The Fire Prevention Officer is responsible for:

  • Maintenance and upgrade of fire detection and prevention systems
  • Monitoring the compliance of all units from a fire safety housekeeping perspective
  • Coordinating fire evacuation drills
  • Coordinating training in basic fire fighting
  • Maintaining working relations with the statutory Fire Authority
  • Briefing design teams in respect of new buildings

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Visit the Maps page for the Fire Safety Map.

The Health & Safety Office has more information regarding fire procedures.

Fire Safety Guidance

NUI Galway Fire Training

Click on the links below to access either Fire Safety Training or Fire Marshal Training, it is not necessary to complete both.

Fire Marshal Training

Fire Safety Awareness

Participants need to achieve a 70% pass rate before they can download a certificate of completion. The exam can be retaken as many times as required, however, the questions will change each time. Download and save your certificate immediately once you have passed your exam.

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