Weddings at the Chapel of St. Columbanus

The Chapel of St. Columbanus is a warm, intimate, welcoming liturgical space and can be ideally suited to the celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage.

Annually, many couples celebrate their Wedding Day in the Chapel of St. Columbanus, NUI, Galway. While this requires a very significant commitment of time and resources from the Chaplaincy team, facilitating the weddings of students, staff and graduates (only) has always been seen as a very important part of its role.

NB: All wedding enquiries should be forwarded in the first instance to: Fr. Ben Hughes at:

However some unique aspects and idiosyncrasies of the Chapel should be noted:-

Either the Bride or the Groom MUST be a student, a Staff member or a graduate of NUI, Galway. Exceptions cannot be made.

The Bride and Groom are responsible for ensuring that all requirements of both Canon Law and Civil Law are observed and fulfilled. A ceremony contrary to either Civil Law or Canon Law cannot take place. All paperwork must be with the Chaplaincy at least eight weeks before the wedding. NOTE: Irish Civil Law requirements changed in Nov 2007.

The Bride and Groom are responsible for arranging a Priest/Deacon to officiate at their wedding. He will be required to produce a CELEBRET before he can officiate. This is an official Church document stating that he is in good standing with his religious superior. The Priest/Deacon MUST be informed of this.

Please note, the Chapel cannot accommodate more than 150 guests for a wedding.  (No exceptions are allowed due to space).  Please speak directly to Fr. Ben Hughes if clarification is needed.

No weddings can take place during Holy Week, Easter Week or between December 15th and January 15th each year.

The liturgical requirements of the Chapel Community and the various needs of the Chaplaincy always take precedence.

Parking in the University is outside the control of the Chaplaincy. Therefore it is not feasible to have weddings on weekdays during term. 

There can be no Sunday weddings during term.

No alteration to the arrangement of Chapel furnishings can take place without consultation with and prior permission from Fr. Hughes (Chaplain). 

There are only a very limited number of seats with back-support available. This may cause difficulty for older guests and should be taken into account when choosing to be married here.

The Chapel of St. Columbanus is independent of NUI, Galway and the building is maintained solely by donations from those who are getting married - which can be discussed when a wedding enquiry is made.

If a wedding is cancelled, the Chaplaincy must be informed as soon as possible.  All money paid will be returned.

A wedding is not booked until a fully completed Booking Form is received at the Chaplaincy Office, St. Declan's, 6, Distillery Road, Newcastle, Galway.  Please mark the envelope 'For the attention of Fr. Ben Hughes'.

Useful link:

A booking form is available from:

Fr. Ben Hughes, Chaplaincy, Ground Floor St. Declan's, 6, Distillery Road, NUI, Galway
Tel 353 (0)91 492168

The Chapel eircode is: H91  N6Y6 (there's no individual eircode for our offices on Distillery Road).

NB: All wedding enquiries should be emailed in the first instance to: