CKI International Advisory Board brings high profile academics and professionals

CKI International Advisory Board brings high profile academics and professionals-image

Monday, 22 May 2006

Galway, 22nd May 2006 – NUI Galway will host its first International Advisory Board meeting for the Community Knowledge Initiative around the area of civic engagement in universities and society on 25th and 26th May 2006. This will be a joining of high profile academics and people who are committed to the vision of change in society, as well as an opportunity for the CKI to take recommendations for the future of the project. The role of active participation is being entrusted to less people and the area around the ability to identify and understand social and public policy in order to increase active engagement will be discussed. Amongst the high profile people that will be at this meeting will be Professor Ahmed Bawa, Academic Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University of KwaZulu Natal, and Sister Stanislaus Kennedy, founder of Focus Ireland. Professor Bawa went from being a President's Awardee to the Ford Foundation and today works with the University of KwaZulu Natal around policy and the role of education in changing society. He contributes to the change of society of South Africa and beyond and takes a special interest in social responsibility. Sister Stanislaus was the first religious Sister to be appointed by the State as a member of a Health Board. She was a founder member of the National Federation of Youth Clubs, chaired what is now the Combat Poverty Agency, and founded Social Innovations Ireland to identify new and emerging needs. She is also an author of several books and has written a wide range of articles, as well as lectures on social policy issues. She has a vision of change in Irish society and works daily to contribute to that vision. Additionally attending will be Reverend Bill Lies, University of Notre Dame, Dr. Dean McGovern, Campus Compact, Professor J.M. Monaghan, Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering, Trinity College Dublin, Ms. Moira Swinbank, TimeBank, UK, and Ms. Elena Saraceno, The Unit of Consistency of Rural Development in the Directorate General of Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission. The CKI is a venture at NUI Galway that promotes partnership with communities and instils in students a sense of civic engagement and active citizenship. Through a volunteering project entitled ALIVE and community based/service learning modules in academic programmes, the CKI hopes to connect the students on a deeper level with their community, underpinning each person's civic responsibility. - ends – For further information, please contact Lorraine McIlrath, CKI Project Coordinator at 091 495234 or email

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Consumer protection is casualty of current housing law and policy in Ireland

Consumer protection is casualty of current housing law and policy in Ireland-image

Monday, 15 May 2006

An absence of regulation in the Irish housing market means there is a severe lack of protection for consumers, according to Dr. Padraic Kenna, a lecturer in law at NUI Galway and author of the newly published Housing Law and Policy in Ireland. "The massive imbalance in power between producers and consumers in Irish housing is breathtaking. Indeed, Irish State approval is symbolised by the lack of support for any consumer organisation devoted to housing, or representing house-buyers, private or social housing tenants. In this era of participation, partnership and inclusion, it is truly remarkable that the organised lobby of producers and suppliers largely influences legislation, policy and subsidy schemes. The Irish consumer is faced with a housing market that lacks effective competition, consumer protection or regulation - widely accepted controls on any properly functioning market system," comments Dr. Padraic Kenna. He continues, "Many Irish housing laws are rooted in centuries old legal principles. It is vital that concepts of property law are modernised to suit the needs of a global economy, but also to encompass consumer rights and indeed human rights. Effective legislation could ensure proper consumer protection, real competition, truthful descriptions, high standards and speedy, inexpensive remedies for defects." Dr. Kenna points out that, despite recommendations from the Law Reform Commission and others, consumers remain vulnerable to unfair contract terms and price fluctuations in the pre-contract stage of purchasing a new home. Further down the line, should individual consumers discover defects in their properties – walls which resonate with neighbours music, leaks, and other general defects, remedies can only be effectively pursued through lengthy and expensive court action. A more recent illustration of the weak position of consumers is the imposition of compulsory management agreements covering grass cutting, lighting etc., often with no limits on the exorbitant contributions payable". "There is now a growing culture and legal progression of housing rights across the world. In market economies where new housing is largely provided through the market, however, these housing rights standards often incorporate many consumer rights. Issues of equality in access, exploitation of vulnerable people, affordability, facilities for children, lack of segregation etc., are powerfully linked with consumer rights issues. Clearly, advocates could advance consumer rights as part of the promotion of housing rights. We need to re-examine the role of law in the housing arena. Is it enough for law to remain particularly supply-side oriented, (although solicitors remain the primary individual housing consumer rights champions)? Law provides the enforceable framework for the housing and mortgage market to operate. However, in modern societies it can also advance equality, consumer protection, competition and social inclusion within that same market system. In researching this book all the evidence shows that traditional housing law and policy approaches, based on simple property law concepts are being transcended by people-centred approaches. Strengthening the power of housing consumers would be an obvious move in this direction", added Dr. Kenna. Housing Law and Policy in Ireland, the first book on housing law and policy for the Irish market, offers a timely and important contribution to this hotly debated issue in Ireland today. Drawing on legislative, case law, policy and human rights norms, it offers a clear description of the origin and current status of Irish housing law and policy. Property rights, mortgages, planning, building standards, regulation, rural housing, private renting, State housing supports and subsidies are explained and analysed. Indirect measures which impact on housing law and policy, such as consumer rights, human rights, family and equality law and other developments are revealed, along with the emerging European dimension to all aspects of Irish housing law and policy. Housing Law and Policy in Ireland is published by Clarus Press and is available online or by telephone order on 0567790 052 or 014150 439. The official launch of the book is taking place at NUI Galway on Thursday 18 May. - ends - For further information please contact Dr. Padraic Kenna, Faculty of Law, NUI Galway, Tel: 091 493230.

