The Latin tradition (Antiquity to Middle Ages)

Including: manuscript transmission; Hiberno-Latin; Latin education; scientific texts; glosses, glossaries and scholia.

Staff research

Our staff share many research interests in the continuity of the Latin tradition, through the Classical and Late Antique periods to the early Middle Ages and beyond. We specialise in issues concerning transmission (especially manuscript transmission) and reception, with a strong interest in Hiberno-Latin texts, both from Ireland and by Irish scholars on the Continent.

Special areas of focus include:

  • Dr Jacopo Bisagnithe transmission of computistical and exegetical texts between Ireland, Brittany and Francia in the Carolingian age.
  • Prof. Michael Clarke:  continuity and reception, with special reference to the Christian Middle Ages in general and the Insular worlds of Britain and Ireland in particular.
  • Dr Pádraic Moran: Latin education and scholarship, including grammars, glosses, glossaries and scholia.

Postdoctoral research

PhD research

Current projects:

  • Grace Attwood: the literary context of the Hisperica Famina genre.
  • Noémi Farkas: the construction of authority in Sedulius Scottus' De rectoribus Christianis.
  • Francesca Guido: the sources of Charisius' Latin grammar.
  • Paula Harrison: the Hiberno-Latin element in Carolingian computistical compilations.
  • Ann Hurley: the educational context of the Late Antique Trojan narrative De Excidium Troiae.
  • Maria Chiara Marzolla: sources on music in the early Irish church.
  • Elena Nordio: Latinity in seventh-century Spain.

Completed research: