You can study Italian language by joining our evening course or by studying online.

Evening Diploma in Italian (2-year programme)

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Italian Online (Diploma)

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The National University of Ireland, Galway in collaboration with the Shannon College of Hotel Management offers a new opportunity to students of International Hotel Management to study Italian, one of the most acknowledged languages in the hotel and food industry.

Thanks to the agreement with Shannon College, Italian Studies at NUI Galway has planned and developed a targeted University Diploma in Italian Online for students of International Hotel Management, which will provide a University Certificate equivalent to 30 ECTS.

The programme will introduce you to aspects of contemporary Italian society and lifestyle and will include the main trends in Italian Art, Cinema and History with a particular focus on the vocabulary related to the Tourism, Food & Beverage industry.

The course is designed to provide both linguistic and sociolinguistic competences to enable students to communicate properly in their future work.

The Diploma in Italian Online is particularly suited for Hotel Management students who are interested in learning another language and need to schedule their own time. Indeed, besides the opportunity to complete a high quality diploma you will have flexibility in time and mode of study. E-tutors will deliver the lessons and also be available to follow students step by step.

For further information, please contact Dr Laura McLoughlin