Ms Deirdre Halloran

PhD in Law candidate

B.Sc., BCL, LLM., Dip Irish


Deirdre Halloran is a third year Ph.D Candidate in the School of Law at NUIG. Her research, which is funded by the Irish Research Council is entitled Community Benefit Clauses in Public Procurement: A Comparative Legal and Policy Analysis and is supervised by Dr. Padraic Kenna.  The research aims to provide an authoritative and comprehensive comparative review of integrating Community Benefit Clauses into procurement policy and practice, in order to make their use more meaningful, effective and transparent.

Deirdre graduated from NUI Galway with an LL.M in Public Law in 2011 and BCL in 2009, achieving first class honours in both. She also holds a diploma in Irish from NUI Galway and a BSc from Dublin City University.

In June 2015, A Primer on the use of Social Clauses in Ireland, written by Deirdre Halloran for Community Action Network  was published. The Primer is a guide to provide public bodies with assistance on the use of Social Clauses, to help generate benefits to society and the local economy through their public procurement contracts.



Research Interests

  • Public Procurement
  • Socially Responsible Procurement
  • Local Government
  • EU Law
  • Housing Rights and Policy


Research Projects

PhD Thesis

“Community Benefit Clauses in Public Procurement: A Comparative Legal and Policy Analysis”


Public Procurement accounts for 18% of Gross Domestic Product in Europe, and its leverage in areas such as social policy is considerable. The concept of “social procurement” places social considerations at the heart of the process. One aspect of this is the use of Community Benefit Clauses [CBCs]. These are clauses that can be included in the procurement process that allow social and environmental considerations to be included in the contract specification and are used in the selection and award procedures. This research proposes to determine the key characteristics of CBCs and evaluate their effectiveness as a strategic mechanism for community development.

The development of social procurement will be examined along with the opportunities offered by the existing EU legal framework to take into account social considerations. The various types of CBCs will be categorised and their use examined A comparative analysis will be made of the common trends developed at national level  and how they compare against requirements of EU law. This research aims to inform and transform public policy in relation to procurement and help create a tool kit for use of CBCs in an Irish context.


Research Publications

“A Primer on the use of Social Clauses in Ireland” (CAN, 2015)

"Local Government and Public Procurement: Legal and Policy Issues Related to Social Procurement and Community Benefit Clauses in Contracts in Ireland." King's Inns Student L. Rev. 3 (2013): 29.

Teaching Areas

  • Tutor in Labour Law