Ms Stephanie O'Flynn

PhD Student

BA (Hons)in Legal Studies with Business, LL.M


Stephanie is  a Ph.D candidate within the School of Law and is a recipient of a fellowship in law.  Stephanie holds a BA (Hons) in Legal Studies with Business and an LL.M.  Her Ph.D. research in on the area of animal rights, supervised by Ms. Maureen O' Sullivan and Prof. Ronan Long. She has previously completed a thesis entitled "Irish Animal Protection Laws" as part of her Master's degree in UCC.

Stephanie has tutored in the Law of Torts and has guest lectured on various aspects of animal protection and the law on a number of courses including Jurisprudence, Key Issues in Irish Law, and the Policy Seminar series for the BA in Public and Social Policy.


Research Interests

  • Animal protection and the law
  • Jurisprudence
  • EU law
  • Comparative law

Research Projects

PhD Thesis

"The Case for the Legal Recognition of Animal Rights."

Abstract: The quest of this thesis is to solve a normative dilemma - how ought we to treat animals in the law? The thesis explores the current legal protection afforded to animals and questions how the law should treat animals. Currently, the law provides a welfarist approach to animal protection and fails to incorporate rights for animals. This research  challenges this approach and aims to provide a legal framework which incorporates rights for animals.

Research Publications


  • O’ Flynn, S. (2011) “Irish animal protection laws: A comparative analysis” The Web Journal of Current Legal Issues, Vol 4.
  • O’ Flynn, S. (2012) “Irish animal protection laws” Irish Vegetarian Magazine, Spring Ed.

Conference Papers

  • O’ Flynn, S (2011) “The proposed Irish regulation on the protection of animals: comparative analysis” Irish Society of Comparative Law conference, University College Dublin.
  • O’ Flynn, S. (2011) “Animal protection laws in Ireland- The need for reform” The Irish Association of Law Teachers conference, Athlone.
  • O’ Flynn, S. (2012) “Animals: A case for constitutional protection?” Irish Society of Comparative Law conference, University College Cork.
  • O' Flynn, S. (2012) "The case for a European Convention on Animal Rights" Society of Legal Scholars, University of Bristol
  • O' Flynn, S. (2015) "The Evolution of EU animal protection law" Socio Legal Scholars Association, University of Coventry

Public Lecture

  •  O’ Flynn, S. (2011) “Animal protection laws” World Vegetarian Day 2011, Dublin.

Teaching Areas

The Law of Torts