This module introduces students to a variety of management issues including: recruitment and selection, performance management, reward, development, grievance and discipline processes, retention, termination, leadership and change management. The module focuses on the role of functional managers and supervisors in implementing HR policies and practices in technology organisations considering contextual factors including global nature of the business, organisational size and sector.

 On completion of this module you should be able to put innovation to work in any organisation through being able to:

  • To understand the human resource contribution to organisational effectiveness and culture management.
  • To evaluate the range of internal and external factors shaping group dynamics, management choice and organisational development.
  • To understand the dimensions of the psychological contract and its implications for organisational effectiveness.
  • To create awareness of the relationship between quality systems and the development of world-class competitive capabilities: speed, cost, dependability, quality and innovation.
  • To develop understanding of HRM problems associated with delayering, team working, re-engineering, downsizing and the introduction of technical change.
  • To provide a range of tools and techniques useful to diagnose, audit and resolve human resource problems associated with technology management initiatives.
  • To equip participants with an understanding of the complexity of mobilising change initiatives within organisations.
  • To equip participants in understanding and utilising the political and power bases within organisations and the role of leadership in managing innovation and implementing change

Funding for a limited number of places is available under the Modular Skills Provision. Details are available at

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