sails. Support from NUI Galway's staff and students is very welcome and their passion and determination reflects the team spirit behind the race. The work carried out by Daithi and Edel adds a valuable resource to the planning of this major event." NUI Galway promotes student engagement in community based projects through its ALIVE volunteering programme and through the service learning modules incorporated into its teaching programmes. Galway Harbour Master Captain Brian Sheridan has actively encouraged and supported NUI Galway students in various research projects over the years. According to Captain Sheridan, "Students from the University have contributed a lot to the city and the port in terms of volunteering their time and energy. They are the next generation of professionals and tapping into their skills and ideas is always hugely beneficial". Captain Brian Sheridan continued, "Working closely with the University on the many aspects of planning for the new deepwater port at Galway has been very advantageous to the ports management team. Fresh ideas, new technologies and sometimes a different approach have all meant that the liaison between NUI Galway and the Galway Harbour Company has paid dividends for both organisations and will go from strength to strength. Edel and Daithi came through on all fronts with this project and I am sure they have both gained invaluable experience working with the ports sector as I have learned from them." The Volvo Ocean Race, formerly the Whitbread Round the World Race, is run every four years, covering 39,000 miles in nine months and visiting ten ports around the world. -ends-

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NUI Galway Appoints New Vice-President for Research

NUI Galway Appoints New Vice-President for Research-image

Friday, 4 July 2008

NUI Galway has today announced the appointment of Professor Terry Smith as the new Vice-President for Research, effective immediately. With a biomedical background, Professor Smith has had a longstanding career in both academic research and industry. "I am delighted to be taking up this challenging role and very much look forward to working with my colleagues throughout the University to further the level of research excellence at NUI Galway," commented Professor Smith. As Director of the National Centre for Biomedical Engineering Science (NCBES) at NUI Galway since 2002, Professor Smith has been instrumental in the growth of the Centre which currently hosts over 400 members engaged in leading research programmes in biomedical engineering, cancer biology, and regenerative medicine through the Regenerative Medicine Institute (REMEDI). He also played a key role in the establishment of industry research collaborations with Medtronic, the Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, and Beckman Coulter. In his new role he looks forward to working closely with the Ignite Technology Transfer Office to forge new, and enhance existing, collaborations between the University and industry partners. Professor Smith added, "This is an exciting time for NUI Galway. I believe that our greatest single asset is our staff. With a strong foundation of internationally renowned researchers across all disciplines, from the humanities and social sciences to science, engineering and medicine, allied with recent strategic recruitments in key areas, NUI Galway is well placed to maximize the potential of our unique intellectual capital." In 1990, Professor Smith joined BioResearch Ireland* at the University as Senior Research Scientist / Team Leader. He was a founding member of the NCBES at NUI Galway and was appointed Professor of Biomedical Engineering Science and Director of the NCBES in January 2002. He played a leadership role in the establishment of the SFI CSET Regenerative Medicine Institute (REMEDI) in 2003, with Medtronic as the major industry partner. In 2005, he played a key role in the establishment of the Centre for BioAnalytical Sciences (CBAS), a collaborative bioanalytical sciences research programme in partnership with Bristol Myers Squibb and Dublin City University. In early 2008 Professor Smith was instrumental in establishing a four-year research collaboration with Beckman Coulter in the field of molecular diagnostics. Professor Smith is the author and co-author of over 100 peer-reviewed papers in international journals, as well as being co-inventor of a number of patents. Commenting on his appointment, Dr James Browne, President, NUI Galway, said, "I am delighted to have Professor Terry Smith on board as the new Vice-President for Research. I know Professor Smith will build on the excellent successes we have had in recent years in winning research funding and developing research projects of international significance here at NUI Galway. Under his leadership, we will create an environment where all academic colleagues have an opportunity to contribute to the University's growing research portfolio, and to build on effective research partnerships already set up." ENDS

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Leas-Uachtarán Nua um Thaighde Ceaptha in OÉ Gaillimh

