Archaeological Research at NUI Galway.

Knowth PT1 eastern tomb passage

Archaeology at NUI Galway has a strong track-record in pioneering evidence-based research. Our research informs regional, national and international discourse about societies and civilisation on the island of Ireland and Atlantic Europe, it maintains currency in undergraduate and graduate teaching programmes and engages local communities in an understanding of their past. Staff and graduate students work closely together to advance themes in archaeological research.

Our research is in the following areas:

  • Gaelic and Colonial Peoples:
    Providing a new understanding of the landscapes, settlements and material culture of medieval Ireland and its peoples in the context of North Atlantic Europe, 1100-1600AD.
  • Landscape Archaeology:
    Enhanced understanding of the interaction between people and environment,from prehistoric times to modern day.
  • Material Culture, Art and Society:
    Exploring the style, pedigree and iconography of religious and decorative art in early medieval Ireland against its wider European backdrop.
  • Prehistoric Irish Societies:
    Studying the organisation and dynamics of social groups and their practices in prehistoric Ireland. 
  • Public Archaeology:
    Developing professional ethics and standards through mutually accountable work with communities to support their heritage in Ireland and abroad, with particular concern for the positive and negative impact of development. 
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Research Projects A - Z

Current Graduate Student Research

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Completed Graduate Student Research

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