Holocaust Survivor To Visit NUI Galway

Holocaust Survivor To Visit NUI Galway-image

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Mr Tomi Reichental, a survivor of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, will give a talk about his experience of the Holocaust in the Seminar Room of the Irish Centre for Human Rights at NUI Galway on Sunday, 8 November at 1pm. Tomi Reichental was born in 1935 in Piestany Slovakia. In 1944 at age nine, he was captured by the Gestapo in Bratislava and deported to Bergen Belsen concentration camp with his mother, grandmother, brother, aunt and cousin. They were taken to detention camp Sered in Slovakia where the elusive Nazi War Criminal Alois Brunner had the power of life or death. When he was liberated in April 1945, he discovered that 35 members of his extended family were murdered. His grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins all died in the Holocaust. Recounting the sights and smells at the concentration camp Tomi Reichental said: “Typhoid and diphtheria were the biggest killers, but people were dying of starvation and cold in their hundreds. First the bodies were removed and burned, but later they were just piling up in front of our barracks, there were piles of decomposing bodies. The soldiers who liberated Belsen in April 1945 said they could smell the stench for 2 miles before they reached the camp. In the camp I could not play like a normal child, we didn’t laugh and we didn’t cry. If you stepped out of line, you could be beaten up even beaten to death. I saw it all with my own eyes.” Professor Ray Murphy from the Irish Centre for Human Rights at NUI Galway, said: “Tomi is one of the last surviving witnesses to the Holocaust. As such, he feels compelled to speak out so that the victims are not forgotten and we do not repeat the mistakes of the past. For most of his life Tomi did not speak of the atrocities he bore witness to, but in recent years he has become an advocate for tolerance and compassion. His story is a story of the past. It is also a story for our times. The Holocaust reminds us of the dangers of racism and intolerance, providing lessons from the past that are relevant today. One of the lessons we must learn is to respect difference and reject all forms of racism and discrimination.” Reichental has lived in Dublin since 1959. In 2004, for the first time in 60 years, Reichental broke his silence and began to speak about his experiences during the Holocaust. Thousands of students in schools all over Ireland have heard his story, and an RTÉ documentary film called I Was a Boy in Belsen was based on Tomi’s life. The film was directed by the Emmy award winning producer Gerry Gregg and retraces the events that swept away the Jewish presence in Central Europe from the point of view of a boy who couldn’t understand why. To mark his 80th birthday on the 26 June 2015, the Board of Trustees of HETI (Holocaust Education Trust of Ireland) established a scholarship in Reichental’s name. It will be awarded annually in perpetuity to a deserving candidate to enable her or his participation in one of the Holocaust education programs. The scholarship is in recognition of Reichental’s immense contribution that he has made to Holocaust awareness and education over the years. The talk at NUI Galway will be followed by a Q&A session and Reichental will sign copies of his book I Was a Boy in Belsen. Admission is free but early arrival is advised. -Ends-

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NUI Galway Students Attended the Enactus World Cup in South Africa

NUI Galway Students Attended the Enactus World Cup in South Africa -image

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Enactus, an international, not-for-profit organisation, provides a platform for third-level students to create community development projects Four students from NUI Galway recently attended the Enactus World Cup in Johannesburg, South Africa. Orlagh Reynolds, Billy Delaney, Aaron Molloy and Leanne Burke travelled as part of a group of 40 Irish students representing Team Ireland at the Enactus World Cup 2015 in October. Enactus is an international, not-for-profit organisation which provides a platform for third-level students to create community development projects, while developing the skills to become socially responsible business leaders of the future. A total of 5,000 students, from 36 countries, gathered at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg for the three-day international conference which saw some of the world’s brightest, innovative and entrepreneurial students present their social enterprises to some of the world’s leading business figures with the hope of being crowned the Enactus World Champion. This year's World Cup winners were the UK, with their incredible projects focused on Education, Equality and Empowerment. One highlight of the World Cup was the opportunity that all students had to attend interactive, collaborative sessions with business leaders from many leading companies such as KPMG, Coca-Cola and Unilever focused on various global social issues. Billy Delaney, one of the NUI Galway students who travelled to the World Cup, said: “I attended KPMG's session on Sustainable Development. It provided students with a platform to discuss and investigate the Sustainable Development Goals. In a group with students across the world we brainstormed and delivered solutions. This approach educated me on a global level and allowed me to see the bigger picture.” Another highlight of the World Cup was the chance to experience the beauty and culture of South Africa, as well as the culture of all other teams. Commenting on the trip student Aaron Molloy said: “The Enactus World Cup is one of those enlightening, experiences that you will never forget. The ‘rainbow nation’ truly offered all the international guests the warmest of welcomes.” For more information on Enactus NUI Galway email enactus@socs.nuigalway.ie or visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/NuiGalwayEnactus/. -Ends-

