School of English and Creative Arts

Our school is located in the following buildings:

School Office

Floor 1, Tower 1, Concourse

English Department

Floor 3, Tower 1,


Music Department
Newcastle Road and Floor 1, Tower 1, Concourse

Huston School of Film & Digital Media
Block Q

O'Donoghue Centre for Drama Theatre and Performance
Main Campus

‌ ‌Parking on Campus

For visitors to the NUI Galway campus, please click here for further information.  Please note, parking control is strictly enforced by a clamping company.

NUIG Campus App

An NUI Galway Campus App can be downloaded (free) for iOS, Android and Windows devices.  Open the app, tap on the 'Maps' icon and tap in the search bar above the map.  Type in 'English' and select which building you wish to get to.  The app will show you the location of the building on the map.  By clicking on the location, the app will use your phone GPS to guide you to the room.