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NUI Galway study highlights importance of preventative care for cardiac patients

NUI Galway study highlights importance of preventative care for cardiac patients-image

Monday, 8 May 2006

Research carried out by NUI Galway's Department of General Practice has highlighted the importance of the provision of preventative care to cardiac patients in Ireland. The study, "Cross sectional study of secondary cardiac care in general practice: impact of personal practice characteristics", was recently published in the prestigious Family Practice international journal. Medical and demographic data was gathered from the charts of 1611 eligible patients from 35 randomly selected practices. This is the first time that such research has been completed from a random sample of patients, with already established heart disease, in Ireland. The research has significant implications for the Department of Health and the HSE as it considers the future of the Heartwatch programme. Heartwatch is a pilot programme involving 20 percent of Irish general practices, to deliver appropriate preventive care to patients with already established heart disease. Appropriate care includes issues such as: lowering cholesterol and blood pressure levels providing aspirin and lipid lowering drugs stopping smoking increasing exercise decreasing fat within the diet. According to Professor Andrew W. Murphy, NUI Galway, "This study is the first study taken from a random group of Irish cardiac patients. It reveals that the preventive care which they receive is similar to that in other countries such as Australia, the US and the UK. However, these countries are committed to providing chronic disease management systems to improve care and Ireland should do likewise." A key focus of the research was how patient or practice variables impact on the provision of preventive cardiac care. Interestingly, gender or socio economic status did not appear to have any impact. The practice size or location had relatively little impact on secondary cardiac care. The most consistent significant personal characteristics finding was that patients with a diagnosis of angina only were significantly less likely to receive aspirin, statins or ACE inhibitors and more likely to have more missed opportunities for secondary cardiac care. The research was conducted by the departments of General Practice and Psychology at NUI, Galway and the department of Public Health and Epidemiology at University College Dublin. The study, titled "Cross sectional study of secondary cardiac care in general practice: impact of personal practice characteristics", was authored by Molly Byrne, Andrew W Murphy, James C Walsh, Eithne Shryane, Mary McGroarty and Cecily C Kelleher. - ends - For further information please contact Professor Andrew W Murphy at 091 750470 or Dr Molly Byrne at 091 495182.

