Cell Explorers

Cell Explorers

What is Cell EXPLORERS?

  • A collaborative outreach initiative by volunteer students and staff
  • We promote biological and biomedical sciences in schools and to the general public
  • We run practical biology discovery programmes based on interactive and hands-on activities

What are we doing this year?

Cell EXPLORERS is very involved in the Galway Science and technology Festival once again. Make sure you book your visit/ticket online on the Festival website!

We are supported by: 

Our objectives:

  • Establish a connection between higher education, research and society
  • Engage the general public in the role of science and the impact of research in society
  • Inspire scientific interest in children
  • Provide teaching ressource to teachers
  • Inform the public about the School of Natural Sciences research
  • Train the next generation of science communicators and educators

Cell Explorers 



Contact us at: 

Facebook: Cell EXPLORERS

Twitter: @cellexplorers

Email: Muriel.grenon@nuigalway.ie or cellexplorers@nuigalway.ie 

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