Third Year

3BA Student Guide

Final Year Student Guide 2021-22


The following timetables are draft and subject to change in accordance with public health guidelines:

Final Year Psych Studies Timetable Sem2 2021-22

Final Year Denom Timetable Sem2 2021-22

Elective Modules 

Please note a maximum number of students are permitted to register for each of the Semester 2 elective modules - see list below. Students can register online for these optional modules and once the capacity is reached in each module, online registration will be closed for these modules.

  • PS329 Service Learning in Psychology 
  • PS336 Psychology, Society and Human Values
  • PS341 Introduction to Collaborative Enquiry and Applied Systems Science 
  • PS343 Paediatric Clinical Behvaioural Interventions
  • PS345 Applied Developmental Psychology
  • PS3106 Language and Cognition: A Contextual Behavioural Approach 
  • PS4100 Technology and Health