Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy

The design, operation and evaluation of courses is guided by the University's comprehensive Learning, Teaching & Assessment (LTA) Strategy. This is periodically reviewed and updated. It reflects strategic priorities, national and international best practice. It applies to all NUI Galway undergraduate, postgraduate (and other) programmes.

The current QA271 LTA Strategy 2017-2020 can be viewed here.

Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy 2014

Since the original LTA Strategy there have been significant changes in the structures and processes in the University concerned with aspects of teaching, learning, assessment, curricular design, programme management, and quality.

There is now a formal process for the ready proposal and approval of specific policies (eg attendance, feedback, external examiner role, etc) which operates through AMT, UMT and Academic Council. In addition, there are annual commitments agreed under the HEA’s Strategic Dialogue process (and associated Compact) and new requirements under QQI and the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning.

Consequently, the more operationally-oriented aspects of the previous LTA Strategy template can now be addressed through such mechanisms (primarily via the LTA Sub-committee and the AMT).

The previous LTA Strategy 2014-16 can be viewed here.