International digital storytelling (DST) meeting 2017

L-R Joe Lambert @storycenter Dr Bonnie Long and Dr Tony Hall
Jul 12 2017 Posted: 17:36 IST

Drs Bonnie Long and Tony Hall attended the international digital storytelling (DST) meeting 2017, "Untold – An Un-conference about Digital Storytelling":

Untold 2017 was organised along a novel interactive format, and Bonnie and Tony participated in two demes (thematic groups), Digital Storytelling in Higher Education and Digital Storytelling Practices.  Leading figures in DST chaired and attended the conference, including the editors of the recently published international DST collection by Palgrave Macmillan, Digital Storytelling in Higher Education, in which Bonnie and Tony’s have a chapter on the DST design-based research undertaken in the School of Education, NUI Galway: "From Dewey to Digital: Design-Based Research for Deeper Reflection Through Digital Storytelling"

This year’s international DST meeting was held at the University of East London.

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