Erasmus Exchange Programme

The Erasmus programme enables students to study at one of our partner universities in Europe. LL.B. students who participate would do so on the basis that the semester or year spent abroad would substitute for the corresponding period in Galway and exam results obtained abroad would fully count towards the degree result.

Undergraduate students in Law (BCL), Law (BCL) Criminology and Criminal Justice, Law (BCL) and Human Rights, Law and Business and Law and Taxation, who wish to participate would opt into the ‘International stream’, spend third year abroad, and on passing it proceed to the fourth and final year on their return. For undergraduate students the year abroad operates on a pass/fail basis.

Student Exchange

An application form to participate in the student exchange programme in the coming academic year will be circulated by the Placement & Study Abroad Officer early in Semester 1. Equiries should be directed to the Study Abroad Team at

Who can participate?


What about the subject requirement for the professions?

Students intending to proceed to a professional qualification ( Law Society of Ireland (solicitors) or King's Inns (barristers)) should know that they must pass their compulsory subjects in NUI, Galway. Such students should ensure that they have taken most if not all of their core subjects before they go abroad, or that they will be in a position to take them on their return.

Is there any funding available?

Students going to a partner institution in Europe pay their fees for NUI, Galway and do not pay fees to the host university. A grant is payable to students taking part in the ERASMUS scheme. The amount varies according to country and duration of study visit, and also depends on NUI Galway’s institutional funding for ERASMUS in any given year.

When to apply?

A preliminary meeting of students interested in going abroad in the following academic year will be arranged in the spring term. An information session will be held and brochures and application forms distributed. These forms must be returned by the given date so that places can be allocated before the exam period. Students will then be advised as to the necessary steps to take. In the meantime, first-hand information on the schemes can be obtained by talking to NUI, Galway students who have availed of them in previous years or by talking to visiting students from the various universities who are studying at NUI, Galway at present.

Where can I go?

The School of Law has a number of links with first-class universities in countries of the European Union.





English-speaking universities



Czech Republic









For further information, contact:

Study Abroad Team at

For more general information, contact the NUI, Galway International Affairs Office.

Erasmus Report

Emer O'Byrne writes:

"I have just returned from a ten-month period in France where, I engaged in the Erasmus + programme as part of my Civil Law and French degree. I spent the first period of my stay in Toulouse, a city located in the Midi-Pyrenees region and the final period, totalling seven weeks, in the centre of Paris.  Overall my year abroad has been an amazing experience; the social aspect of the year and the outstanding opportunities that are available whilst abroad are the primary reasons for my year’s success.

During my time in Toulouse, I attended class on a daily basis, where I engaged in aspects of both law and French. I undertook a diploma in EU law through French and had bi-weekly language lessons to ensure progression in my overall linguistic ability. During my time there, I endeavoured to experience new things, both through cultural and social immersion in everyday life, I involved myself in a wide variety of activities such as, training with the University tennis team and joining the local hockey club. Such involvement afforded me the opportunity to travel with fellow team-mates to the French national indoor hockey championships, in Paris, for a three day period as a member of the Midi-Pyrenees varsity team, where we competed for two consecutive days; this was a fantastic experience which was enjoyed by everyone involved. Whilst residing in Toulouse, I took every opportunity I was given to travel, as living in mainland Europe facilitates this in an economical and simplistic manner, I visited other countries where fellow NUIG students were on Erasmus, such as Spain and The Netherlands. I went skiing a number of times due to the accessible nature of the slopes and I also spent numerous weekends exploring other cities within France.

One of my most valued trips was travelling to Paris to watch the Ireland v France rugby match in early February. Here, I met a solicitor who had spent her Erasmus year in Ireland and we stayed in touch over the following months; during this time she advised me of an opportunity to apply for a ‘Vacation Scheme’ in the Paris office of Hogan Lovells Law Firm. I was very fortunate and received an offer to spend six weeks in their offices on the Champs-Elysees, in their litigation department. During my time in Hogan Lovells, I developed a wide understanding of the  French legal system and the inner workings of a large multinational law firm. I was afforded the opportunity to attend the Paris Supreme court on three occasions during my time with the firm and during my final week I was taken to the FFF (the French Football Federation) where I sat in on their appeals board hearings; these experiences were both challenging and fascinating, which I thoroughly enjoyed.   My time in this firm opened my eyes to the international opportunities and  potential that a course such as Law and French can offer. I built strong relationships with trainees and other interns during my time in Paris, I also had the pleasure and wonderful opportunity of meeting a wide variety of people during my seven week stay in the Irish Cultural Centre.

My year in France was exceptional, the people I met and the experiences I enjoyed are ones that will stay with me long after college. The challenging aspect of moving to a new country to live amongst new people who celebrate a culture which is divergent and speak a foreign language  is  something which cannot go unmentioned. However, the challenges and the difficulties that come with a year abroad have been consistently superseded by the amazing and unique experiences on offer. "

Emer O'Byrne 1

Supporting Ireland from Toulouse

Emer O'Byrne 2

Hiking in EZ, during a weekend visit to Nice

Emer O'Byrne Erasmus

Skiing in the French Pyrenees

Emer O'Byrne Erasumus

Emer O'Byrne at the FFF in front of the world cup

Emer O'Byrne Erasumus

Midi-Pyrenees hockey team in Paris