Arts & Social Science

As a student of the humanities and social sciences you will study human culture, society and the relationships among individuals within a society from a number of different perspectives. Our humanities courses include literature, history, archaeology and Irish studies and our suite of social science courses include psychology, economics, political science and sociology.

You will be able to choose from a variety of courses that will provide you with a thorough knowledge of the subject area and an opportunity to explore its particular themes & concepts from a variety of viewpoints.

Through your studies you will develop innovative and creative forms of thought, expand your written communication skills, improve your analytical and problem-solving skills and learn to critically examine society and the world in which you live.

Course Name

Archaeology (Diploma)

Community & Family Studies (Degree)

Community & Voluntary Sector Workshops Series

Community Development Practice (Diploma/Certificate)

Early Childhood Studies & Practice (Degree/Diploma/Certificate)

English and Drama (Diploma)

Gemmology (Diploma)

General Studies Cert

General Studies Dip

Geology (Diploma)

Health Promotion (Oral Health - Certificate)

Health Promotion (Postgraduate Certificate)

History (Diploma)

Humanities/Social Sciences (Degree/Diploma)

Irish Archaeology online (Diploma)

Irish Food Studies (Diploma)

Irish Music Studies (Diploma)

Irish Studies Online (Diploma)

Practice-Based Play Therapy (P/Dip) 

Psychology of Counselling (Diploma/Certificate)

Screen Writing (Cert)

Short Courses (non credit) Autumn 2015

Social Care (Degree/Diploma/Certificate)

Youth Work Practice (Certificate)