Unlocking Potential, Realising Ambitions

What are the scholarships?
Uversity’s scholarships will provide meaningful, multi-annual financial support to individuals 23 years or older to purse a Bachelor’s degree for the first time, in any subject, in one of 39 institutions on the island of Ireland. Uniquely, Uversity’s scholarships will provide full financial support, if required, for the entire period of recipients’ study.
Scholarship amounts will vary depending on recipients’ circumstances and will be allocated following an application process and assessment of need. The scholarships will cover some or all of the following direct and indirect costs associated with higher education:

  •  Registration & tuition fees
  •  Pre-enrolment education assessments if required
  • Laptop, books and other materials
  • Wifi and telephone access
  •  Transportation
  • Childcare / family support
  •  Living expenses (e.g accommodation, maintenance, etc.)

Payments will be made throughout the course of the degree programme and will be subject to continued academic registration and progress.
Who can apply?
Applicants must:

  • be 23 years and older by 1st January in the year of enrolment
  •  be a citizen of an EEA member state or Switzerland resident in Ireland or Northern Ireland for 3 years or more by 1st January in the year of enrolment
  •  be returning to higher education in the 2018/19 or 2019/20 academic year

               (a)  after a break from education of 3 years or more

               (b) have completed a higher education progression / preparation course in the last 2 years

  •  apply to a participating institution(s) on the island of Ireland as per the institutions’ application processes and be offered a place on a Bachelor Programme for the 2018/19 or 2019/20 academic year. PLEASE NOTE that applicants DO NOT need to have an offer at time of application but if selected for a scholarship they must have received an offer in their chose programme to receive their first instalment of the scholarship
  •  be able to demonstrate:

      o socio-economic disadvantage and financial need (e.g. in receipt of government benefits)
      o a clear and stated motivation for returning to education and an ambition for their educational journey
      o a drive to succeed and strong work ethic
      o an ability to be transformed and transform others as a result of this scholarship and educational experience.

How to apply?
The application process and timeline for the Uversity Scholarships is as follows:
DATE                                                    ACTION
January 8th 2018                         OPENING DATE for applications to be submitted via Uversity’s online application                                                                   system at www.uversity.org
                                                                  The following information is required to apply online:
                                                                     o personal & contact details
                                                                     o education and employment history
                                                                     o financial circumstances
                                                                     o a motivation statement of maximum 500 words
                                                                     o details of two referees.
May 1st 2018                                     CLOSING DATE for applications
June/July 2018                                  Uversity’s Selection Committee will review and short-list applications against the                                                                      following criteria:
                                                                     o financial need
                                                                     o motivation and ambition for returning to education
                                                                     o a drive to succeed and strong work ethic
                                                                    o an ability to be transformed and transform others as a result of this scholarship and                                                                         educational experience.
                                                                     Short-listed candidates may be invited to an interview in person or online. All                                                                      applicants will be notified of the outcomes.
                                                                     If selected, awardees will be made an initial offer in July and may need to provide                                                                      verification of their financial need for a final offer to be made and a payment schedule                                                                       to be agreed.
August/September 2018          Successful candidates will submit verification of their course to Uversity for first stage                                                                   payment to be made.
What to do now?
Individuals interested in applying for a scholarship should register their interest and any questions
by email at: apply@uversity.org

Uversity will notify applicants in January 2018 when the on-line system is open for applications.