The University’s Access Centre is concerned with the development, promotion and delivery of programmes of learning for targeted individuals, it involves a wide range of educational approaches and specialist services targeted at large numbers of students who are classified by the Higher Education Authority as 'non-traditional.'

The Access Centre helps individuals realise their educational potential irrespective of their educational background, age or personal health circumstances.  It provides support for students participating on access programmes,  students with disabilities and mature students.

See following links to access the access programmes online applications:

Online Applications - Mature Students: Access Programme for Mature Students

Onlline Applications - School Leavers: Access Programme for School Leavers.



  • Mature Students Guide 21

    Mature Students Guide 21 PDF (16MB)

  • Access Diploma Programmes Guide 2020

    Access Diploma Programmes Guide 2020 PDF (16MB)

  • QQI

    QQI PDF (16 MB)