'Settler Colonialism': Fifth Galway Conference on Colonialism

'Settler Colonialism': Fifth Galway Conference on Colonialism-image

Monday, 18 June 2007

NUI Galway will host a major international conference on 'Settler Colonialism' from 27 – 30 June. Organized in association with the University's MA in Culture and Colonialism and with the support of the Centre for Irish Studies, this is the fifth Galway conference on colonialism. With delegates arriving from Canada to Cuba, and New Zealand to Zimbabwe, the conference is being held in conjunction with the Society for Irish Latin American Studies and will feature an impressive international line-up of scholars and activists. Dr. Lionel Pilkington, Course Director, MA in Culture and Colonialism at NUI Galway said: "Settler colonisers come to stay. They seek to replace native peoples or—or, at least, displace them from—their land. Characteristically, the outcome is a conflictual coexistence through which indigenous and invasive societies historically transform one another. Dr. Pilkington added: "Topics to be addressed, such as indigenous rights, resistance, settler identity, land, and genocide, show the importance of settler colonialism as an historical legacy and as an ongoing political and cultural phenomenon" The conference is particularly proud to be able to announce the participation of one of the world s most distinguished postcolonial theorists, Dr Robert Young, the Julius Silver Professor of English and Comparative Literature at New York University. Professor Young will deliver a paper entitled Anti-Colonial Colonialism which will address the Fenian invasion of Canada. He will also perform the official opening of the conference on Wednesday evening (June 27). Among other speakers at the conference are: Chief Ron Ignace of the Shuswap Nation from British Columbia; Wayne Atkinson, a member of the Yorta Yorta and the Dja Dja Wurrong people of central and northeastern Victoria; activist, feminist, and member of the Hawai'ian royal family, Haunani-Kay Trask; and Professor Saree Makdisi, Palestinian activist and literary scholar. There will be a special focus on Palestine, with a roundtable discussion dedicated to highlighting the current situation. Participants include Raymond Deane, former Chairman of the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Lorenzo Veracini, author of Israel and Settler Society (2006). Two of the plenary lectures, to be given by Saree Makdisi and Patrick Wolfe, will also discuss aspects of the Palestinian situation. ENDS Further conference details are available from Lionel Pilkington, English Department, NUI Galway Tel: 091 493078

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Sculpture exhibition comments on Irish healthcare system

Sculpture exhibition comments on Irish healthcare system-image

Thursday, 14 June 2007

A novel exhibition, "Laughter is the Only Medicine: a comment on the ills of our medical healthcare system" comes to NUI Galway's Art Gallery for a three week run from Wednesday, 20 June to Sunday 8 July 2007. Brigit Beemster, a ceramic sculptor based in Sligo brings her 10 piece exhibition which looks at the pitfalls encountered in what she describes as "a two tier medical health system". The pieces span a period from a GP's visit to three variations of heaven. Professor Pat Finnegan, Professor Emeritus and Chairman of the Galway University Hospitals Arts Trust will open the exhibition at the Art Gallery, in the Quadrangle at 6.00pm on Wednesday, 20 June 2007. NUI Galway Arts Officer Fionnuala Gallagher says; "Brigit Beemster s ceramic sculptures are the best kept secret in Ireland. She captures the weight, relaxation, expressions and foibles of these human bodies with an understanding that is comically tender. You will laugh at your own failings." Explaining the inspiration for her creations, Ms Beemster says: "An essential ingredient of my work is a sense of humour, because it is the best communicator and equaliser, it puts things in perspective and laughing is a crucial part of life. "Over the past few years I have chosen a theme for my work for the year. So far, I've done art history and science, history and mythology. This year it is all about the healthcare system. I learn and read all about my subject and base my work on this knowledge." NUI Galway Art Gallery hosts a variety of visually stimulating exhibitions throughout the year. It promotes emerging Galway and national artists as well as touring exhibitions from international embassies, cultural organisations and educational institutions. The exhibition is free and open to the public from 10.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday and 12pm to 4pm, Saturday and Sunday. ENDS