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Minster Launches Initiative where Students Talk Publicly about Mental Health Issues

Minster Launches Initiative where Students Talk Publicly about Mental Health Issues-image

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Minister of State at the Department of Health with special responsibility for Primary Care, Social Care and Mental Health, Kathleen Lynch T.D., today (Tuesday, 3 November) launched a series of video clips of NUI Galway students discussing mental health issues. Organised by NUI Galway’s Student Counselling Service with financial support from the University’s Students Project Fund, the five short video clips show students talking directly to camera about their experiences of mental health difficulties and how they overcame their problems with help from the counselling service. The initiative sets out to get students to openly discuss their difficulties with a range of issues including depression, anxiety, procrastination and perfectionism, in a bid to reduce the stigma about these issues and also to increase awareness of the help available on campus. Last year 1,187 students attended the University’s Student Counselling Service with the biggest presenting issue being anxiety, which in the past two years has overtaken depression as the number one student issue. The Counselling Service hopes that by showing students willing to participate in the project, it will lead the way in de-stigmatising mental health and motivate other students to seek help to overcome their difficulties. Speaking at the launch Minister Lynch said: “21st century technology has obviously enhanced many aspects of our daily lives, and this process will inevitably continue. However, we all must be conscious that societal change does not impact negatively on our core human needs, by contributing to isolation or increased mental health pressures generally. In developing solutions to address emerging change, I very much welcome the new Student Counselling Service initiative being launched in NUI Galway today. This will ensure that no student has to face mental health issues on their own, and the initiative being rolled out today may prove beneficial for other colleges.” Chloe Lappin, a student who has taken up the challenge to speak openly about these topics, discloses: “Each time I am given the opportunity to speak openly about my mental health challenges, my confidence increases with respect to my ability to talk openly about an issue I once kept hidden for many years. I hope my video appearance highlights the fact that if you choose to seek support, and make a commitment to addressing your challenges, change can occur and there are plenty of people around you to help make those changes possible.” Jimmy Mc Govern, Students’ Union Welfare Officer in NUI Galway, responds: “I applaud this attitude and in my opinion any issue that affects your wellness or prevents your student experience from reaching its full potential is an issue you should address.” Bea Gavin, Head of NUI Galway’s Student Counselling Service, also asserts: “These videos convey a powerful message of hope for students, which is that whatever challenges they face, they can be overcome. The students who took part demonstrated a deep commitment not only to caring for their own mental health, but they have also used their experiences to help others. They are role models with whom students can both identify with and be inspired by.” For advice on mental health issues or to view the videos please visit www.nuigalway.ie/counsellors/ or email counselling@nuigalway.ie. -Ends-

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Master's degree in Medical Physics at NUI Galway receives accreditation

Master's degree in Medical Physics at NUI Galway receives accreditation-image

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The MSc Degree in Medical Physics at NUI Galway, in conjunction with the Department of Medical Physics and Bioengineering (MPBE) at Galway University Hospitals, was recently awarded accreditation from the North American Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Education Programs (CAMPEP). This is the first medical physics programme in Europe to receive this accreditation and only the second outside North America. The first year students enrolled on the MSc in Medical Physics in 2002 and over 130 students have graduated since. Of these graduates, over 70% are currently employed as medical physicists in the healthcare environment in Ireland, UK and beyond. Commenting on this accreditation, Wil van der Putten, Adjunct Professor of Medical Physics, NUI Galway and Head of MPBE at Galway University Hospital, said: “Accreditation by CAMPEP is an important validation of the quality of this course. The Galway MSc is a unique collaboration between University and Hospital staff. The ability of the students to learn and conduct projects in the clinical environment accounts for the success of our graduates in finding employment. It is a tribute to both the staff in the Department of Medical Physics and Bioengineering and University staff in the Schools of Anatomy, Physiology, Medicine, Engineering and Physics. I would also like to pay tribute to colleagues in other hospitals who have accommodated our students for their dissertation work.” -Ends-

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Achieving Success in Inter-Cultural Global Management at NUI Galway MBA Masterclass

