Contemporary understandings of childhood construct the child as an active agent in matters that affect their lives. Underpinned by the sociological understanding of childhood, this approach portrays the young child as an active and confident agent, and as a catalyst for their own learning and development.

We have shifted from a priority on developmental theories to understand children, to a ‘post-developmental’ period where we consider socio-cultural theories, among others, to critically analyse our knowledges, practices, skills and values in terms of practice in early years' settings.

Upon successful completion of this module, and the associated activities and readings, you be able to demonstrate an ability to:

  • Discuss the sociology of childhood as it relates to children’s early learning, constructing the child as an agent and catalyst in their own learning
  • Outline the emerging Irish approach to pedagogy and curriculum development, situating this within a contemporary international context
  • Discuss the concept of co-constructed knowledge, the role of collaboration with stakeholders and the place and various modes of reflection within this approach
  • Apply this concept to recognise new ways of knowing and doing in ECEC as it concerns planning, implementing, assessing and extending the curriculum
  • Outline the place of assessment of and for learning in Early Years contexts, and the related terminology, from theoretical and applied perspectives
  • Assess and demonstrate how to appropriately structure the learning environment to challenge and enhance/enrich children’s thinking
  • Examine the emerging approaches to and purposes of documenting children’s learning for various audiences, including colleagues, families, relevant agencies and children themselves

Application deadline: 18 January

Fee: €350 Non-EU: 405

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Please select Undergrad CPD in Early Childhood Studies & Practice - CPB4 when making your online application.


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