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June 2006

Céimeanna Oinigh bronnta ag OÉ Gaillimh ar sheachtar den scoth

Céimeanna Oinigh bronnta ag OÉ Gaillimh ar sheachtar den scoth-image

Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Céimeanna Oinigh bronnta ar Fionnula Flanagan, An Breitheamh Richard Goldstone, An tOllamh Deirdre McCloskey, Eugene Murtagh, Donagh O'Donoghue, Micheál Ó hUiginn agus an Gobharnóir Martin O'Malley Bronnadh céimeanna oinigh ar sheachtar den scoth – daoine ón domhan gnó, daonchairdis, ceartais, seirbhís poiblí, oideachas agus na n-ealaíon – in OÉ Gaillimh inniu, Dé hAoine, an 27 Meitheamh 2008. Dúirt an Dr James Browne, Uachtarán OÉ Gaillimh gur "cúis bróid, thar ceann phobal OÉ Gaillimh, an seachtar seo a áireamh i measc alumni OÉ Gaillimh. Ach na céimeanna oinigh seo a bheith bronnta, áireofar iad i measc 60,000 alumni ar fud an domhain. Comhartha ómóis ar a bhfuil bainte amach ag na daoine seo iad céimeanna oinigh a bhronnadh orthu – an onóir is mó is féidir leis an Ollscoil a bhronnadh." Aisteoir Éireannach í Fionnula Flanagan a bhfuil Gradam Emmy bronnta uirthi agus ainmniúchán do Ghradam Tony faighte aici. Is in Amharclann na Mainistreach a d'fhoghlaim sí a ceird agus i measc na scannán ar ghlac sí páirt iontu tá The Others le Nicole Kidman, Transamerica agus Waking Ned Devine, mar aon le sraith teilifíse agus léiriúcháin ar stáitse. Chomh maith leis sin, ghlac sí páirt in eagrán den tsraith teilifíse Lost – eagrán dár teideal "Flashes Before Your Eyes". Thuill sí clú agus cáil in Éirinn den chéad uair sa bhliain 1965 tráth ar thug sí léargas iontach ar a cumas aisteoireachta i bpáirt Mháire i léiriú Theilfís Éireann den dráma Gaeilge – An Triail. Léirigh Fionnula Flanagan a cumas mar aisteoir a raibh sárthuiscint aici ar scríbhinní James Joyce sa scannán a rinneadh de Ulysses sa bhliain 1967. D'oibrigh an Breitheamh Richard Goldstone mar Bhreitheamh ar Chúirt Bhunreachtáil na hAfraice Theas; mar Phríomh-Ionchúisitheoir ar Bhinsí Coiriúla Idirnáisiúnta na Náisiún Aontaithe don iar-Iúgslaiv agus Ruanda; agus mar Sheansailéir ar Ollscoil Witwatersrand, An Afraic Theas. Chaith sé tamall ag teagasc i Scoileanna Dlí Ollscoil Nua-Eabhrac, Ollscoil Harvard agus Fordham. I láthair na huaire, tá sé ag feidhmiú mar ollamh ar cuairt in Ionad Dlí Ollscoil Georgetown. In 2006, chaith Goldstone seal ag teagasc san Ionad Éireannach um Chearta an Duine in OÉ Gaillimh. Is Ollamh Oirirc le hEacnamaíocht, Stair, Béarla agus Cumarsáid in Ollscoil Illinois, Chicago í An tOllamh Deirdre McCloskey. Tá sí ar cheann de na heacnamaithe, reitricithe, scoláirí agus intleachtóirí poiblí is mó cáil sna Stáit Aontaithe. Tá 14 leabhar scríofa ag McCloskey, ina measc The Bourgeois Virtues: Ethics for an Age of Commerce – an chéad leabhar as magnum opus cúig imleabhar. Sular foilsíodh The Bourgeois Virtues ba iad na leabhair ba mhó cáil a scríobh sí The Rhetoric of Economics (1985) agus Crossing: A Memoir, a foilsíodh i 1999, leabhar ar tagraíodh dó sa New York Times mar Notable Book. Is é an tUasal Eugene Murtagh bunaitheoir agus Cathaoirleach Kingspan Group Plc. Ó cuireadh tús le Kingspan an chéad lá riamh