Achieving Success in Inter-Cultural Global Management at NUI Galway MBA Masterclass-image

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

NUI Galway’s Executive MBA recently hosted a Masterclass event entitled Achieving Success in Inter-Cultural Global Management, presented by Mike Hughes, Executive Vice-President, Strategic Customers and Segments with Schneider Electric. Mike reflected on his career journey since joining Schneider Electric, a global specialist in Energy Management and Automation, in 2000. Mike has held numerous business leadership positions across the globe and is currently responsible for the strategic accounts and segments of the company. Speaking at the event Mike said: “I currently work with large global customers and come up with solutions on how they can improve their energy consumption and thereby increase their overall operations efficiently. To be successful in this global business, it is important to understand the culture that I’m working in.” Mike delivered a presentation on the interpay of Corportate Culture, Geographic Culture and Global Culture with corporate structures and operations. In the engaging Q&A which followed, discussion centred on how organisations operate in a global corporate environment and the importance of understanding different perspectives within diverse management structures. Speaking after the event, Dr Tom Acton, Head of School of Business and Economics at NUI Galway, said: “Mike is the latest in our Masterclass series of globally-leading speakers, and continues our aim of bringing best-in-class presentations to our MBA students. Mike gave fabulous insights into the energy industry, global business processes, and the importance of culture for international business. It was a great evening and, as intended, provided the audience with a set of valuable takeaways focused on success generation in international markets.” ENDS

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Chronic Pain Sufferers Invited To Join Free Online Treatment Programme

Chronic Pain Sufferers Invited To Join Free Online Treatment Programme-image

Thursday, 5 November 2015

NUI Galway online treatment programme for chronic pain sufferers extended due to the number of inquiries received in recent weeks A recent online treatment programme, set up by expert psychologists and physiotherapists, aimed at helping those who suffer from chronic pain, has been extended due to the number of inquiries received in recent weeks. The Centre for Pain Research at NUI Galway, with the support of the Health Research Board, is currently recruiting people with chronic pain (pain which has lasted for three months or more). The Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) trial will provide eight online sessions to people in the comfort of their own home. At the moment, such supports are mainly available through specialised hospital-based pain management teams. Chronic pain affects up to 35% of the Irish population and is increasingly recognised as a disease in its own right. Chronic pain is sometimes associated with psychological effects, which may include anxiety and changes in mood, as well as forgetfulness, and difficulties in focusing attention, planning tasks and making decisions. The ACT trial is based on emerging clinical science that demonstrates the usefulness of managing chronic pain through mindfulness and psychological wellbeing. The study is open to people all over Ireland and will take place over the coming months. GPs and physiotherapists around the country are being encouraged to refer suitable people with pain to the study. The free online sessions in the ACT programme will focus on values and goals that are individual to each person in the trial. Participants will be provided with instructions on a range of activity-pacing techniques to encourage more consistent levels of activity from day-to-day. In addition, mindfulness techniques and cognitive behavioural therapy will help identify both negative thinking patterns and the development of effective challenges. Dr Christopher Dwyer, coordinator of the study at the Centre for Pain Research at NUI Galway, says: “We know that psychological therapies provided to people with chronic pain are beneficial, particularly for people at risk of long term disability. However, this type of service is often only accessible via specialised hospital-based pain management teams. In this trial, we will offer this type of service to people all over the country and at any stage of injury.” People who take part in the ACT trial will not need to attend any clinic or the university at any stage. All materials are tailored for those wishing to learn effective ways of managing their chronic pain. Participants can access physiotherapy and all medical services as usual while involved in the trial. Study supervisor Dr Brian McGuire said: “This is a promising new online pain management programme and we are hopeful it will be of benefit to people with chronic pain.” To find out if you are eligible, visit http://centreforpainresearch.com/actstudy.html and complete the online survey. For further information contact Dr Christopher Dwyer at the Centre for Pain Research, NUI Galway or email painresearch@nuigalway.ie, or see the website http://www.nuigalway.ie/centre-for-pain-research/. Alternatively, phone 091 495391. GP’s or physiotherapists who are interested in referring suitable patients to the trial can also use these contact details. -Ends-

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Managing the Windsor of Ireland: Galway’s Town Council From 1603-1653

