The Chaplain is available to meet with students throughout the year.  To contact Fr. Ben, please click on Contact Us.

The Chapel is open from 8.30am until 9.15 pm each day during term. Daily Monday - Wednesday mass is at 1.10pm during term. Sunday mass is at 9pm during term to facilitate students who return on campus.

Confessions: by appointment.  Contact Fr. Ben at: ben.hughes@nuigalway.ie

The Chapel is also open from 10am until 7pm approximately each day during holiday periods.

In the midst of a busy campus, we hope that the Chapel of St. Columbanus will be an oasis of peace and prayer for you,  a place where you can be yourself.


Inside of the Main Chapel

Mass is celebrated Monday to Wednesday inclusive during term at 1.10pm.  Mass finishes up this term on Wednesday 27th April 2022.
Mass is celebrated on Sunday at 9pm during term to facilitate students who return on campus.  Sunday Mass finishes on Sunday 24th April 2022.

Everybody is welcome to attend Mass during term.

The Book of Intentions

Each day, students,staff  and neighbours visit the Chapel to light a candle or say a prayer.

Many years ago, a Chaplain left a large blank artbook near the altar of the College Chapel. He left no instructions or directions or suggestions on what this book was intended for. Over time, students began using this book to write to God, to write of their needs, their pain, their desires and their thanks. There have been many volumes of the book since that first one; each filled with stories of love and loss, of loneliness, friendship, success and faith. There are still no guidelines or rules.....

However, this book has become central to the life of the Chapel Community.