Leas-Uachtarán Nua um Thaighde Ceaptha in OÉ Gaillimh-image

Friday, 4 July 2008

D'fhógair OÉ Gaillimh inniu go bhfuil an tOllamh Terry Smith ceaptha mar Leas-Uachtarán um Thaighde san Ollscoil, ceapachán atá curtha i feidhm cheana féin. Is sa réimse bithmhíochaine a bhí obair an Ollaimh Smith bunaithe go dtí seo agus tá blianta fada caite aige i mbun taighde acadúil agus obair sa tionscal. Dúirt an tOllamh Smith, "cúis áthais dom glacadh leis an bpost dúshlánach seo agus táim ag tnúth go mór le bheith ag obair le mo chomhghleacaithe Ollscoile agus é mar aidhm agam barr feabhais a bhaint amach i gcúrsaí taighde in OÉ Gaillimh". Tá an tOllamh Smith ag feidhmiú mar Stiúrthóir ar an Ionad Náisiúnta um Eolaíocht Innealtóireachta Bithmhíochaine (NCBES) in OÉ Gaillimh ó 2002 i leith, agus bhí ról lárnach aige i bhforbairt an Ionaid a bhfuil breis is 400 ball ag obair ann ar chláir cheannródaíocha thaighde i réimse na hinnealtóireachta bithmhíochaine, na bitheolaíochta ailse, agus an leighis athghiniúnaigh faoi scáth na hInstitiúide um Leigheas Athghiniúnach (REMEDI). Chomh maith leis sin, bhí ról lárnach aige i mbunú comhchlár oibre le Medtronic, Cuideachta Bristol-Myers Squibb, agus Beckman Coulter. Tá sé mar aidhm aige sa phost nua seo oibriú i gcomhar le hOifig um Aistriú Teicneolaíochta Ignite chun cláir chomhoibrithe nua a chruthú agus cláir atá i bhfeidhm cheana féin idir an Ollscoil agus comhpháirtithe tionscail a fheabhsú. Chomh maith leis sin, dúirt an tOllamh Smith, "tá rudaí fíorshuimiúla ag tarlú in OÉ Gaillimh i láthair na huaire. Creidim gurb iad na comhaltaí foirne an acmhainn is fearr atá ag an Ollscoil. Is cinnte go bhfuil seasamh maith ag OÉ Gaillimh anois an leas is fearr is féidir a bhaint as an gcaipiteal intleachtúil atá le fáil i measc phobal na hOllscoile, de bhrí go bhfuil taighdeoirí a bhfuil cáil idirnáisiúnta orthu ag obair sna disciplíní éagsúla san Ollscoil, na daonnachtaí agus eolaíochtaí sóisialta, an eolaíocht, innealtóireacht agus leigheas san áireamh, le cois na gceapachán straitéiseach a rinneadh le tamall anuas." Sa bhliain 1990 thosaigh an tOllamh Smith ag obair mar Eolaí Sinsearach Taighde / Ceannaire Foirne le BioResearch Ireland* san Ollscoil. Bhí sé ar dhuine de bhunaitheoirí NCBES in OÉ Gaillimh agus ceapadh é mar Ollamh le hEolaíocht Innealtóireachta Bithmhíochaine agus Stiúrthóir NCBES i mí Eanáir 2002. Bhí ról ceannaireachta aige i mbunú na hInstitiúide um Leigheas Athghiniúnach SFI CSET in 2003, le Medtronic ag feidhmiú mar phríomhpháirtí tionscail. In 2005, bhí ról lárnach aige i mbunú an Ionaid um Eolaíochtaí Bith-Anailíseacha (CBAS), an comhchlár taighde sna heolaíochtaí bithanailíseacha i gcomhar le Bristol-Myers Squibb agus Ollscoil Chathair Bhaile Átha Cliath. Ag tús 2008 rinne an tOllamh Smith an-obair chun comhchlár taighde ceithre bliana a bhunú le Beckman Coulter i ndiagnóisic mhóilíneach. Is údar agus comhúdar é an tOllamh Smith ar bhreis is 100 páipéar piarathbhreithnithe in irisí idirnáisiúnta, mar aon le comh-aireagóir ar roinnt paitinní. Bhí an méid seo a leanas le rá ag an Dr James Browne, Uachtarán, OÉ Gaillimh, faoin gceapachán,"Cúis áthais dom go bhfuil an tOllamh Terry Smith ceaptha mar Leas-Uachtarán um Thaighde. Níl amhras ar bith orm nach gcuirfidh an tOllamh Smith leis an obair iontach atá déanta le blianta beaga anuas chun maoiniú taighde a fháil agus tionscadail taighde a mbaineann tábhacht idirnáisiúnta leo a bhunú anseo in OÉ Gaillimh. Faoi stiúir an Ollaimh Smith, cruthófar timpeallacht ina mbeidh deis ag na comhghleacaithe acadúla ar fad cur le hobair thaighde na hOllscoile, agus cur leis na comhpháirtíochtaí éifeachtacha taighde atá bunaithe cheana féin." CRÍOCH