Managing the Windsor of Ireland: Galway’s Town Council From 1603-1653-image

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Public talk explores one of Galway’s most outstanding treasures, the ‘Liber A’ manuscript, which is preserved in the James Hardiman Library at NUI Galway NUI Galway and the Galway Archaeological and Historical Society will co-host a talk about Galway’s famous ‘Liber A’ manuscript, one of Galway’s most outstanding treasures, which holds records of Galway’s Town Council dating from 1603 to 1653 when it was a very wealthy town. In this public talk, Dr Bríd McGrath from the Galway Archaeological and Historical Society will explore the membership of Galway's town council and the men who controlled and managed the city in the first half of the 17th century. She will investigate the members, how many of them came from Galway's famous tribes, how they dealt with the pressure to appoint protestant mayors and bailiffs, and what we know about these men, their wealth and role within and outside the city. Dr McGrath will also discuss recently discovered letters from the famous Galway lawyer, Patrick Darcy now held in the Huntington Library, California. The ‘Liber A’ manuscript, based in the James Hardiman Library at NUI Galway, preserves Galway Corporation records from 1485. Few towns have records as old as this. It features stunning decorations commissioned by the corporation every year from 1613 onwards and evidence of Galway’s wealth and culture in the early 17th century. No other Irish town is known to have similar decorations in its records. Dr Bríd McGrath said: “Galway's ‘Liber A’ is a truly unique manuscript and one of the town’s most precious treasures. While working on it, I was able to discover how Galway was managed by its wealthy, cultivated merchant elite in this period and the key role played by Galway men in Irish political life, in parliament and the Confederation of Kilkenny.” Dr McGrath is a Research Associate in the School of Social Work and Social Policy in Trinity College Dublin and this talk is based on research undertaken as a Visiting Research Fellow at the Moore Institute in NUI Galway and at the Huntington Library, California. The public talk is sponsored by the Galway Archaeological and Historical Society and will take place at the Harbour Hotel, Dock Road, Galway, on Monday, 9 November at 8pm. All are welcome and admission is free. ‘Liber A’ is available online and features beautiful pen and ink drawings at: http://archives.library.nuigalway.ie/LiberA/html/LiberA.html  -Ends-

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Friday, 6 November 2015

Journal publishes results of Irish and European research study related to drug discovery for metastatic cancer Researchers from the School of Chemistry and School of Natural Sciences at NUI Galway, and Warsaw University of Life Sciences have worked together on a study that could help in the development of a new therapy for metastatic cancer. Their work was published today (6 November 2015), in Chemistry A European Journal, and features as the front cover article. Metastatic cancer occurs when tumour cells migrate or metastasise from a primary tumour to other sites leading to secondary tumours, and this is the main cause of death from cancer. Synthesis is used by chemists to build compounds or materials for wide ranging applications. This study has involved NUI Galway researchers working out synthesis pathways to new analogues of migrastatin as potential blockers of metastasis or tumour cell migration. The researchers showed that some of the new compounds, such as MGSTA-6, exhibited the ability to block tumour cell migration in the laboratory. Professor Paul Murphy, Head of the School of Chemistry at NUI Galway, and his team collaborated with Corrado Santocanale, Professor of Molecular Medicine from the School of Natural Sciences at NUI Galway. Professor Santocanale’s core research is related to cancer therapeutics and an assay for this research was established in his laboratory. Professor Magdalena Krol and her team from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences also contributed to the research through a biological study of the compounds prepared. The latter collaboration came about as a result of a COST Networking Action, StemChem, where both Professor Murphy and Professor Krol are members. Professor Paul Murphy said: “The research demonstrates the value of Synthetic Chemistry, which can be used to produce compounds not made by Nature and which instead are inspired by Nature. This provides valuable new compounds for drug discovery projects. The research shows the importance of chemists working together with cancer biologists to investigate properties of newly generated products.” The first author of the article, Dr Daniele Lo Re, a researcher with Professor Murphy’s team at NUI Galway, explains, “One of the compounds synthesised, MGSTA-6, showed evidence that it has a low risk of displaying adverse side effects.” The research to isolate migrastatin, a structurally complex natural product, first occurred in the early 2000’s in Japan, and this initially highlighted the potential of this natural product as a blocker of metastasis. Subsequently research from the Samuel Danishefsky Laboratory at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in New York led to the finding that simpler migrastatin analogues could inhibit tumour metastasis in the laboratory. This research study was funded by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), the European Regional Development Fund, Poland’s National Science Centre, the People Programme (Marie Curie Actions) of the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme and COST (a European framework supporting trans-national cooperation among researchers, engineers and scholars across Europe). To view the paper visit: http://dx.doi.org/10.1002/chem.201502861  -Ends-


