First Year Music

Welcome to First Year Music at NUI Galway for 2021-2022!

The Discipline of Music is delighted to welcome you to your first year of university studies in Music.

Below is some general information about the 1BMU Music course.

Please click the link for the First Year Handbook 2021-22. This is your bible to 1BMU Music at NUI Galway.

When you need information about First Year Music, you should check in one of the following places:

                      (i)          The 1BMU Handbook Music Handbook 2021-2022

                      (ii)         ‌College of Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Studies Website

                      (iii)         Student Information - First Year 21-22

                      (iv)         First Year Information and Guides

                      (v)          Blackboard (the online site where you will find information about all your First Year Music courses, including booklists, essay topics, lecture schedules, student links plus more                                     etc. 


                     (vi)          Discipline of Music Website (this section)

                    (vii)          Discipline of Music Office

                  Executive Assistant: Emma Brinton, Room: 511, Floor 3, Tower 1


If you have a question or problem that cannot be answered by these sources, then you should consult with the Head of Music, Dr. Aidan Thomson. Lecturers on your individual modules will also be happy to discuss any queries with you during their designated office hours. Please e-mail for an appointment.



Welcome to Music! All of us in the Discipline of Music here at NUI Galway look forward enormously to meeting and working with you in the upcoming academic year.

The BA in Music is an introduction to the languages, repertories and cultures of music, principally (though not solely) classical and Irish traditional music. You will listen to music that is performed in theatres, concert venues and at home; you will acquire skills in theory and harmony, composition and music technology; you will discover what is meant by performance criticism and critical listening; you will perform in a choir and can learn hands-on skills in arts management. Above all, it is a course that puts musicianship at its heart. We hope you enjoy it!

Music uses the web learning environment Blackboard as its learning hub. You should look there for all details and updates relating to First Year Music (known as 1BMU1). This is where you find out course details, information on tutorials, download learning materials, and submit assignments. 

Your lecturers supply detailed reading and lecture timetables for each module at the start of semester. Meanwhile, see below for an overview of the modules you will be taking.


All 1BMU1 Music students in first year Music take the following:

1. MU1100 Introduction to Music History. (Both semesters, 1 hour lecture per week, 5 ECTS)

2. MU1101 Traditional Music in Ireland: 1792 to the New Millennium. (Both semesters, 1 hour lecture per week, 5 ECTS)

3. MU1102 Music Practice 1. (Both semesters, 1 hour lecture per week, 5 ECTS)

4. MU1103 Music Theory and Critical Listening. (Both semesters, 1 hour lecture per week, 5 ECTs)

Music Tutorial Rotating between MU1100, MU1102, and MU1103. Details announced on Blackboard *

1BMU Music Lecture Schedule Semester ONE and Two


2-3 pm

Music Tutorial

Rotating between

MU1100, MU1102 and MU1103

AMB-1014 McKenna

5 - 6pm


Introduction to Music History

AMB-1014 McKenna

12 - 1pm

MU1102 Music Practice 1

AMB-1014 McKenna

12 - 1pm

MU1103 Music Theory and Critical Listening

AMB-1014 McKenna


 3-4 pm

MU1101 Traditional Music in Ireland

AMB-1014 McKenna




* Please refer to First Arts Timetable for all other subjects

* Please remember for Incoming Year 1 Music Students 21/22, you are in Group 3 for Arts


  • Online Registration for new incoming 1st year Undergraduate students opens on 10th September @ 10.00am
  • Further information on Registration can be found here

CLASS REPS for Year 1 Music 2021-22