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Famous Writer Adds to Allure of MA in Screenwriting

Famous Writer Adds to Allure of MA in Screenwriting -image

Friday, 4 July 2008

Writer Allegra Huston, daughter of legendary filmmaker John Huston, has confirmed that she will teach at NUI Galway in November as part of the Huston School of Film & Digital Media Writers in Residence Programme. Allegra Huston will work specifically with the School's MA in Screenwriting students, who will get a taste of the famous 'Writing Salon' she runs in New Mexico. The MA in Screenwriting was the inaugural programme of the Huston School of Film & Digital Media at NUI Galway. The one-year, full-time programme offers training in screenplay writing, integrated with courses in film history and analysis, supported by regular film screenings and workshops. Allegra Huston will take students of the MA in Screenwriting off-campus to the home of Tim and Máiréad Robinson in Roundstone, Co. Galway, for an intensive three-day creative workshop. According to James Finlan, coordinator of the MA in Screenwriting, "Screenwriting has been in the headlines recently with the Writers Guild of America strike showing the vital role of the writer in bringing entertainment to our screens. In Ireland, the Huston school has established itself as the foremost centre for screenwriting education. We have a very high calibre of students, including mature students, joining our MA course to progress their writing to the next stage. The Writers in Residence Programme adds an extra element to the course, allowing our students to learn from writers such as Allegra Huston, and more recently, Hollywood scriptwriter Evan Goldberg (Superbad and Knocked Up),." One of those students currently undertaking the MA in Screenwriting is Grace Jolliffe, who returned to college as a mature student. According to Grace, a published novelist and short-film director, "My first love has always been writing screenplays. Knowing that there is always something more to learn, I enrolled in the Huston School of Film & Digital Media in Galway. It has been a wonderful opportunity to improve my writing skills and be among fellow writers." Allegra's father John Huston had a long relationship with the Galway area, his other daughter Angelica, went to school in Loughrea. Five years ago, the Huston family came together to support the creation of the Huston School of Film & Digital Media and continue to be its patrons. As part of this support, there are generous scholarships every year on offer to NUI Galway graduates from the film school at UCLA. The MA in Screenwriting is particularly suited to incoming students with previous work experience in writing, film or related media fields. Applications for entry in September are now being taken, for further information visit or email: -ends-

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NUI Galway Launches Traditional Music Diploma through Irish with Dr. Charlie Len

NUI Galway Launches Traditional Music Diploma through Irish with Dr. Charlie Len-image

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Muiris Ó Rócháin, Director of The Willie Clancy Festival, today launched NUI Galway's latest programme taught entirely through Irish, a Diploma of Arts in the Composition, Arrangement and Performance of Traditional Music*. The Diploma will be delivered by the University's Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge in conjunction with internationally acclaimed musician Dr. Charlie Lennon. Applications are now being accepted for the full-time, one-year course which will commence in September 2008 in state of the art recording studios at Stiúideo Cuan, An Spidéal, Co. na Gaillimhe. The number of students accepted on the programme is restricted to 15 to ensure the best academic training combined with hands-on practical experience using the latest music technologies. Students will study music theory and structure; the history and development of the traditional arts in Ireland; and the archiving, composition, arrangement, recording and performance of traditional music. Course participants will also produce and perform in an end of year concert under the guidance of a professional director. The programme is aimed at musicians, dancers and singers who would be interested in a career in music and the arts. The programme will be delivered through Irish, therefore a proficiency in the language is essential. Entry onto the programme is subject to an audition and interview process, where prospective students will display their knowledge of and interest in Irish traditional music. Speaking at the official launch of the Diploma in Stiúideo Cuan, An Spidéal, Co. na Gaillimhe, Muiris Ó Rocháin congratulated Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta and Stiúideo Cuan on developing such a unique and sought after programme. He said, "Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge, NUI Galway, should be commended on its foresight in creating a course for artists that aims to develop them artistically as well as equipping them with skills in the arranging and staging of traditional music. The course, with its emphasis on performance, composition and staging will be a huge asset to the world of Irish traditional music." Marianne Ní Chinnéide, Academic Director of the new programme and Administrator of the Performing Arts Department (Riarthóir na dTaibh-Ealaíon), said, "This new diploma aims to provide graduates with the skills needed to pursue a career as a musician or as a traditional artist. The content is practical and offers the student high quality training from professionals already working in the field." Ms. Ní Chinnéide added, "Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge here at NUI Galway is going through such an inspiring phase of growth, development and innovation in the fields of drama, acting and music. It is our pleasure to collaborate with professionals within the Arts world and we look forward especially to working with Dr. Charlie Lennon." For more information contact Marianne Ní Chinnéide, Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge, NUI Galway. Telephone 091 869103 or email: *Dioplóma sna Dána (Cóiriú & Stáitsiú an Cheoil Thraidisiúnta) -ends-