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Former Beirut hostage to address Building Resilience in Families conference at N

Former Beirut hostage to address Building Resilience in Families conference at N-image

Thursday, 14 June 2007

L-R: Mr Fergus Finlay, Chief Executive of the children's charity Barnardos and Dr. Pat Dolan, Director of the Child & Family Research Centre, NUI Galway Above: Mr. Brian Keenan addressing the Conference at NUI Galway. Building resilience in children, families and communities is the focus of a conference at NUI Galway that will see international experts from the fields of Child Care, Social Work, Psychology and Sociology address the need to ensure families are resilient to stress and tragedy. The conference is hosted by the Child and Family Research Centre, from Thursday 14 June to Friday 15 June. Over 300 delegates are due to attend the conference where special guest speaker Mr Brian Keenan will reflect on how he used coping skills learned in his childhood, to cope with captivity and social isolation during the four and a half years in which he was held hostage in Beirut in the 1980s. Mr. Fergus Finlay, Chief Executive of the children's charity Barnardos, who will deliver the opening address, said: "Every childhood lasts a lifetime, and a childhood of poverty can leave scars that never fade away. This is made all the more real in that one in nine Irish children live in the type of poverty that means going without adequate food and proper clothing". Other key speakers include Dr Robert Chaskin, Associate Professor at the School of Social Service Administration, University of Chicago; Professor Sheila Green, Director of the Children's Research Centre, Trinity College Dublin and Professor Jean E Rhodes, Professor of Psychology, University of Massachusetts. "Professionals need to be more proactive in ensuring families are resilient to stress and tragedy according to Dr Pat Dolan, Director of the Child and Family Research Centre, NUI Galway. "Apart from the need for more preventive services in communities, many children and their families need to be better equipped with the necessary skills to be able to 'bounce back' from tragedy or on-going stress. Furthermore, better use can be made of families' own capacity to overcome difficulties with professionals' support. It is somewhat ironic that although rightfully much emphasis is now placed on the protection of children who experience adversity and are in crisis, far less attention is given to the need to equip their families to cope at the earlier stages in their problems or in their aftermath." Delegates from a range of social care backgrounds are due to attend the conference at the Child and Family Research Centre, Áras Moyola, NUI Galway. The Child and Family Research Centre (CFRC) is a partnership between the Health Service Executive and the National University of Ireland Galway. Based at the Department of Political Science and Sociology, NUI Galway, the Centre is in receipt of significant support from The Atlantic Philanthropies Ireland towards its future development. The vision of the CFRC is to improve outcomes for children and their families, and advance practice and policy in Ireland and internationally, through research, evaluation and service development. ENDS For further information please contact: Dr. Pat Dolan, Director, Child & Family Research Centre, National University of Ireland, Galway. Tel: 091-492930 or 087-2342649.

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NUI Galway to host Irish National and University Library Staff Conference