NUI Galway Continues Its Journey To Becoming A Mindful University

NUI Galway Continues Its Journey To Becoming A Mindful University-image

Friday, 6 November 2015

Lack of ability to stop and reflect is contributing to rise in mental health issues in society, and the World Health Organisation’s predictions indicate that by 2030, depression will be the leading cause of disease burden globally NUI Galway will host two mindfulness-based events this November following the very successful Mindful Way Conference hosted on campus on the 9-10 October 2015. These events are the next steps towards integrating mindfulness into the University’s culture. NUI Galway will host the first in its Mindful Way Lecture Series starting with, ‘Mindful Responses to the Stresses of Student Life’. The lecture will feature guest speaker, Dr Julieta Galante from the University of Cambridge on Wednesday, 18 November at 5.45pm in the University’s Institute for Lifecourse and Society Building. The event is open to researchers, students, student counsellors and advisors, healthcare professionals, mindfulness practitioners, and anyone with an interest in mindfulness. Dr Galante will share details of a research project she is currently leading at the University of Cambridge. The research is offering over 500 students an eight-week mindfulness training course with a view to measuring its effectiveness in managing stress amongst students, particularly at exam time, as well as investigating if it helps in other factors such as sleep and wellbeing. The project will also explore whether the mindfulness training affects students’ use of mental health treatment and support services. Tibetan Buddhist Monk, Gelong Thubten, based at the Kagyu Samye Ling Monastery in Dumfriesshire in Scotland, and one of the very popular expert speakers at the conference, will return to NUI Galway to deliver a day of introductory classes on mindfulness, as part of the University’s ‘Mindful Way Initiative’. The classes are open to all University staff and students and will take place on Wednesday, 11 November in the Aula Maxima (Lower) at NUI Galway. NUI Galway’s Mindful Way Conference shared the evidence-based impact of mindfulness on students and staff performance, well-being and culture. The University is now focusing on the benefits of integrating mindfulness within the University setting to continue to serve the 21st century needs in delivering its core principles: teaching, research and contribution to society through innovation and entrepreneurship, and understanding the role mindfulness can play in providing a more enriching experience for students and staff. Professor Lokesh Joshi, Vice-President for Research at NUI Galway, said: “NUI Galway is starting on this journey to adopt a mindfulness culture. The University recently hosted a conference of mindfulness experts, leaders in society and entrepreneurs, along with students, staff and university leaders, to discuss the importance of mindfulness in higher educational institutions. The conference represented our first steps towards understanding the role mindfulness can play in providing a more enriching experience for staff and students. There was such an enthusiastic response that we now want to build on that momentum to see what can be achieved collectively through a more mindful approach.” Professor Joshi continued, “There was tremendous interest at the conference and a sincere willingness to take steps towards becoming a Mindful University from both an individual level and the institutional level. We are keen to connect the well-being of our university community with mindfulness, to enhance the performance of individuals, their various units and ultimately the University. We want to ensure that mindfulness is brought into the University with the solid backing of scientific evidence.” Dr Pat Morgan, Vice President for the Student Experience at NUI Galway, said: “Both of these mindfulness-based events will show students how important it is to take time out from their busy lives and their digital devices, and learn about the benefits to their wellbeing by focusing on the present moment.” To register for the Mindful Way lecture with Dr Julieta Galante visit: www.nuigalway.ie/mindfulway  The introductory classes on mindfulness with Gelong Thubten are free of charge and available to University staff and students on a drop-in basis, no pre-registration required. -Ends-

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Minister for Education marks first merger in Ireland as Shannon College of Hotel Management becomes part of NUI Galway

Minister for Education marks first merger in Ireland as Shannon College of Hotel Management becomes part of NUI Galway-image