sna 60idí mar ghnó beag teaghlaigh tá fás agus forbairt dhochreidte tagtha ar an ngnó agus anois tá sé ar cheann de na cuideachtaí is bisiúla in Éirinn. Tá láimhdeachas de bhreis is €1.8 billiún ag an nGrúpa anois, lena n-áirítear 43 monarcha dhéantúsaíochta i 28 tír ar fud an domhain. Tá breis is 6,500 duine fostaithe ag an nGrúpa ar fud na cruinne. Cheap Rialtas na hÉireann agus Rialtas na Breataine Murtagh mar stiúrthóir ar an gCiste Idirnáisiúnta d'Éirinn in 2000. Tá os cionn €849 milliún infheistithe ag an gCiste seo i dtionscadail ar fud na hÉireann. Duine aitheanta i measc phobal gnó na Gaillimhe é an tUasal Donagh O'Donoghue mar aon le comhalta d'Údarás Bainistíochta OÉ Gaillimh. Tháinig O'Donoghue i gcomharba ar a athair mar Stiúrthóir Bainistíochta Grúpa Thomas McDonagh & Sons Ltd. sa bhliain 1975 agus chinntigh sé gur tháinig fás agus forbairt ar an gcuideachta thar thréimhse 20 bliain. I measc na gcuideachtaí a raibh ról stiúrthóireachta aige iontu tá Bord na Móna, Coimisiún Craolacháin na hÉireann agus Aerphort na Gaillimhe. Chomh maith leis sin, bhí sé ina chomhalta boird de IBEC, Cumann Tráchtála agus Tionscail na Gaillimhe agus Amharclann Druid. Comhalta d'Údarás Bainistíochta OÉ Gaillimh agus stiúrthóir ar Ó hUiginn Teoranta, Gaillimh é an tUasal Mícheál Ó hUiginn. Bhí sé ina chomhalta de Chomhairle Cathrach na Gaillimhe ó 1964 go dtí go ndeachaigh sé ar scor in 2004. Chaith sé daichead bliain ag obair ar son chathair na Gaillimhe, toghadh é mar Mhéara na Gaillimhe trí théarma éagsúla agus rinne sé an-obair ar mhaithe le cur le gach gné de shaol na cathrach agus an rialtais áitiúil, go háirithe sa réimse oideachais. Is é an Gobharnóir Martin O'Malley 61ú Gobharnóir Maryland. Le linn dó a bheith ag feidhmiú mar pholaiteoir Daonlathach i Meiriceá bhí sé ina Mhéara ar Baltimore ó 1999 go dtí 2007. Le linn an dá théarma a chaith sé mar Mhéara, ainmníodh Baltimore mar shamhail náisiúnta d'fheabhas i sábháilteacht phoiblí, éifeachtacht rialtais, oideachas agus forbairt gheilleagrach. Tá sé ag feidhmiú mar Ghobharnóir anois agus ag baint leasa as an taithí atá aige chun dul chun cinn a dhéanamh i Stát Maryland. Scríobhadh in The Washington Post gur "governor unafraid of government" é Martin O'Malley. Sa Business Week in 2005, liostaíodh O'Malley mar dhuine den "Five Fresh Faces" a chinnteodh dul chun cinn an Pháirtí Dhaonlathaigh. Le linn don Dr James J. Browne, Uachtarán OÉ Gaillimh, a bheith ag trácht ar ócáid na bliana seo dúirt sé go bhfuil "an-áthas ar OÉ Gaillimh céimeanna oinigh a bhronnadh ar sheachtar den scoth: Fionnula Flanagan, An Breitheamh Richard Goldstone, An tOllamh Deirdre McCloskey, Eugene Murtagh, Donagh O'Donoghue, Mícheál Ó hUiginn agus an Gobharnóir Martin O'Malley. Tá an t-ádh ar an Ollscoil seo go bhfuil an oiread sin céimeanna oinigh bronnta ar chéimithe den scoth le blianta fada anuas, agus is cinnte gur grúpa ar leith iad an seachtar atá roghnaithe i mbliana. Tá an t-uafás oibre déanta acu san iliomad réimse – gnó, na healaíona, seirbhís phoiblí, oideachas agus ceartas – agus cúis áthais dúinn anseo in OÉ Gaillimh aitheantas a thabhairt don sárobair atá déanta ag na daoine seo." - críoch -