NUI Galway to host Irish National and University Library Staff Conference-image

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

NUI Galway this year has the honour of hosting the Irish National and University Library Staff (INULS) conference for the first time since 1996. INULS commenced in 1965 and is a landmark event in the annual calendar of academic and national library staff in Ireland, north and south. The conference affords an opportunity for staff to catch up on key developments in the library and information world, to share experience and to reconnect in an enjoyable social ambience. Marie Reddan, Librarian, NUI Galway, observes; "INULS is unique in attracting such a mix of library staff to its conference. NUI Galway Library staff have a genuine curiosity in developments in other libraries but can take great pride in embracing huge change both socially and technologically and not least seeing a doubling of student numbers since INULS was last hosted in Galway." The theme of this year's conference is Collaborating and Competing. Libraries have a strong tradition of collaboration but competition is an increasing factor and the boundaries between the two are often fuzzy as universities strive with each other to attract the best students and researchers. Speakers will address a range of issues including: Collaboration and competition between universities Relationships between libraries and departments within the same institution The impact of global forces like Google and the social networking movement Professor Jim Browne, Registrar and Deputy President at NUI Galway notes; "Irish Universities must work together to develop a network of collaborating Universities each of which aspires to, and achieves, excellence in particular, and complementary areas that respond to the social, cultural and economic needs of its hinterland." "A university cannot effectively meet the needs of its various stakeholders unless it operates at the level of excellence. If, for instance, NUI Galway is to support the further development of the medical-devices industry or the marine sector in Ireland, it must create and sustain excellent research and teaching programmes in these areas. Anything less is a disservice to an industry that competes in a global market." The increasingly online environment in which libraries now supply their services, and the extent to which collaborative initiatives like IReL (the Irish Research e-Library) deliver a common pool of resources, highlights a need for distinctiveness too in support of institutional competitiveness. But competition for libraries and universities comes not only from each other, as services like Google promise instant gratification to information searchers. Libraries need to identify themselves clearly and to maximise partnerships with the rest of the university in delivering an enhanced learning experience. Delegates will have opportunities to engage fully with these topics through presentations and workshops, a sponsors exhibition, and a very active and social programme. A first for INULS this year will be the publication of some of the conference papers in the journal Library Management. ENDS

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NUI Galway to host 6th International Workshop on Adaptive Optics

NUI Galway to host 6th International Workshop on Adaptive Optics-image

Monday, 11 June 2007

The Applied Optics Group at NUI Galway will host an International Workshop on Adaptive Optics for Industry and Medicine from 12-15 June 2007, where international speakers will focus on the latest developments and technologies in adaptive optics for industry and medicine. The conference will provide scientists and engineers, from both industry and academia, with opportunities to explore recent developments, current practices and future trends in adaptive optics and related fields. Professor Chris Dainty, SFI Professor of Applied Physics and Applied Optics said, "The fact that this meeting is the largest in this series of international workshops, together with the strong industrial presence, demonstrates the high regard for NUI Galway in the field of Adaptive Optics." The workshop is the sixth in a series that has seen previous conferences held in: Shatura, Russia (1997); Durham, UK (1999); Albuquerque, USA (2001); Munster, Germany (2003) and Beijing, China (2005). This year's programme of events will include the following speakers: Bruno Berge (Variopic SA): Liquid lens technology for miniature imaging systems Martin Booth (Oxford University): Wavefront sensorless adaptive optics for imaging and microscopy Joshua Fernandez (University of Murcia): Adaptive optics for the human eye Guoqiang Li (University of Arizona): Liquid crystal lenses for correction of presbyopia Masakazu Ogasawara (Pioneer Corporation): The application of liquid crystal aberration compensator for optical disc systems Workshop subjects will include: wavefront sensing; wavefront correction devices; MEMS mirrors; liquid crystal SLMs; new technologies for correctors; control systems and strategies; complete adaptive optics systems; image sharpening; varifocus and other novel lens technologies; applications of adaptive optics; microscopy, lasers, communications, vision science; and a special session on recent commercial products. The workshop is organised by the Applied Optics Group in the Department of Experimental Physics at the National University of Ireland, Galway. Sponsors for the event include: Adaptive Eyecare Ltd. (UK); Andor Technology plc (N.Ireland); Bausch & Lomb Ireland; Boston Micromachines Corp. (U.S.); CILAS (France), Fraunhofer IPMS (Germany); Hamamatsu Photonics UK Ltd., HOLOEYE Photonics AG (Germany); Imagine Eyes (France), Imagine Optic (France), Iris AO Inc. (U.S.); Night-N Ltd. (Russia); Flexible Optical B.V. – OKO Technologies (The Netherlands); Optos (Scotland); PHASICS S.A. (France); SciMeasure Inc. (U.S.); European Optical Society (EOS); Optical Society of America (OSA); IDA Ireland; Science Foundation Ireland (SFI); Enterprise Ireland; and Fáilte Ireland - Ends –