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Move will strengthen educational and research capabilities as well as enhance international exposure Minster for Education and Skills, Jan O’Sullivan T.D., will today (Monday, 9 November) mark the official incorporation of Shannon College of Hotel Management into NUI Galway. The merger, as detailed in the HEA’s 2013 report to the Minister for Education and Skills on system reconfiguration, is the first of its kind in Ireland. As one of the world’s most prestigious hotel management colleges, Shannon College will also officially become the first such college dedicated to hotel management in an Irish university. The vision for the merger is to sustain and develop educational excellence in the in both institutions institutions, and through greater integration ensure that resources are put to best use to meet the challenges of research, education and learning in the student-centred higher education landscape. Minister for Education and Skills Jan O’Sullivan said. “Shannon College of Hotel Management’s international standing and track-record of success is almost unrivalled for a college of its size, with its alumni as leaders in the hospitality industry globally. The incorporation into NUI Galway illustrates the benefits of greater cohesion across the third level sector nationally and in providing a greater return from available resources and I congratulate both on this and wish them every success going forward.” As part of the College of Business, Public Policy and Law at NUI Galway, all academic and administrative systems have been aligned across what has become the same institution on two locations. Shannon College of Hotel Management programmes have been aligned with existing NUI Galway programmes and it is intended that further courses both taught and research, particularly at postgraduate level will be offered. The institutions will also work together on promoting their courses and research internationally. The integration will mean that, for the first time an Irish university will have a school devoted to the tourism sector. This is appropriate given the importance and scale of the tourism sector both nationally and particularly in the West of Ireland. Already NUI Galway and Shannon College have, together, secured research funding from Fáilte Ireland to examine the economic impact of the Wild Atlantic Way. In 2014, Shannon College of Hotel Management welcomed 42% of all students entering Level 8 hotel, tourism and hospitality programmes in Ireland. The College maintains a remarkable record of 100% graduate employment, including some leading figures in the industry across the globe at the Jumeriah Group, Dubai; Waldorf Astoria, New York; Trump Towers, Chicago; The Dorchester and The Ritz, London; and The Shelbourne, Dublin. NUI Galway President, Dr Jim Browne said, “This is a very positive moment for all concerned. NUI Galway has developed a very close relationship with Shannon College over the years and its integration into NUI Galway will be seamless and respect the rich heritage and international reputation of this great institution. Shannon College of Hotel Management is recognised as one of the leading hotel management colleges in the world and has an unrivalled record of achieving 100% graduate employment, with many graduates going straight to some of the top hotels in the world. This move will deliver mutual benefits from an educational and research perspective to the College and University and will deepen our relationship with the Shannon region.” The internationally renowned college was the brainchild of the father figure of Shannon Airport, Dr. Brendan O’Regan. It was established in 1951, next to the airport, to ensure a ready supply of world-class hoteliers was available for the emerging hotel industry as it seized on the tourism opportunity triggered by the growth then of transatlantic and other international services into Shannon. The finalisation of the move to NUI Galway cements a 20-year relationship between the two institutions. Most notably, Shannon College has offered for many years a BComm degree specialising in hotel management in collaboration with NUI Galway, whereby students undertake the first three years of study in Shannon before transferring to NUI Galway for the final academic year of study. Before the recent amalgamation with NUI Galway, Shannon College was a Recognised College of the