Diversity in Teaching Research Symposium Call for Abstracts

Jun 26 2019 Posted: 11:49 IST

Diversifying initial teacher education, and the teaching profession, in Ireland and internationally, has been of research and policy significance for some time, and since 2017 has been operationalised in practice (in Ireland) through projects funded by the Higher Education Authority under PATH1[1].

On Thursday, November 14th 2019, the School of Education at NUI Galway will host a Research Symposium on Diversity in Teaching. Professor Anne Scott, Vice President for Diversity and Equality at NUI Galway, will open proceedings, and Professor Liz Thomas, Director and Chair, Widening Participation Research Centre, Edge Hill University, England, will provide the keynote address.

The symposium main proceedings will consist of a number of parallel sessions and a panel discussion.  The main aim is to provide a forum for the sharing of research findings from the projects funded under PATH1, and other relevant projects in the national and international contexts.  The symposium is an invitation-based event in order to focus on core messages from learning to date from national and international projects and progressing the field into the future.

If you are interested in having your work considered for presentation at the symposium, please send the completed template to Dr. Elaine Keane (elaine.keane@nuigalway.ie) and Dr. Manuela Heinz (manuela.heinz@nuigalway.ie) at the School of Education, NUI Galway by August 30th 2019

Initial discussions have been held with Routledge, and a proposal for an edited collection, based on the symposium, will be submitted in early 2020.  A central aim of the proposed edited collection is to bring together research findings from a range of relevant projects and studies to investigate the rationale, process, implications and outcomes of diversifying the teaching profession, from a wide range of perspectives, inter alia, students and student teachers, initial teacher education providers, and student support services.

If you would like to have your work considered for inclusion in this edited collection, please indicate your interest on the relevant place on the template.  Please note that not all papers accepted for presentation at the symposium will be selected for inclusion in the proposed edited collection.


Abstract Submission Template





PATH1 Project (where relevant)


Title of Paper



500 words max. to include contextualisation in policy and research literature, methodology, findings and conclusions.


[extend box as necessary]







Tick if interested in edited collection


[1] Programme for Access to Higher Education (PATH) (Strand 1: Equity of Access to Initial Teacher Education).

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