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Dioplóma sa Cheol Traidisiúnta á sheoladh ag OÉ Gaillimh i gcomhar leis an Dr. C

Dioplóma sa Cheol Traidisiúnta á sheoladh ag OÉ Gaillimh i gcomhar leis an Dr. C-image

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Sheol Muiris Ó Rócháin, Stiúrthóir Fhéile Willie Clancy, an clár is nua de chuid OÉ Gaillimh a mhúinfear go hiomlán trí Ghaeilge, Dioplóma sna Dána (Cóiriú & Stáitsiú an Cheoil Thraidisiúnta). Beidh an Dioplóma á reáchtáil ag Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge i gcomhar leis an gceoltóir cáiliúil an Dr. Charlie Lennon. Iarrtar iarratais anois ar an gcúrsa lánaimseartha bliana seo a thosóidh i Meán Fómhair 2008 i stiúideonna taifeadta den scoth Stiúideo Cuan, An Spidéal, Co. na Gaillimhe. Glacfar le cúigear mac léinn déag ar an gclár chun a chinntiú go gheobhaidís siad an oiliúint acadúil is fearr chomh maith leis an taithí phraiticiúil ar an teicneolaíocht ceoil is nua. Déanfaidh mic léinn staidéar ar theoiric agus ar struchtúr an cheoil; stair and forbairt na n-ealaíon traidisiúnta in Éirinn; cartlannú, cumadh, cóiriú, taifeadadh agus stáitsiú an cheoil thraidisiúnta. Cuirfidh siad ceolchoirm ar stáitse ag deireadh na bliana faoi stiúir léiritheoir gairmiúil. Tá an clár dírithe ar cheoltóirí, damhsóirí agus amhránaithe a mbeadh suim acu i slí bheatha sa cheol agus sna healaíona. Reáchtálfar an clár trí Ghaeilge, mar sin caithfidh rannpháirtithe an chláir a bheith líofa. Chun áit a fháil ar an gclár caithfear triail and agallamh a dhéanamh. Caithfidh mic léinn a n-eolas agus a suim sa cheol traidisiúnta a léiriú. Ag labhairt ag seoladh oifigiúil an Dioplóma i Stiúideo Cuan, An Spidéal, Co. na Gaillimhe, rinne Muiris Ó Rócháin comhghairdeas le hAcadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge agus le Stiúideo Cuan as clár uathúil a mbeadh tóir air a fhorbairt. Dúirt sé, "Caithfear tréaslú le hAcadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge, OÉ Gaillimh, as cúrsa a chruthú d'ealaíontóirí a fhorbróidh iad ó thaobh na n-ealaíon agus a thabharfaidh na scileanna dóibh chun an ceol traidisiúnta a chóiriú agus a stáitsiú. Is mór an acmhainn a bheas sa chúrsa don cheol traidisiúnta in Éirinn." Dúirt Marianne Ní Chinnéide, Stiúrthóir Acadúil an chláir nua agus Riarthóir na dTaibh-Ealaíon, "Tabharfaidh an dioplóma nua seo na scileanna do na mic léinn slí bheatha a fháil mar cheoltóirí nó mar ealaíontóirí traidisiúnta. Is cúrsa praiticiúil é agus gheobhaidh na mic léinn ardoiliúint ó dhaoine atá ag obair sa réimse cheana féin." Dúirt sí chomh maith, "Tá fás, forás agus forbairt ag teacht ar Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge in OÉ Gaillimh ó thaobh na drámaíochta, na haisteoireachta agus an cheoil. Tá an-áthas orainn oibriú i gcomhar le gairmithe na nEalaíon agus go mór mór an Dr. Charlie Lennon." Tá tuilleadh eolais le fáil ó Marianne Ní Chinnéide, Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge, OÉ Gaillimh. Teileafón 091 869103 nó ríomhphost: - críoch -

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