National University of Ireland (NUI), making it the only institution in Ireland offering degrees in hotel management awarded by the NUI. Phillip Smyth added “The amalgamation is an important milestone for the staff, alumni and all our partners who have developed Shannon College as a centre of excellence. Having a university campus located at Shannon International Airport presents many opportunities for new educational and research projects to be developed in the region.” Having flourished over the last 64 years under the auspices of Shannon Airport, the amalgamation now firmly places Shannon College in the mainstream university. The incorporation will significantly enhance the student experience with access to a suite of university services and resources that were not possible to offer as a small institution. The new status will also give Shannon College a new platform to expand its range of programmes and improve its research capabilities. The global standing of NUI Galway will also boost Shannon College’s already strong international presence by improving access and exposure in new overseas markets. Congratulating the College on its transition to NUI Galway, Shannon Group Chairperson, Rose Hynes said the College had not alone delivered on Dr O’Regan’s hopes for it but went way beyond them. “It’s no exaggeration to say that the Shannon College of Hotel Management has from its very foundation been a world leader when it comes to training hoteliers and hotel managers. The very fact that some of the world’s leading hotels travel to Shannon each year to recruit students from the college speaks volumes about its success. It has been a brilliant bearer of the Shannon name throughout those years and we are delighted that the College will remain on the airport campus. This transition also deepens our relationship with the Galway region.”   http://www.shannoncollege.com/ Ends   Déanann an tAire Oideachais ceiliúradh ar Choláiste Ósta na Sionna as a bheith ina pháirt de OÉ Gaillimh; an chéad chónascadh dá leithéid in Éirinn   Láidreoidh an t-aistriú cumais oideachais agus taighde agus cuirfidh sé go mór le poiblíocht idirnáisiúnta   Inniu (Dé Luain, 9 Samhain), déanann an tAire Oideachais agus Scileanna, Jan O’Sullivan T.D., ceiliúradh ar ionchorprú oifigiúil Choláiste Ósta na Sionna isteach in OÉ Gaillimh. Déantar cur síos ar an gcónascadh seo i dtuairisc 2013 an HEA go dtí an tAire Oideachais agus Scileanna maidir le hathchumrú córas, agus tá sé ar an gcéad chónascadh dá leithéid in Éirinn.  Tá Coláiste na Sionna ar cheann de na coláistí bainistíochta óstáin is iomráití ar domhan, agus tá sé anois ar an gcéad choláiste dá leithéid a bheidh tiomanta do bhainistíocht óstáin in ollscoil Éireannach. Is í an fhís atá taobh thiar den chónascadh sárchaighdeán oideachais a chothú agus a fhorbairt sa dá institiúid, agus a chinntiú, trí chomhtháthú níos fearr, go mbaintear an leas is fearr as acmhainní chun freastal ar dhúshláin taighde, oideachais agus foghlama i suíomh ardoideachais mac léinn-lárnach. Bhí an méid seo a leanas le rá ag an Aire Oideachais agus Scileanna, Jan O’Sullivan:  “Is deacair seasamh agus cáil Choláiste Ósta na Sionna do choláiste dá mhéid a shárú, agus a chuid alumni ina gceannródaithe i dtionscal an fháilteachais ar fud an domhain. Léiríonn an t-ionchorprú isteach in OÉ Gaillimh na buntáistí a bhaineann le comhtháthú níos mó ar fud na hearnála tríú leibhéal go náisiúnta agus le tairbhe níos mó a bhaint as na hacmhainní atá ar fáil agus tréaslaím leis an dá dhream ar an ócáid seo agus guím gach rath orthu sna blianta amach romhainn.” Mar chuid de Choláiste an Ghnó, an Bheartais Phoiblí agus an Dlí in OÉ Gaillimh, tá ailíniú déanta ar gach córas acadúil agus riaracháin chun freastal ar an institiúid chéanna in dhá ionad ar leith. Tá cláir Choláiste Ósta na Sionna ailínithe le cláir reatha OÉ Gaillimh agus táthar ag súil go dtairgfear tuilleadh cúrsaí acadúla agus taighde, go háirithe ag leibhéal iarchéime. Oibreoidh na hinstitiúidí as lámha a chéile chomh maith chun a gcuid cúrsaí agus taighde a chur chun cinn go hidirnáisiúnta.   Den chéad uair riamh, mar thoradh ar an gcónascadh, beidh scoil atá dírithe go hiomlán ar an earnáil turasóireachta mar chuid d’ollscoil Éireannach. Tá sé seo ábhartha nuair a smaoinítear ar thábhacht agus ar scála na hearnála turasóireachta go náisiúnta agus go háirithe in Iarthar na hÉireann. Tá maoiniú taighde faighte cheana féin ag OÉ Gaillimh agus ag Coláiste na Sionna ón eagraíocht Fáilte Éireann chun scrúdú a dhéanamh ar thionchar eacnamaíoch Shlí an Atlantaigh Fhiáin. Sa bhliain 2014, is chuig Coláiste Ósta na Sionna a chuaigh 42% de gach mac léinn a thosaigh ar chláir óstáin, turasóireachta agus fáilteachais ag leibhéal 8 in Éirinn.  