Thursday, 5 October 2017

Germany and Italy: Cultural exchange at the heart of Europe, A workshop

Luca Renzi

Italianity / Italianness / Italianism / Italism
(Special guest Luca Renzi is Associate Professor of German, University of Urbino)

Paolo Bartoloni 

The Italian Renaissance as a global phenomenon: A German Construct?

Michael Shields

Harps, Prostitution and Opera Buffa. Heinrich Heine’s wilfully German view of Italy (Die Reise von München nach Genua, 1830)

Hans-Walter Schmidt-Hannisa

Nazarener and Deutschrömer. German painters in Italy in the first half of the 
19th century 

Organised by the Disciplines of German and Italian

School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, NUI Galway   

Location: THB-G010 Moore Institute Seminar Room    
Time: 5-7 p.m.