Health Psychology Programmes at NUI Galway

“Health is a personal, social and economic good, and the health and wellbeing of individuals, and of the population as a whole, is Ireland’s most valuable resource.”

 (Health Ireland Framework, 2013)

Health psychology is the study of the biological, psychological and social factors that affect health and illness. Health psychologists use behavioural science to promote changes in people’s attitudes, behaviour and thinking about health and illness to promote better health outcomes.

The School of Psychology at NUI Galway has a deserved reputation as a national and internal hub of Health Psychology research and training.

We offer a portfolio of programmes to choose from, all of which are unique in the Republic of Ireland. These include:  

  • MSc in Health Psychology (Stage 1 training) – provides a strong academic foundation in Health Psychology with an emphasis on the behavioural science of health.
  • Structured PhD in Psychology and Health – students conduct high level behavioural science to advance knowledge in Health Psychology, while developing generic /transferrable /professional skills.  Graduates will be qualified for high level academic and research-based Health Psychology roles.
  • Structured PhD in Health Psychology Practice (Stage 2 training) –students conduct high level applied research in Health Psychology, while also engaging in training and supervised practice to develop five core health psychology competencies. Graduates will be qualified for future Health Psychology Scientist-Practitioner roles, as well as high level academic and research-based Health Psychology roles.

Innovations in Health Psychology: delegates celebrating 21 years of Health Psychology at NUI Galway. June 2015