Tá cáil thar na bearta ar an gColáiste maidir le fostaíocht céimithe 100%, lena n-áirítear daoine mór le rá sa tionscal ar fud an domhain sa Jumeriah Group, Dubai; Waldorf Astoria, Nua-Eabhrac; Trump Towers, Chicago; an Dorchester agus an Ritz, Londain; agus an Shelbourne, Baile Átha Cliath. Dúirt Uachtarán OÉ Gaillimh, an Dr Jim Browne, “Is tráth thar a bheith dearfach é seo do gach duine atá i gceist.  Tá caidreamh an-dlúth forbartha ag OÉ Gaillimh le Coláiste na Sionna thar na blianta agus déanfar an cónascadh le OÉ Gaillimh gan stró ar bith agus tabharfar ómós d’oidhreacht shaibhir agus do cháil idirnáisiúnta na hinstitiúide seo.  Tá Coláiste Ósta na Sionna aitheanta ar cheann de na coláistí bainistíochta óstáin is fearr ar domhan agus tá cáil gan sárú ar an gcoláiste maidir le fostaíocht céimithe 100% a bhaint amach, agus téann go leor de na céimithe díreach ar aghaidh go dtí cuid de na hóstáin is fearr ar domhan.  Beidh sochair ag baint leis an mbeart seo ó pheirspictíocht oideachais agus taighde don Choláiste agus don Ollscoil agus daingneoidh sé an caidreamh atá againn cheana féin le réigiún na Sionainne.” Ba é an Dr Brendan O’Regan, fear a raibh an-bhaint aige le hAerfort na Sionainne le blianta fada, a bhunaigh an coláiste a bhfuil cáil dhomhanda air. Bunaíodh an coláiste sa bhliain 1951, in aice an aerfoirt, le cinntiú go raibh lucht óstáin den scoth ar fáil do thionscal na n-óstán a bhí ag dul i méid agus gur thapaigh siad na deiseanna turasóireachta a bhí ag teacht chun cinn de thoradh fhorbairt na seirbhísí trasatlantacha agus seirbhísí idirnáisiúnta eile isteach go dtí an tSionainn. Is comóradh é an t-ionchorpú le OÉ Gaillimh ar chaidreamh 20 bliain idir an dá institiúid. Le roinnt mhaith blianta tá céim B Comm a dhíríonn ar bhainistíocht óstáin curtha ar fáil ag Coláiste na Sionna i gcomhar le OÉ Gaillimh, áit a dtugann mic léinn faoi na chéad trí bliana staidéar sa tSionainn agus ansin déanann siad an bhliain deiridh staidéar acadúil in OÉ Gaillimh. Sula ndearnadh ionchorpú ar Choláiste na Sionna le OÉ Gaillimh, ba Choláiste Aitheanta de chuid Ollscoil na hÉireann (OÉ) a bhí ann, agus é ar an t-aon institiúid in Éirinn a bhí ag tairiscint céimeanna sa bhainistíocht óstáin bronnta ag OÉ. Dúirt Phillip Smyth “Is cor cinniúnach é seo don fhoireann, don alumni agus dár gcuid comhpháirtithe ar fad a bhfuil Coláiste na Sionna forbartha acu mar lárionad barr feabhais. Is iomaí buntáiste a bhaineann le campas ollscoile a bheith lonnaithe in Aerfort Idirnáisiúnta na Sionainne maidir le tionscadail nua oideachais agus taighde is féidir a fhorbairt sa réigiún.” Bhí rath ar Choláiste na Sionna le 64 bliain anuas faoi scáth Aerfort na Sionainne, agus leis an aistriú seo beidh sé ina chuid d’ollscoil phríomhshrutha. Cuirfidh an t-ionchorprú go mór le heispéireas na mac léinn mar go mbeidh teacht acu anois ar réimse seirbhísí agus acmhainní ollscoile nárbh fhéidir a chur ar fáil mar institiúid bheag. Tabharfaidh an stádas nua ardán nua do Choláiste na Sionna chun a réimse clár a leathnú agus a chumais taighde a fheabhsú. Cuirfidh seasamh domhanda OÉ Gaillimh borradh chomh maith faoi láithreacht idirnáisiúnta Choláiste na Sionna, atá láidir cheana féin, trí rochtain agus poiblíocht a fheabhsú i margaí nua thar lear.   Thréaslaigh Rose Hynes, Cathaoirleach Ghrúpa na Sionainne leis an gColáiste ar an aistriú isteach le OÉ Gaillimh agus dúirt sí nach amháin go raibh mianta an Dr O’Regan curtha i gcrích ach go raibh i bhfad níos mó ná sin déanta. “Ní háibhéil ar bith é a rá go bhfuil Coláiste Ósta na Sionna ó thráth a bhunaithe ina cheannaire domhanda ó thaobh oiliúint a chur ar óstánaithe agus ar bhainisteoirí óstáin.  Is cruthúnas ann féin an chaoi a dtagann cuid de na hóstáin is fearr ar domhan go dtí an tSionainn gach bliain ag earcú mac léinn ón gcoláiste chomh rathúil is atá sé.  Is mór an onóir é d’ainm na Sionainne sna blianta atá caite agus táimid thar a bheith ríméadach go bhfanfaidh an Coláiste ar champas an aerfoirt.  Láidríonn an t-aistriú seo ár gcaidreamh le réigiún na Gaillimhe chomh maith.” Críoch  

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