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Civic Engagement is Topic of New NUI Galway Book

Civic Engagement is Topic of New NUI Galway Book-image

Monday, 11 June 2007

A new book that offers an original and powerful contribution to debates about the civic purpose of higher education will be launched by the Community Knowledge Initiative (CKI) at NUI Galway tomorrow (Tuesday, 12 June). 'Higher Education and Civic Engagement: International Perspectives' suggests that universities can best realise their civic mission by making it central to their policy and practice. Edited by Lorraine McIlrath and Iain Mac Labhrainn, of the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) at NUI Galway the book moves from conceptual considerations of citizenship, to institutional concerns, offering insights from academics, community members and students experiencing civic engagement initiatives within institutions of higher education. Iain Mac Labhrainn, Director of CELT, of which CKI is a part, said; "The articles in this book raise some very pertinent issues in the relationship between higher education institutions and civil society. This is also particularly topical in Ireland with, for example, the recent work of the Active Citizenship Taskforce and continuing debate about the role of universities in the knowledge economy." The collection of diverse articles relating to the civic purpose of higher education includes contributions from senior and internationally recognised experts in the field such as: Professor Ron Barnett (University of London); Professor Richard Taylor (University of Cambridge); Michael Edwards (Ford Foundation); Professor Andrew Furco University of California, Berkeley); Professor Edward Zlotkowski (Campus Compact, US); Nan Kari from the Jane Adams School for Democracy, Minnesota; and contributors from across the island of Ireland. Reviewing the volume, Professor John Annette, Birkbeck College, University of London, UK, commented; "This book is a major contribution to the international study of higher education, civic engagement and also service learning. It offers some insightful and powerful analyses of conceptual issues, the institutionalising of civic engagement and the pedagogy and professional practice of service learning in higher education." 'Higher Education and Civic Engagement – International Perspectives' emanates from the 3rd Teaching and Learning Conference held in NUI Galway in 2005, and is published by Ashgate Publishing, as part of the CKI's research and knowledge sharing dimensions. To order copies please visit www.ashgate.com The Community Knowledge Initiative (CKI) is a project at NUI Galway that promotes partnership with communities and aims to reinvigorate the civic mission of higher education in Ireland. -ends-

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July 2007

McGahern Summer School to attract high level students of literature

McGahern Summer School to attract high level students of literature-image

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Pictured at the John McGahern International Seminar at Lough Rynn Castle Hotel, Mohill, Co. Leitrim on Saturday 28 July, 2007 (l to r): Dr John Kenny, Seminar Co-ordinator from NUI Galway; Professor Ger Hurley, Vice-President for Strategic Initiatives & External Affairs, NUI Galway; Olive Braiden, Chairperson, The Arts Council; Séamus O Grady, Director of Adult Education, NUI Galway; and Séamus MacMathúna, Academic Secretary, NUI Galway. NUI Galway, in partnership with Leitrim County Council, have confirmed details of the future of the John McGahern International Seminar, following a hugely successful inaugural event held over the weekend in Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim. From 2008, the Seminar will extend to include an International Summer School, aimed at advanced undergraduate and graduate students, as well as researchers. The school, which will carry academic credits from NUI Galway, commemorates the life and work of John McGahern. Speaking at the inaugural Seminar, Professor Ger Hurley, Vice-President for Strategic and External Affairs, NUI Galway said: "This programme will be located between Galway and Leitrim and it is our intention that going forward from 2008, this Summer School will become an annual feature of the University's Summer School programme. "Given the impressive scale of interest this year, we envisage attracting high level students of literature and of Ireland who will contribute to our growing knowledge of McGahern, of his homelands, and of the nature of contemporary fiction." Meanwhile, a special book celebrating the longstanding relationship between John McGahern and the University is to be published in the Autumn. John McGahern at NUI Galway contains contributions from a range of University staff including Séamus O'Grady, Director of Adult & Continuing Education; Marie Reddan, Librarian; Fergus Fahey, Archivist; Keith Warnock, Vice-President For Physical Resources, Dr Riana O'Dwyer, Senior Lecturer, English Department; Dr John Kenny, English Department; Professor Gearóid Ó Tuathaigh, History Department with an Introduction by Dr Iognáid G. Ó Muircheartaigh, President, NUI Galway. The volume is illustrated, with eight colour portraits of John McGahern by Brian Bourke RHA which were commissioned by NUI Galway, following the deposition of his literary archive in the James Hardiman Library in 2003. ENDS

