Chemistry Resource Celebration with the Royal Society of Chemistry

Dec 05 2017 Posted: 12:01 GMT

Veronica RSC event 1

The Royal Society of Chemistry (@RoySocChem) hosted an abundance resource sharing seminar with local science teachers from Galway and student teachers from the Professional Master of Education course on Thursday 23rd November 2017.

Dr Veronica McCauley (@VMcC_ScienceEd) Lecturer in Science Education, organised the event in the School of Education, NUI Galway with the Galway ISTA branch, and the response from teachers was excellent.  

Presenter, Dr John O’Donoghue (@johndhodonoghue) offered a 90 minute seminar where he challenged teachers to find the best resources in the shortest time. There was time to assess the suitability of resources for individual classrooms and a take home resource for teachers to use the next day.  The session was aimed at all teachers from trainee to experienced and was interactive and informal.  Both Junior and Senior cycle resources were reviewed on the evening.

Jim Lenaghan

School of Education

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