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Getting updates:

  • ’An email service that would send you on job information in your study area.’
    We say: All students can log into Careers Connect and opt in for weekly opportunities and events emails. Once you select the sectors that interest you, you'll get regular updates on jobs. 
  • ’For one of the jobs fairs this year I only found out about it after the event! I recieved no emails nor seen any posters or flyers about the event.’
    We say: sorry to hear you missed out. We do put up posters around campus each week but these are easily covered up. Again, you can sign up for events alerts through Careers Connect. 
  • ’My research is straddles across many disciplines and at times I hear about events pertinent to my professional development in other disciplines after they have happened!? I would like to know more about events that are held in other disciplines - How can I do this?’
    We say: Careers Connect will allow you to sign up for automatic emails on all our events in the 'update your profile' section. 
  • ’Being active on Facebook and through email helps, as do flyers.’
    We say: we're trying not to flood your timeline with posts on Facebook so will do a weekly 'what's on next week' post each Friday along with any updates or changes. Also daily updates on Twitter. 

Information and appointments:

  • ’make a booklet for the social media elements (like LinkedIn) as you do for other such things as writing up your CV and personal statements’
    We say: we'll look at doing one in the future (budgets permitting). In the meantime, we have a factsheet written and  web pages on Using Social Media       
  • ’Waiting times for appointments could be improved on.’
    We say: we're trying to have more appointments during the semester (but at times our advisers are also committed to   careers modules and seminars). Last semester we had over 1,000 1-1 appointments/drop-in available - students can help by cancelling appointments they cannot attend as more than 10% of students that booked did not show up (despite text reminders).
  • ’Reserve an 'emergency' time slot late in the day.’
    We say: most days we do have one, but these can fill up early in the day. We will look at the possibility of reserving more 'last minute' appointments.
  • ’Have folders on each field as in a folder for science then one for physics then one for astrophysics and a list of jobs available to them.’
    We say: we have lots of folders in the Information Room that you can access without making an appointment. We can't cover everything, but we do have a few on the sciences including physics. We have folders giving you results of our annual graduate survey by course. We also have a selection of careers related books that you can read in our information room.
  • ’i have one year left before i qualify as a doctor. we have had no one to one guidance throughout the course. i have friends graduated law and friends graduated from engineering. apparently they only had one day at the beginning of their final year where there were signs up for career development. thats no use at all. almost everyone in uni needs a sit down to really work out what the hell they are going to do afterwards.’
    We say: we're looking at the possibility of doing more 'pop-up careers' around campus so that those with busy schedules can meet with one of our advisers (e.g., in the Engineering Building during Engineering Week). 
    In the meantime, all our appointments are visible on Careers Connect (see link to the left) and can be booked by any student. We met with over 900 students in one-to-one appointments during 1st semester (with another 200+ appointments either available to book or the student did not show up).
    We are also involved in 1st year orientation, and other induction days, where we detail the services available to students (which may be what your friends were talking about).  
    In future, we will email all pre-final year students (as well as final year) at the start of the year with a 'welcome' message outlining how to use our services.


  • ’At the career events, it would be great to have students in to talk about where there career has gone one year after completing their degree. Would be very good to get a fresh perspective on life after college.’
    We say: we'll try to get very recent graduates to take part, usually we look for someone who graduated from NUIG working in the field but they may be a few years graduated. If anyone interested in taking part in a seminar in the future, we'd love to hear from you (via Connect with Careers). You can also join our LinkedIn group connecting graduates and students and start a discussion there
  • ’A talk to perhaps my class or even all the health sciences in moyola at once could be very useful. As we wouldn't tend to be applying for postgrads etc but would still like guidance on how to shape our careers.’
    We say: we have such a talk as part of the Nursing 'Transition to Practice' module, and will be speaking to final year health sciences (SLT, OT, Podiatry) during 2nd semester as well.
  • ’Work with students from specific courses/fields rather than more generalised workshops.’
    We say: we do but these workshops are not advertised on Careers Connect or our Events Calendar as they take place as part of your normal lectures or are a specific module. Class reps or academics can contact us to set something up for a particular class. We held 30 such workshops in 1st semester.
  • ’running the seminars twice, once early in the day and once in the evening to suit everyone…  or alternatively, record them and post on blackboard.’
    We say: we have found in previous years that very few students showed up to a repeated talk (and with invited speakers it is rare that they would be available for a second session). However we are looking to video some of our talks in 2nd semester and add them to our YouTube page (we don't have access to Blackboard as we are not an academic unit).
  • ’I would like a seminar or lecture on how to apply for a PhD, and how to increase your chances of getting your PhD as well as a section on things to consider before applying.’
    We say: thanks for the suggestion, we'll look into running or facilitating this, perhaps in conjunction with the Postgraduate Open Day.
  • ’Activities such as aptitude test days, where each student could take one and see what may suit them best.’
    We say: we have access to online testing software to do at any time that suits you - just call in to us for details on how to access it.


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what you said:

Helpful friendly and most important informative’
’The staff over here are very friendly and help you to solve the issue that you have got.. I am satisfied talking to them. I know what I need to do next
’there is always something going on in the CDC, with plenty of notice to students via e-mail’
’Ran very well. very kind people’
’Good information provided in the CDC! Found everything I needed!’
’The service was great, it was part of our module for 4th year nursing. The lecturers and appointments were informative and useful.’