Bridging the digital divide for students

Thousands of students don't have access to a laptop at home. Help us to bridge the digital divide by providing laptops to vulnerable communities.


The campaign was developed in April 2020 by Trinity Access and Camara Ireland in response to the digital divide experienced by students in need. Covid 19 showed that the digital divide is real and remains a huge problem for second-level students, those in direct provision and adult learners in marginalised communities. 58% of students in DEIS schools experience a lack of access to broadband or a suitable learning device.

In Phase 2, NUI Galway, the NUIG Access Centre, the Galway City Partnership, the Galway Chamber of Commerce and the Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics, NUI Galway have joined the campaign to go nationwide. The national goal is to deliver 5,000 devices to students in need all over Ireland.

100% of funding donated to the campaign is being used to buy refurbished devices. 

For any queries please contact us at

Donating a Laptop

If you wish to donate a laptop please complete the donation form.


Donating Money

If you wish to donate money please complete the donation form


How Does It work?

  1. Fill in the relevant form above.
  2. Laptops are dropped off at our collection point at the Galway Chamber of Commerce office. If you are making a monetary donation, those funds will be used to purchase refurbished devices.
  3. Laptops are quarantined for the required period of time.
  4. The laptop will be restored to factory settings, securely wiping all data from the hard drive.
  5. A fresh operating system is installed.
  6. The laptop is delivered to its new home, helping to bridge the digital divide.

Who is getting the laptops?

In line with the National Access Plan, socially disadvantaged schools and educational organisations are who we target. Our overall goal is to get Tech2Students operational across Ireland to assist all students who urgently need technology at this crucial time in their education. While DEIS students continue to be our priority, we want to expand our efforts into helping ethnic minority students, Irish travellers and mature students from poor socio-economic areas.


1. I am cocooning/self-isolating can I still donate?

Yes! We adhere to the latest government regulations for social distancing

2. My laptop is really old. Can I still donate it?

We are looking for old devices but they do need to be usable. For this reason we are accepting devices which were manufactured in 2015 onwards

3. My laptop isn't working / can't connect to the internet / is missing it's charger: Can I still donate it?

Sorry, but the device should be functioning as we do not have the capacity to do any hardware repairs. You can see the specification of devices we can refurbish here Tech2Students-Recommended-Specs Phase 2.docx.pdf

4. I have personal / private documents / photos etc I want to keep from the laptop?

You should back up all files which you want to keep on a USB, external hard drive or to cloud storage (Google Drive, ICLOUD, Microsoft One Drive). This way you can keep your personal documents and photos and still donate your laptop. Note the disk on your device will be completely erased (reformatted in fact) before it is passed on, so all your files and information will no longer be available on the device.

5. Will I get my laptop back after Phase 2 is complete?

No, we are looking for people to generously donate their disused laptops to our cause. Laptops will not be returned but will remain in the possession of schools/organisations and can be used by many more students in years to come.

6. I'm worried about my private information.

The disk on your device will be completely erased (reformatted in fact) before it is passed on, so all your files and information will no longer be available on the device. If you wish you can pre-wipe your laptop at home. Either way it will still go through the secure process at the repurposing centre.

7. I don't have a spare laptop but I'd like to donate money, is that possible?

Yes! We have added a "Donate Now" button to our website. All donations, large and small, are welcome and 100% of your donation will go towards purchasing or repurposing laptops for students.

8. I don't have a device but I do have a monitor / keyboard / mouse / headphones etc I would like to donate, can I?

Our number one priority is getting devices to students but if you have equipment that would support student online learning we will gladly accept your donations.

9. How do I prepare my laptop for collection?

We ask that you ensure your laptop is turned off and is kept with its correct cables. No need to wrap it up, we will package your laptop and safely transport your laptops to our engineers for processing.







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