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NUI Galway to host prestigious Industrial Relations Conference

NUI Galway to host prestigious Industrial Relations Conference-image

Monday, 26 June 2006

NUI Galway is to be the venue for the 56th British Universities Industrial Relations Association Conference, from 28-30 June. This is the first time that the full conference programme has been held outside the UK and many of the world's most eminent industrial relations and human resource management scholars, trade unionists and policy makers from around the world are to convene on Galway city. BUIRA is being hosted by the Department of Management in the Cairnes Graduate School of Business & Public Policy at NUI Galway, which is headed by Dr. Tony Royle, who commented, "Not only are we to welcome the BUIRA conference this year, but we are also hosting the annual Countess Markievicz Lecture on 29 June. This is the first time the lecture is being held outside Dublin and we look forward to hearing from Kieran Mulvey, Chair of the Labour Relations Commission." The conference will also be the focus for two special issues of the international journals: the Industrial Relations Journal and Equal Opportunities International. Guest speakers include Ron Oswald, General Secretary of the Global Union Federation the IUF, Professor Bill Roche from UCD, Helen Russell of the Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin and Professor Charles Woolfson Marie Curie Professor University of Latvia and University of Glasgow. NUI Galway's President, Dr. Iognáid Ó Muircheartaigh, will be giving a welcome speech at the opening of the conference on the 28 June. More information about the conference can be found at The conference is supported by the Irish Association of Industrial Relations, People Management Magazine (UK), CIPD-Ireland, CIPD UK, NUI Galway's Registrar's Office and Departmental MBS programme, CISC and Bord Fáilte. -ends- Notes to editors BUIRA started in 1950 and now has over 650 members. Its membership encompasses academics and doctoral students working in such fields as industrial relations, labour law, labour economics, human resource (or personnel) management, industrial sociology, occupational psychology, trade union studies and labour history. BUIRA is affiliated to and active within the International Industrial Relations Association and is also a member of the Academy of Learned Societies in the Social Sciences (ALSISS), which exists to encourage the advancement of social science. More information about the conference can be found at

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Lorgaíonn Ráiteas na Gaillimhe Cosaint UNESCO d'ilghnéitheacht theangacha an dom

