The reception and transformation of Classical literature in medieval Ireland

In tandem with ongoing work on early Greek myth and metaphor, Michael Clarke is pursuing a long-term project on Classical reception in medieval Irish literature. This work has two major strands. In Strand A, the target text is the late or ‘third’ recension of Togail Troí, the Middle Irish narrative of the Trojan War. He has published an edition with commentary of the hitherto unpublished Prologue to this text,  along with a continuing series of specialist studies in books and journals. Strand B is focussed on the Irish Liber Hymnorum, an eleventh-century collection of sacred poems of which some are in Latin, some in Irish, and one in a ‘macaronic’ mixture of the two languages. Studies on the Liber Hymnorum form his key contribution to the Manuscripts Between Languages project, an informal international research network bringing together researchers on multilingual manuscript cultures from across the breadth of medieval Eurasia, from Ireland in the west to China and Japan in the east.

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