That Simmie Surname Me, Myself

Simmie is an unusual surname and in my experience gets mangled so frequently that I have a mantra which I reel off
     "S for sugar, I for Italy, M for mother, M for mother, I for Italy, E for excellent!"
It is a scottish name, probably deriving from MacKimmie, an offshoot of the Fraser clan: here are links to other (surely not unrelated?) Simmies
(nearly all of this data has been collected on the Web; some of it has been sent in via emails)

If Simmie is your name, then your mecca is Simmie.

Prof. John M. Simmie, B. Sc. (London), D. Phil. (Sussex).

Member of: The Combustion Institute

bandera John was born in Monte Caseros, Provincia de Corrientes, Argentina; went to primary school in Paso de los Toros (Uruguay) and secondary in Buenos Aires and spent many a summer in Patagonia near Perito Moreno (now in the Provincia de Santa Cruz), in Gaiman and Comodoro Rivadavia.

Photo_2001 He runs the National University of Ireland Galway Combustion Chemistry Workgroup which is the only such group within Ireland interested in the chemical aspects of the combustion process. John has worked with shock tubes since the 1970s when after leaving the University of Sussex he did a postdoctoral (1968-1970) with Eugene Tschuikow-Roux in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
A short spell in the Physical Chemistry Laboratories in Oxford (England) led to UCG in 1972 where he has been ever since, apart for a sabbatical year at the University of Texas, with Bill Gardiner's group in Austin.

John.Simmie"at"NUIGalway.IE. +353-91-492451 or Mobile: +353-86-805-9948. +353-91-525700.
Mo nighean dubh, tha boidheach dubh, Mo nighean dubh na treig mi;
Ged theireadh cach gu'm bheil thu dubh, Cho geal'san gruth leam fein thu
Do shuilean mar na dearagan, Do ghruaidh air dhath na ceire,
Tha cul do chinn air dhreach an fhithich, 'S gradh air dhath fein dut

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