Lorgaíonn Ráiteas na Gaillimhe Cosaint UNESCO d'ilghnéitheacht theangacha an dom-image

Monday, 26 June 2006

D'iarr comhdháil idirnáisiúnta thrítheangach (Gaeilge, Béarla agus Fraincis) a reáchtáil Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge i gcomhar leis an Ionad Éireannach um Chearta an Duine, Ollscoil na hÉireann, Gaillimh, agus eagraithe ag an Acadamh Idirnáisiúnta ar Dhlí Teanga i nGaillimh ar an 16 Meitheamh, ar UNESCO cosaint a thabhairt do theangacha an domhain. Toscairí ó níos mó ná 20 tír a d'iarr ar UNESCO cosaint a thabhairt d'ilghnéitheacht theangacha an domhain. An dr. Joseph Turi, Rúnaí Ginearálta an IALL/AIDL (International Academy of Linguistic Law/Académie internationale de Droit linguistique) a mhol an Ráiteas. "Is céim an-tábhachtach í seo. Nuair a shocrós UNESCO ar chosaint a thabhairt don ilghnéitheacht teangacha, beidh ar na tíortha éagsúla tacaíocht a thabhairt do na pobail teanga a bhfuil cónaí orthu laistigh dá gcuid teorainneacha náisiúnta. Ní féidir cosaint a thabhairt do chultúir faoi leith gan cosaint a thabhairt do na teanga a bhaineann leo", a dúirt Seosamh Mac Donnacha, an Comhordaitheoir Acadúil in Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge. Dúirt an dr Conchúr Ó Giollagáin, Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge, gur éigeandáil idirnáisiúnta atá i gceist. "Tá suas le 90% de theangeacha an domhain i mbaol a mbáis roimh dheireadh an chéid seo. Seo uair na cinniúna." Glacadh le Ráiteas na Gaillimhe d'aon ghuth. Ba é téama na Comhdhála 'Na Dúshláin a Bhaineann le hAchtú agus le Cur i bhFeidhm Dlí agus Cearta Teanga'. Ba í an Roinn Gnóthaí Pobail, Tuaithe agus Gaeltachta a rinne urraíocht ar an gComhdháil. I measc na n-aoíchainteoirí bhí Séan Ó Cuirreáin, an Coimisinéir Teanga Philip Blair, stiúrthóir, Directorate of Cooperation for Local and Regional Democracy, Comhdháil na hEorpa Dzenana Hadziomerovic, comhairleoir dlí ag an Ard-Coimisinéir ar Mhionlaigh Náisiúnta Fernand de Varennes, saineolaí Astrálach Tuilleadh eolais ar: -críoch-

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Galway Declaration calls on UNESCO to protect languages around the world

Galway Declaration calls on UNESCO to protect  languages around the world-image

Monday, 26 June 2006

The international, trilingual (English, French and Irish) conference in NUI Galway, organised by Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge and the Irish Centre for Human Rights, called for the protection of language diversity around the world at its plenary session on 16 June in Galway. The 'Galway Declaration' was passed unanimously by the attendees. Delegates from over 20 countries supported the call to UNESCO to protect the world's linguistic diversity. Dr Joseph Turi, Secretary General of IALL/IADL (International Academy of Linguistic Law/Académie Internationale de Droit linguistique) proposed the call. Seosamh Mac Donnacha, Academic Coordinator of Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge said, "This is a very important step. Once UNESCO calls for the protection of linguistic diversity, the countries of the world will have to focus on supporting languages and their speakers within their borders. Linguistic diversity ensures cultural diversity." Dr Conchúr Ó Giollagáin of Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge said, "This is now an international crisis. Up to 90% of the world's languages are in danger of dying out in less than one hundred years. Now is the time to act." The theme of the conference was 'Language Law and Language Rights: The Challenges of Enactment and Implementation', and was supported by the Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs. Keynote speakers included: Séan Ó Cuirreáin, an Coimisinéir Teanga/The Language Commissioner Philip Blair, Director, Directorate of Cooperation for Local and Regional Democracy, Council of Europe Dzenana Hadziomerovic, Legal Advisor to the High Commissioner for National Minorities Fernand de Varennes, Australian expert on linguistics For more information, see -ends-

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From Miltown Malbay to Memphis

