Diarmuid Griffin - 20 November 2014

Dr. Diarmuid Griffin, School of Law gave a presentation on Thursday, 20 November on 'Localism, clientelism and secrecy: Examining the institutional resistance to criminal justice research in Ireland'.

This seminar examined the institutional factors that have limited the growth of criminological evaluation in Ireland. The seminar focused on the resistance of the Department of Justice to the conducting of research on life sentence prisoners by an external evaluator.  Resistance to research and a suspicion of ‘outsiders’ interested in examining aspects of the criminal process has now existed for many decades resulting in a culture of secrecy that has proved difficult to displace.  The seminar explored the challenges in engaging with the bureaucratic process as a researcher, where localism and clientelism appears to preoccupy the decision-making of both politicians and civil servants.

Ciara Smyth - 23 April 2014

Dr. Ciara Smyth, School of Law ol gave a presentation on Tuesday, 23 April on "The Impact of the Court of Justice of the EU on Refugee Law".

Charles O’Mahony - 9 April 2014

Charles O’Mahony, School of Law gave a presentation on Wednesday, 9 April on "Law and Policy regarding Offenders with Intellectual Disabilities".

Tom O’Malley - 20 March 2014

Tom O’Malley, School of Law gave a presentation on Thursday, 20 March on "Doing Comparative Law: Sentencing as a case Study".

Gillian Douglas - 29 November 2013

Prof. Gillian Douglas, Cardiff Law School gave a presentation on Wednesday, 25 September on "The format, advantages and disadvantages of the Research Excellence Framework in the UK".

Xu Ting - 19 November 2013

Dr. Xu Ting, Lecturer in Law Queen’s University Belfast gave a presentation on Tuesday, 19 November on "An Introduction to Land Law in China".

Ronán Long - 6 November 2013

Prof. Ronán Long, School of Law gave a presentation on Wednesday, 6 November on "Science, Technology and New Challenges to EU Ocean Law".

Lucy-Ann Buckley - 16 October 2013

Dr. Lucy-Ann Buckley, School of Law gave a presentation on Wednesday, 16 October on "Financial Provision on Relationship Breakdown in Ireland: A Constitutional Lacuna".

Nelleke Koffeman - 25 September 2013

Ms. Nelleke Koffeman, Doctoral Researcher, Leiden University gave a presentation on Wednesday, 25 September on "National Moral Choices in a Cross-Border Context: How cross-border movement in the EU affects national standards on sensitive issues".

In 2006, Nelleke Koffeman (1984) successfully completed a master in Constitutional and Administrative Law at Leiden University. During her studies she was student assistant at the Europa Institute of the Leiden Law School. Nelleke is a PhD-candidate at the Europa Institute of the Leiden Law School. Her research focuses on the impact of EU fundamental freedoms on diverging human rights standards within the European Union. During the first year of her appointment Nelleke contributed to the so-called Fundamental Rights Agency Group of Legal Experts (FRALEX) that was given the task of providing the EU Fundamental Rights Agency in Vienna with information concerning the human rights situation in the Netherlands.

Nelleke Koffeman Seminar September 2013

Nelleke Koffeman (centre) with Dr. Conor Hanly and Anna-Louise Hinds


Noelle Higgins - 20 March 2013

Dr. Noelle Higgins, lecturer in the Irish Centre for Human Rights, gave a presentation on Wednesday, 20 March on "Minorities, Indigenous Peoples and the Universal Periodic Review".

Noelle has masters degrees in both Law and Irish and a Higher Diploma in Education. She undertook her Ph.D. research on the topic of wars of national liberation and self-determination in NUI, Galway.  Prior to joining the Irish Centre for Human Rights, she held a lecturing position in the School of Law and Government, Dublin City University, where she lectured in international law and was the Director of MA programmes.  She was a visiting fellow at the British Institute of International and Comparative Law during the academic year 2009-2010 and a member of the Department of Foreign Affairs / NGO Human Rights Committee 2010-2012. She is currently a member of the Council of the Irish Association of Law Teachers.  She has particular research interests in international humanitarian law, non-state actors and international law and language rights. She is currently supervising a number of PhD students in the fields of human rights and international criminal law.

Ciara Smyth - 5 March 2013

Ciara Smyth, lecturer in the School of Law, NUI Galway, gave a presentation on Tuesday, 19 February on "Asylum-seeking children in direct provision: what good is human rights law?".

Ciara Smyth is a graduate of Leiden University, the Netherlands (PhD), Queen's University Belfast (LL.M) and NUI Galway (LL.B, B.A.).  Before joining the School of Law as a lecturer in 2003, Ciara worked for a number of intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations in Ireland and abroad including the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.  She publishes in the field of asylum, immigration and citizenship, is a board member of the Irish Refugee Council and contributes regularly to public discussions in the area.  Her particular interest is in how international child rights law intersects with refugee law.  Ciara's PhD thesis, which she defended in January 2013, is titled 'The Common European Asylum System and the Rights of the Child: An Exploration of Meaning and Compliance'.  She is currently working on a commercial edition of the book to be published by Routledge in early 2014. 

James Devenney - 19 February 2013

James Devenney, an adjunct lecturer in the School of Law, NUI Galway, gave a presentation on Tuesday, 19 February on "Towards a Common European Sales Law?".

James Devenney is the Head of the School of Law and Professor of Commercial Law at Exeter University.  He was previously Deputy Head of Durham Law School and Director of the Durham University Institute for Commercial and Corporate Law, and has held posts at Cardiff Law School and the Bristol Law School.  He is involved in a number of projects relating to Commercial Law and the Europeanisation of Private Law; and his publications include Unconscionability in European Private Financial Transactions: Protecting the Vulnerable, (with M. Kenny & L. Fox O’Mahony, Cambridge University Press, 2010), European Consumer Protection: Theory and Practice (with M. Kenny, Cambridge University Press, 2012), and Credit, Investment and Debt in Europe (with M. Kenny, Cambridge University Press, 2012).

Charles O'Mahony - 9 January 2013

Mr. Charles O'Mahony, a lecturer in Public Law in the School of Law, gave a presentation on Wednesday, 9 January on "Deprivation of Liberty and Legal Capacity: The Implications of the UN Disability Convention for the Inspection Standards of Human Rights Monitoring Bodies".

Michael Hogan - 29 January 2013

Dr. Michael Hogan, a lecturer in the School of Psychology, NUI Galway, gave a presentation on Tuesday, 29 January on "Developing a Research Strategy and Argument Mapping in the Construction of Journal Articles".