Microteaching session

The microteaching facility is located within the School of Education, Block D building and its principal use is in the pre-service teacher training programme. Based on the Stanford Model, it was first established in 1975 and has been improved and modernised on a number of occasions since that time.

Most recently the microteaching facility has upgraded and expanded to incorporate the use of specialised digital video analysis software to assist in making powerful and objective analyses of our trainee teachers. It allows the School of Education to:

  • Observe future teachers in various teaching situations, make clear comparisons and highlight key moments on the video.
  • Make qualitative and quantitative analyses of their performance thanks to objective evaluation criteria.
  • Increase their motivation by objectively demonstrating progress and evolution through time. 

Pupils come in from local schools on a daily basis and receive regular, structured lessons from the student teachers. These lessons are recorded and then played back by an experienced tutor in the presence of the group of teachers.

This facility is also used for in-service programmes given by other Disciplines, Units and Schools/Colleges within the University.