From Miltown Malbay to Memphis-image

Monday, 26 June 2006

The Centre for Irish Studies at NUI Galway has announced details of a new Diploma in Irish Music Studies that will trace the progress of Irish music from the kitchens of rural Ireland to concert halls and festivals worldwide, from Madagascar to Mali, from Miltown Malbay to Memphis. The course will look at the journey of Irish music to the West Indies and on to the Ozark and Appalachian regions of North America, and its connections with black-face minstrelsy, old-time, bluegrass and country music before tracking its journey home again, disguised as country and western, rockabilly, folk, and rock and roll. The diploma will also investigate the connection between music and poetry in Ireland from the eighteenth century through to the work of contemporary poets such as Thomas Kinsella, Seamus Heaney, Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill and Cathal Ó Searcaigh. The course will be taught by renowned author, broadcaster, and music historian, PJ Curtis, by Méabh Ní Fhuartháin, who has previously taught at Brown University, Boston College, and UCC, and Seán Crosson, who has recently completed a groundbreaking study of the relationship between Irish poetry and traditional music. The Diploma in Irish Music Studies is specially designed for mature students and would be suitable for anyone considering further studies in modern Irish music, literature and culture and for those seeking employment in cultural tourism and the heritage industry. This is a two-year, part-time programme, with classes to be held one evening per week during term time. Closing date for applications is 1st August 2006. For further details, contact Samantha Williams at 091 492051 or email -ends

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NUI Galway to honour eight outstanding individuals with honorary degrees

NUI Galway to honour eight outstanding individuals with honorary degrees-image

Friday, 23 June 2006

-Honorary Doctorates to be conferred on International Golfers Christy O'Connor Sr and Jr; Irish Entrepreneurs Senator Feargal Quinn, Dr. Ronan Lambe and Hugh Green; Irish Philosopher John Moriarty; Contemporary Irish Artist James Coleman and Distinguished Italian Algebraist Professor Francesco de Giovanni- NUI Galway today (Friday) recognised the achievements of eight outstanding individuals who have excelled in their chosen fields. Those chosen to receive the honour include individuals from the worlds of business, sport, art, philosophy and mathematics. Following on from the recent launch at NUI Galway of the JE Cairnes Graduate School of Business and Public Policy, the University has reflected its commitment to promoting entrepreneurship and nurturing Ireland's future business leaders by honouring individuals who have excelled in the field of business including Senator Feargal Quinn, Hugh Green and Dr. Ronan Lambe. Honorary degrees will also be conferred on renowned golfers Christy O'Connor Senior and Junior; Irish Philosopher John Moriarty; Irish Artist James Coleman and distinguished Algebraist Professor Francesco de Giovanni. Commenting on the honorary conferrings, Dr. Iognáid Ó Muircheartaigh President of NUI Galway said, "It is a great honour for NUI Galway to recognise the exceptional achievements of each of these individuals. This is a significant year in Ireland to honour the achievements of our golfers as we play host to the Ryder Cup. Equally, we have brought together a number of individuals from the worlds of business, philosophy and the arts who have each touched society in their own way both in Ireland and across the globe." The Honorary Conferring Ceremony took place in the presence of the Chancellor of the National University of Ireland and former Taoiseach, Dr. Garret FitzGerald. Note to Editors: Christy O'Connor, Sr and Christy O'Connor, Jr are natives of Galway and two of Ireland's most well-known professional golfers. The uncle and nephew team have both represented Ireland on the Ryder Cup team and are among Ireland's most distinguished golfers. Christy Sr won the first £1,000 prize in European golf, then the world's biggest prize. He also won the Canada Cup (World Cup) with Harry Bradshaw, was a regular high finisher in the British Open and played on the Ryder Cup team ten times between 1955 and 1973. Christy Jr claimed the British Open twice and in a famous Ryder Cup moment, hit a three iron to the eighteenth at The Belfry in 1989 beating Fred Couples and leading Europe to a memorable Ryder Cup victory. John Moriarty, a native of Co. Kerry has gained a reputation as a distinguished Irish philosopher and writer. Having spent time lecturing in Canada in the 1960s, he returned to Ireland to pursue a life of reflection and the exploration of a fundamental agenda of philosophical and cultural issues. He has published a wide body of work to critical acclaim; his 2001 autobiographical work Nostos explores many of his previously articulated ideas interrogating and re-contextualising the Western philosophical and cultural paradigm. Senator Feargal Quinn has been a well-known name on the Irish business landscape for many years. Best known as President of the supermarket chain, Superquinn, which he founded in 1960, he has made many other contributions to Irish life including serving as chairman of An Post for a decade and chairing a steering committee on reform of the Irish education system. He was appointed as an independent member of Seanad Éireann in 1993 and received a Papal knighthood in 1994. Senator Quinn has recently been appointed Adjunct Professor at NUI Galway's Department of Marketing. Hugh Green, a native Donegal man who emigrated to Australia in the 1950s is now a leading figure in the Irish community in New Zealand and has been an active philanthropist in New Zealand for many years. Under his leadership, the Hugh Green Group has become one of the most professionally managed and commercially successful businesses in New Zealand today. Dr. Ronan Lambe, originally a scientist at the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology, Dr. Lambe achieved success when he co-founded ICON with Dr. John Climax in 1990. ICON provides pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries with clinical research and biometric services and was floated on the NASDAQ in 1998. It now boasts twenty-seven offices in sixteen countries with over 2,200 employees worldwide. James Coleman is among the most distinguished Irish visual artists currently practising, although he is better known abroad than in Ireland. A native of Ballaghderreen in County Roscommon, he has emerged in recent years as one of the most important artists of visual postmodernism. His work has transformed critical debates about the status of image in contemporary culture and influenced an entire generation of younger artists. He has been made a member of Aosdána and three of his paintings have recently been purchased by the Irish Museum of Modern Art. Professor Francesco de Giovannian internationally acclaimed algebraist with an outstanding research record. He ranks among the youngest ever professors appointed by the Universitá Federico II di Napoli. He is supervisor and director at one of the most prestigious graduate schools in Italy and through his efforts and cooperation, mutually beneficial exchange links were forged between Universitá Federico II di Napoli and NUI Galway. -ends-

