Medieval Irish Literature: Why Read it Today?

From earliest times, Irish writers have worked in a bilingual context and the transmission and transmogrification of literature between languages is one of the constants of Irish tradition. The exceptional richness and variety of...

Irish Theatre and Social Media/ Social Media as Irish Theatre
What's the use of Acting? Thoughts about Theatre and a Market Economy
Travelling the World in Shakespeare's Time
Two Galway Playwrights: MJ Molloy and Tom Murphy
 This paper explores the relationship between theatre and social media. It shows that social media resources like Facebook and Twitter...  Discourses of ‘acting’, ‘creativity’ and ‘performance’ assume an extraordinary importance at moments of recession, re-boldened...  Shakespeare's plays tell us a great deal about how the world was understood in the Renaissance. The Tempest is a story about the New...  County Galway was the homeplace of two distinguished Irish playwrights in the twentieth century: M.J. Molloy (1914...
Film Theory for Television Viewers
Humanities in the West (Dr. Sean Crosson)
An Interview with Thomas Kilroy
Humanities in the West (Dr. Tom Duddy)
Professor Rod Stoneman (Huston School of Film & Digital Media) gave the first lecture in this lecture series on Wednesday January 16... Representing the Nation through Sport:The National Film Institute’s Gaelic Games Films, 1948-1968 This talk considered a series... An interview with Thomas Kilroy, the Irish playwright and novelist, with Prof. Adrian Frazier of The College of Arts, Social Sciences, and... From Folklore to Philosophy: The Life and Work of William Larminie of Castlebar William Larminie was born in Castlebar on 1 August 1849...