Arts Strategy 2016-2020

To deal with changed demand for Arts degrees after the last crisis 2011-2016, NUI Galway instituted a strategic review of the Arts and Social Sciences in 2016 entitled Arts Strategic Review 2016 to carry out a root-and-branch review of programmes and structures of the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Studies.

After 4-years of strategic change in the College, an assessment was undertaken of progress in important strategic areas.

A report, the Arts Review Strategy; 4 Year Progress Report, appraised developments in four key areas: undergraduate programmes, postgraduate programmes, research, and structures and governance.

Some key highlights reported include:

  • Undergraduate programme innovation: 13 new 4 year undergraduate programmes
  • A 20% improvement in student retention
  • Improved points: 33% reduction of students in the 300-350 band
  • 84% of students had a good or excellent student experience
  • 4 new postgraduate programmes
  • Internationalisation:: 80% increase in recruitment of international post graduate students
  • Within the university, the college had the highest share of both international students (21%), supporting the internationalisation agenda and students from non-traditional backgrounds (31%), supporting the diversification agenda
  • Developed a new Research Strategy resulting in a research support scheme, realising prestigious funding awards from the European Research Council, the Irish Research Council Laureate Scheme and Science Foundation Ireland
  • New governance structures were established including a School restructuring and a new College Executive and College Office
  • Reflecting improved demand Undergraduate fee income increased by €5m per annum between 2016 and 2020, enabling the College to balance its budget

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