Taking Control and Time Management

Studying remotely is not easy for anyone, and we often need support from staff, our fellow students, or even friends and family. The main thing is to remain calm and recognise that with a bit of planning, you can not only succeed, but flourish at university! 

For useful advice on dealing with academic pressures by working through challenges like procrastination, perfectionism, poor time-management and getting motivated, please click here.


Here are some useful tips to help you keep on top of your college work and stay in control of the semester:

  1. Try and plan out your own personal timetable as early on in the semester as possible  
  2. 1 ECTS = around 20-25 hours of concerted effort for the whole semester  
  3. First, map out any scheduled/timetabled classes you are to attend 'live', then schedule other times in the week for study/course-work. 
  4. Don't overdo it!  Break the day into chunks of effort and take a short break between each (eg 30 mins study, 5 min break) 
  5. Don't spend the whole day just doing one subject (it helps us learn if we swap over to another subject for a while) 
  6. Allocate more time to the subjects you find most difficult so that you can try and make sense of them or find further information that might help 
  7. Factor in time to stretch your legs and move around! 
  8. Try to have a reasonably regular pattern worked out for the week 
  9. Allocate time each week to planning, checking for course-work due etc 
  10. Use online planners and calendars (Outlook, Gmail) for your schedule – You can set up reminders, check it at anytime, set up to-do lists and a planner tool too