Researcher Forms

To enquire about working with the Cancer Biobank please contact the Biobank Committee at or a member of the academic-research staff in the Discipline Surgery.
Once approved to join/access the biobank, documents specific to your biobank study will be made available through Microsoft Teams (Sharepoint). ‌

Cancer Biobank Partner Application Process

SOP004 Cancer Biobank Partner Application

‌‌Participant Forms

Why are biobanks important for research? This short brochure will tell you all you need to know about how biobanks are managed and how they help research.
SOP009 Cancer Biobank Brochure‌‌

When you agree to participate - in the hospital clinic or at a "Volunteer Biobank Drive" - you will receive an Informed Consent Form to sign. This consent form will go to the research laboratory where the Biobank is located to be stored with your samples and personal information.
CB001 Cancer Biobank Informed Consent Form

When you visit the hospital clinic or participate in a "Volunteer Biobank Drive" you will receive a Patient Information Leaflet which will explain about how we collect, store and manage your samples and personal information, and what research we do. You are free to take this form home with you.
CB002 Cancer Biobank Patient Information Leaflet

Participants can withdraw from the Cancer Biobank at any time with no impact in their current of future clinical care. If you wish to withdraw please download, complete and send us this form (if you cannot download it please contact us and we will post/email you a copy).
CB010 Cancer Biobank Withdrawal Request Form

Data Protection Policies

CB004 Cancer Biobank Data Processing and Confidentiality Agreement Form

CB011 Cancer Biobank Personal Data Privacy Statement

Accreditation and Quality Assurance

SOP006 Cancer Biobank Glossary (Coming soon)