1. I have issued an invoice to an outside agency/company. How will I know when the money is received into the bank?
    Forward a copy of the invoice to income@nuigalway.ie  .When issuing the invoice please use the cost centre (Non Research) or Research Project number (Research Projects) at the beginning of the invoice number: For example if the cost centre should be ROG1234 then please use Invoice No ROG1234_1 for the first invoice, ROG1234_2 for the second invoice  etc.

  2. What information should I include on the invoice? There are 2 invoice templates below, one for research income and the other for non research income. 
    ‌‌Invoice Template Research Income
    Invoice Template Non Research Income

  3. What are the University’s bank account details for lodging Recurrent & Research Income?

    Research Income                                                                                           Non Research Income
    Bank of Ireland, 43 Eyre Square                                                           Bank of Ireland, 43 Eyre Square
    Account No: 21013054                                                                             Account No: 28453773
    IBAN No: IE39BOFI90381621013054                                          IBAN No: IE42BOFI90381628453773
    BIC/SWIFT BOFIIE2D                                                                               BIC/SWIFT BOFIIE2D

  4. What is the procedure to deal with cash/cheques received into a school/unit?
    Contact income@nuigalway.ie to request a lodgement card. On receipt of the lodgement card the lodgement can be made at the bank of Ireland campus branch. Email a copy of the lodgement slip to income@nuigalway.ie giving details of the cost centre to be credited.