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John McGahern International Seminar

John McGahern International Seminar-image

Friday, 27 July 2007

Dr. John Kenny pictured at the opening address of the John McGahern International Seminar in Carrick-on-Shannon, Co Leitrim which took place from the 26-28 July, 2007. The inaugural John McGahern International Seminar will be officially opened tonight (Thursday, 25 July), by Dr. Iognáid Ó Muircheartaigh, President, National University of Ireland, Galway, in the Bush Hotel, Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim. The opening address, John McGahern: The Novel and the Story, will be given by Professor Declan Kiberd, University College Dublin. Speaking at the opening, Dr Ó Muircheartaigh said; "John McGahern enjoyed a progressively deepening association with our University, over a period of almost 50 years. From a brief period of initial undergraduate studies in 1953 which is so beautifully described in his acclaimed novel, The Dark, he later held positions as a teacher on Creative Writing and Irish Studies Summer Programmes; and eventually became an honorary doctor of the University in 1994 and Adjunct Professor of Irish Studies in 2001. "In 2003, John chose the James Hardiman Library at NUI Galway to be the repository of his Archive, a complete collection of his papers and writings, providing an unparalleled view into a unique literary life. It is entirely fitting, therefore, that to commemorate John McGahern and his life's work, Leitrim County Council and NUI Galway have come together in partnership to organise and launch this inaugural International Seminar here in County Leitrim this evening." Damian Brennan, Cathaoirleach, Leitrim County Council remarked; "Our aim is to bring people closer to the work of John McGahern and, the decision of NUI Galway to commit to this partnership in Leitrim underpins that aim of continuing the dialogue between the place in which John McGahern lived and the university with which he shared his life's work." Speakers during the International Seminar will include Prof. Sylvie Mikowski, University of Reims, France; Dr. James Whyte, Presentation College, Headford, Co. Galway; Dr. Eamon Maher, I.T. Tallaght; and Fr. Liam Kelly, Cavan. There will also be a panel discussion including journalists Susan McKay and Belinda McKeon. Seminar sessions will be held in Carrick-on-Shannon, Aughawillan, Ballinamore and Mohill. The Seminar will also include a boat trip on the Shannon and Boyle rivers and a bus tour of the Aughawillan/Ballinamore area. Further lecture topics at the Seminar include: Amongst McGahern's Women; John McGahern: The Local and the Ordinary and John McGahern and Religion. A series of excerpt readings by actress Ms Marie Mullen will also feature throughout the seminar as well as a viewing of the documentary film John McGahern: A Private World. A detailed schedule for the Seminar can be downloaded from www.nuigalway.ie/iss/John_McGahern.html ENDS

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Scoil Cosliachta in OÉ Gaillimh

