Irish Association of Science Education Lecturers (IASEL) National Gathering

Picture from left to right: Dr. James Lovatt (Dublin City University), Dr. Veronica McCauley (NUI Galway), Dr. Odilla Finlayson (Dublin City University), Dr. Alison Graham (University College Dublin), Dr. Declan Kennedy (University College Cork), Dr Majella Dempsey (NUI Maynooth), Mr. Rory Geoghegan (University College Cork), Dr. Colette Murphy (Trinity College Dublin), Dr. Peter Childs (University of Limerick) and Ms. Mary Mullaghy (Trinity College Dublin)
May 18 2016 Posted: 14:23 IST

Dr Veronica McCauley, Science Educator, School of Education, NUI Galway, attended the Irish Association of Science Education Lecturers (IASEL) national gathering in Trinity College Dublin on Tuesday 17th May.  The gathering welcomed Science Education Lecturer representation from across the country.

The inaugural meeting of IASEL was held on 15th May 2000, and since then it has provided an opportunity for science educators to network, share best practice, and contribute to science education policy development. 

This recent meeting invited presentations on best practice and evaluation strategies in science education from seven universities in relation to initial teacher education on their respective concurrent and consecutive programmes. 

Picture from left to right:
Dr. James Lovatt (Dublin City University), Dr. Veronica McCauley (NUI Galway), Dr. Odilla Finlayson (Dublin City University), Dr. Alison Graham (University College Dublin), Dr. Declan Kennedy (University College Cork), Dr Majella Dempsey (NUI Maynooth), Mr. Rory Geoghegan (University College Cork), Dr. Colette Murphy (Trinity College Dublin), Dr. Peter Childs (University of Limerick) and Ms. Mary Mullaghy (Trinity College Dublin)

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