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Aitheantas gradamúil tugtha ag OÉ Gaillimh d'ochtar den scoth i bhfoirm céimeann

Aitheantas gradamúil tugtha ag OÉ Gaillimh d'ochtar den scoth i bhfoirm céimeann-image

Friday, 23 June 2006

– Céimeanna Dochtúireachta Oinigh le bronnadh ar na Galfairí Idirnáisiúnta Christy O'Connor Sinsear agus Sóisear; Fiontraithe Éireannacha an Seanadóir Feargal Quinn, an Dr Ronan Lambe agus Hugh Green; an Fealsamh Éireannach John Moriarty; an tEalaíontóir Comhaimseartha Éireannach James Coleman agus an tAilgéabraí Iodálach ardchlúite an tOllamh Francesco de Giovanni – Inniu (Dé hAoine) d'aithin OÉ Gaillimh an méid atá bainte amach ag ochtar den scoth a bhfuil sár-obair déanta acu ina réimse roghnaithe. I measc na ndaoine a roghnaíodh chun onóir a fháil tá daoine ó shaol an ghnó, an spóirt, na healaíne, na fealsúnachta agus na matamaitice. Tar éis Scoil Iarchéime JE Cairnes don Ghnó & don Bheartas Poiblí a sheoladh le gairid in OÉ Gaillimh, tá tiomantas na hOllscoile don fhiontraíocht a chur chun cinn agus do cheannairí gnó na hÉireann amach anseo a spreagadh léirithe ag an Ollscoil trí onóir a bhronnadh ar dhaoine a bhfuil sár-obair déanta acu i saol an ghnó, ina measc an Seanadóir Feargal Quinn, Hugh Green agus an Dr Ronan Lambe. Bronnfar céimeanna oinigh chomh maith ar na galfairí cáiliúla Christy O'Connor Sinsear agus Sóisir; an Fealsamh Éireannach John Moriarty; an tEalaíontóir Éireannach James Coleman agus an tAilgéabraí ardchlúite an tOllamh Francesco de Giovanni. Ag labhairt faoin mbronnadh, dúirt an Dr Iognáid Ó Muircheartaigh, Uachtarán OÉ Gaillimh, "Is mór an onóir d'OÉ Gaillimh aitheantas a thabhairt do sháréachtaí na ndaoine seo. Is suntasach an rud é onóir a thabhairt do na galfairí seo in Éirinn agus an Ryder Cup ar siúl anseo i mbliana. Tá roinnt daoine ó shaol an ghnó, na fealsúnachta agus na healaíne tugtha le chéile againn freisin, agus a dtionchar féin imeartha acu ar shochaí na hÉireann agus ar an domhan trí chéile." Bronnadh na Céimeanna Oinigh i láthair Shainsiléir Ollscoil na hÉireann agus an tIar-Thaoiseach, an Dr Garret FitzGerald. Nóta d'Eagarthóirí Is as Gaillimh Christy O'Connor, Sinsear agus Christy O'Connor, Sóisear agus tá siad ar bheirt de na galfairí gairmiúla is clúití in Éirinn. Tá ionadaíocht déanta ag an uncail agus a nia d'Éirinn ar fhoireann an Ryder Cup agus tá siad ar bheirt de na galfairí is cáiliúla sa tír. Ba é Christy Sinsear a ghnóthaigh an chéad duais £1,000 i ngalf na hEorpa, an duais ba mhó ar domhan ag an am. Ghnóthaigh sé Corn Cheanada (Corn an Domhain) freisin le Harry Bradshaw. Ba mhinic a rinne sé go maith sa British Open agus d'imir sé ar fhoireann an Ryder Cup deich n-uaire idir 1955 agus 1973. Ghnóthaigh Christy Sóisear an British Open faoi dhó agus ní dhéanfar dearmad go brách ar an Ryder Cup nuair a fuair sé an ceann is fearr ar Fred Couples ar an ochtú poll déag sa Belfry i 1989, agus, bhí sé chomh maith a rá, ghnóthaigh an Eoraip an Ryder Cup dá bharr. Tá cáil ar John Moriarty, ó Co. Chiarraí ó thús, mar fhealsamh agus mar scríbhneoir clúiteach de chuid na hÉireann. Chaith sé seal ag léachtóireacht i gCeanada sna 1960idí, agus d'fhill sé ar Éirinn ansin chun a shaol a chaitheamh ag smaoineamh faoi shaincheisteanna cultúir agus fealsúnachta agus á bhfiosrú. Tá saothar go leor foilsithe aige agus ardmholadh faighte acu. Scrúdaíonn a dhírbheathaisnéis Nostos (2001) go leor de na smaointe a bhí léirithe aige roimhe sin agus paraidím chultúir agus fealsúnachta an Iarthair á ceistiú agus á cur i gcomhthéacs arís aige. Tá cáil ar an Seanadóir Feargal Quinn le fada an lá i saol an ghnó in Éirinn. Is fearr aithne air mar Uachtarán Superquinn, ollmhargaí a bhunaigh sé i 1960, ach tá go leor eile déanta aige i saol na hÉireann; chaith sé deich mbliana mar chathaoirleach ar An Post agus bhí sé ina chathaoirleach ar choiste stiúrtha chun córas oideachais na hÉireann a leasú. Ceapadh é mar chomhalta neamhspleách de Sheanad Éireann i 1993 agus bhronn an Pápa ridireacht air i 1994. Ceapadh an Seanadóir Quinn mar Ollamh Cúnta i Roinn Margaíochta OÉ Gaillimh le gairid. Is as Dún na nGallHugh Green ó thús, agus d'imigh sé go dtí an Astráil sna 1950idí. Is duine mór le rá anois é i measc phobal na hÉireann sa Nua-Shéalainn agus tá sé ina dhaonchara gníomhach sa Nua-Shéalainn le blianta fada. Faoina cheannaireacht, tá an Hugh Green Group ar cheann de na gnónna is rathúla agus is fearr bainistithe sa Nua-Shéalainn sa lá atá inniu ann. Eolaí a bhí sa Dr Ronan Lambe ar dtús in Institiúid na Cógaseolaíochta Cliniciúla. D'éirigh thar cionn leis an Dr Lambe nuair a bhunaigh sé féin agus an Dr John Climax ICON i 1990. Cuireann ICON seirbhísí bithmhéadracha agus taighde chliniciúil ar fáil do thionscail na cógaisíochta agus na biteicneolaíochta agus bunaíodh ar an NASDAQ é i 1998. Tá seacht n-oifig fichead aige anois i sé thír déag agus os cionn 2,200 fostaí ar fud an domhain. Tá James Coleman ar cheann de na hamharcealaíontóirí Éireannacha is cáiliúla i mbun na healaíne faoi láthair, cé gur fearr aithne air thar sáile ná in Éirinn. Is as Bealach an Doirín i gContae Ros Comáin é ó dhúchas, agus tá cáil air le blianta beaga anuas mar dhuine de na healaíontóirí is tábhachtaí de ré an iarnua-aoiseachais san amharcealaín. Tá mór-athrú déanta ag a shaothar ar dhíospóireachtaí faoi stádas na híomhá sa chultúr comhaimseartha agus tá tionchar imeartha ag a shaothar ar ghlúin iomlán ealaíontóirí óga. Is comhalta é den Aosdána agus cheannaigh Áras Nua-Ealaíne na hÉireann trí cinn dá phéintéireachtaí. Tá cáil idirnáisiúnta ar an Ailgéabraí an tOllamh Francesco de Giovanni agus tá taifead taighde den scoth aige. Tá sé ar cheann de na hollúna is óige a cheap an Universitá Federico II di Napoli riamh. Tá sé ina mhaoirseoir agus ina stiúrthóir i gceann de na scoileanna céime is cáiliúla san Iodáil agus leis an obair agus leis an gcomhoibriú a rinne sé, cruthaíodh naisc mhalartaithe idir Universitá Federico II di Napoli agus OÉ Gaillimh, naisc chomhthairbhiúla don dá Ollscoil. -críoch-

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