Scoil Cosliachta in OÉ Gaillimh-image

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Bunófar Scoil Cosliachta den chéad uair riamh in Ollscoil na hÉireann, Gaillimh. Cuirfidh an Scoil an chéad fhochéim chosliachta sa Stát ar bun agus beidh BSc (Onóracha) i gCosliacht le bronnadh ar chéimithe an chúrsa. Féadfaidh mic léinn iarratas a dhéanamh ar áit ar an gcúrsa ceithre bliana don bhliain acadúil 2008-9 ar aghaidh agus tá sé i gceist glacadh le 25 mac léinn gach bliain. Cuirfidh Feidhmeannacht na Seirbhíse Sláinte Clinic Cosliachta ar bun in Ospidéil Réigiúnacha na Gaillimhe ag Páirc na Muirlinne ach is seirbhísí d'othair sa phobal is mó atá i gceist. Beidh comhoibriú idir an Clinic agus an Scoil chun oiliúint agus oideachas cliniciúil an chláir a chur ar fáil. Is iad Dámh an Leighis agus na nEolaíochtaí Sláinte, OÉ Gaillimh, Cúram Pobail agus Leanúnach Príomhúil na Gaillimhe (PCCC) agus Ospidéil Réigiúnacha na Gaillimhe a d'ullmhaigh an tairiscint seo. Ag labhairt dó i ndiaidh na fógartha, dúirt an tOllamh Jim Browne, Meabhránaí agus Uachtaráin Ionaid, OÉ Gaillimh: "Tá an-áthas orainn anseo in OÉ Gaillimh gur roghnaíodh an Ollscoil seo chun an chéad Scoil Cosliachta i bPoblacht na hÉireann a bhunú. Léiríonn an fhorbairt seo in Iarthar na Tíre an dul chun cinn atá déanta ag Dámh an Leighis agus na nEolaíochtaí Sláinte agus ag Scoil na dTeiripí a bhfuil cláir chreidiúnaithe den scoth á gcur ar fáil acu cheana i dTeiripe Shaothair agus Teiripe Urlabhra agus Theanga. Ba mhaith leis an Ollscoil buíochas a ghlacadh le Feidhmeannacht na Seirbhíse Sláinte, Limistéar an Iarthair as a gcomhoibriú le fada an lá agus buíochas freisin leis na coslianna gairmiúla i nGaillimh a bhfuil tacaíocht ghníomhach tugtha acu dúinn, gan iad ní bhunófaí an Scoil seo." Fógraíodh bunú na Scoile i ndiaidh comórtas a d'eagraigh an tÚdarás um Ard-Oideachas. Rinneadh sé thairiscint ar an gconradh chun an Scoil a bhunú agus mhol painéal idirnáisiúnta an conradh a thabhairt do OÉ Gaillimh. D'aithin Tuarascáil FÁS Skills and Labour Market Research Unit Healthcare Skills Monitoring Report, i Lúnasa 2005 gur gairm í an chosliacht a bhfuil easnamh fadtréimhseach inti agus moladh sa Tuarascáil go mbunófaí BSc i gCosliacht. Críoch

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Awarding of School of Podiatry to NUI Galway

Awarding of School of Podiatry to NUI Galway-image

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

A School of Podiatry will be established for the first time at the National University of Ireland, Galway. The School will offer the first undergraduate podiatry programme available in the State and will lead to a BSc (Hons) in Podiatry. Students can apply for entry to the four year course from the academic year 2008-9 onwards and an annual intake of 25 students is planned. A Podiatry Clinic will be developed by the Health Service Executive (HSE) located in the Merlin Park campus of Galway Regional Hospitals but will primarily provide services to community based patients. The Clinic will work in partnership with the School to provide for the clinical education and training components of the programme. This bid was jointly prepared and presented by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences NUI Galway, Galway Primary Community and Continuing Care (PCCC) and Galway Regional Hospitals. Speaking following the announcement, Professor Jim Browne, Registrar and Deputy President, NUI Galway said: "NUI Galway is delighted to have been chosen as the location for the first School of Podiatry in the Republic of Ireland. This welcome development for the West of Ireland reflects well on the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and the School of Therapies which already provide excellent accredited programmes in Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Therapy. The University acknowledges the longstanding co-operation of HSE West and especially the active support of the professional podiatrists in Galway, without whom this would not have been possible." The announcement follows a competition organised by the Higher Education Authority in which six bids were received for the establishment of the School and an international panel recommended awarding the contract to NUI Galway. The FÁS Skills and Labour Market Research Unit Healthcare Skills Monitoring Report of August 2005 identified podiatry as an occupation with long-term supply shortfalls and recommended that a BSc in Podiatry be established. Ends

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